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Worst Aviation Disasters

The world's worst commercial aviation disasters:
1March 27, 1977Two Boeing 747s operated by Pan American and KLM collide at the airport on Tenerife in Spain's Canary Islands582
2Aug. 12, 1985Japan Air Lines Boeing 747 crashes into a mountain on a domestic flight520
3Nov. 12, 1996A Saudi 747 collides shortly after takeoff with a Kazak Ilyushin-76 making its landing approach; 349
4March 3, 1974Turkish McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashes northeast of Paris346
5June 23, 1985Air-India Boeing 747 crashes off the coast of Ireland. Investigators conclude a bomb caused the crash329
6Aug. 19, 1980Fiery emergency landing of a Saudi Arabian L-1011 jet at the airport in the Saudi capital of Riyadh301
7July 3, 1988Iran Air A300 Airbus shot down by USS Vincennes over the Persian Gulf290
8May 25, 1979American Airlines DC-10 crashes on takeoff in Chicago273
9Dec. 21, 1988Pan Am Boeing 747 crashes in Lockerbie, Scotland. A terrorist bomb was blamed270*
10Sept. 1, 1983Korean Air Lines 747 shot down by a Soviet fighter after flying through Soviet airspace near Sakhalin Island269
* 259 people were killed on the plane, 11 on the ground

Source: The Associated Press

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