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Test Your Euro Smarts

1. What is the euro?

A. A discotheque
B. The name of the single currency to be introduced in Europe
C. An amusement park
D. The name of the unifying monetary system to be introduced in Europe

2. What were some of the early names for the euro?

3. Who first suggested the idea single currency for Europe?

4. Of the 15 European Union countries, which three chose not to participate in the euro?

5. Of the following countries, which tried but did not qualify for the euro?

6. What is the establishment that will set the monetary policy for the euro?

7. Where will the establishment be located?

8. What is the name of the euro's founding document?

9. Europe has had currency unions and currency systems before, starting with the Roman Empire. Another failed system was the:

10. True or False: The U.S. economy is larger than that of all the European Union countries combined.

11. France was the first of the 11 participating countries to:

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