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Saddam Hussein
A clip of Saddam Hussein touring the Doura Refinery in Baghdad soon after its reconstruction in May 1991, taken from the 1991 Iraqi Ministry of Housing and Construction film "Sign of Miracle." The refinery was only slightly damaged from sparse bombing.

Precision Bombing
Exclusive U.S. Navy videos showing an A-6E Intruder fighter attacking the Al Hartha power plant with laser-guided bombs in February 1991.


  • The approach to the plant and the first bomb hitting the edge of the generator hall
  • A second bomb hitting the center of the generator hall at the plant, which was destroyed.


      The Baiji Refinery
    The Baiji Refinery in northern Baghdad which was hit repeatedly by U.S. aircraft. The clip is from an Iraqi Ministry of Oil video made soon after a Desert Storm bombing attack in 1991.

    Baghdad Damage
    Scenes of damage in and around Baghdad taken from the Iraqi Propaganda film "Sign of Miracle," produced in July 1991 by the Ministry of Housing and Construction.


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