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After Desert Fox
After last December's Operation Desert Fox U.S. and British aircraft have destroyed perhaps 25 percent of Iraq's air defense system, including missile sites, communication and radar facilities.

Desert Fox
Over four days, the United States and Britain bombed 100 targets in Iraq. This special report provides a map that assesses the damage done by the bombing campaign, plus key Post stories, multimedia coverage and photo galleries.

Fog of War
The bombing is over, the facts are in, but whether Desert Storm succeeded is still a matter of debate. Examine an in-depth analysis of U.S. actions against Iraq.

Weapons Sites Targeted by UNSCOM
These interactive satellite images show where U.N. inspectors suspect the Iraqis conducted weapons production. The image collection, based on UNSCOM documents and declassified U.S. Defense Department data, includes satellite images, maps and photos of more than 60 sites in Iraq.

UNSCOM's Hunt for Iraq's Weapons
Events surrounding UNSCOM's attempts to ferret out Iraq's weapons of mass destruction explains not only one inspector's angry resignation but the unraveling of what the agency's leadership regarded as their best hope to complete Iraq's disarmament.

The Faces of Iraq
Beneath the images of war is another picture of Iraq a historical land of distinct regions and peoples, anchored by a cosmopolitan capital. This special report offers a look at Iraq's history, culture and religion, plus a photo gallery of Baghdad.


Saddam Hussein: Life and Times
This time line of Saddam Hussein's life traces his humble beginnings, his initial entry into politics and his eventual rise to power as president of Iraq.

Key Players
Behind the political wranglings, diplomatic negotiations and military musings are the key decision-makers and advisors of the Iraq conflict.

The Iraqi Opposition
The Iraqi opposition is weak and disjointed, and there is no organization inside the country to present a workable alternative. Here are the most important groups operating from exile.


U.S. Weaponry Up Close
Read about select U.S. jet fighters and bombs. Also, review U.S. and British military forces and how other countries view the use of force.

Cruise Missile Technology
Read about the Navy's Tomahawk cruise missile, a "smart" laser-guided precision weapon.

Iraq's Arsenal
The United Nations and the United States suspect Iraq still holds dangerous amounts of chemical and biological "weapons of mass destruction." The types and amounts listed here are what Iraq says it possessed over the last seven years.

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