Russian Satellite Image of Central Baghdad
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North Baghdad
Image courtesy of Space Imaging EOSAT.

Quadrant One:
21. Directorate of Military Intelligence
22. Telecommunication switching center
23. Ancient "Round City"
24. Army Canal
Quadrant Three:
10. To Saddam International Airport
11. 1991 air raid on civilian bomb shelter
Quadrant Two:
9. TV and telecommunication center
12. Arms control inspectors' HQ
13. "Dual Use" biological and missile parts factories
14. Military computing center
15. City water pumping center
16. Iraqi Ministry of Defense
17. "Dual Use" medical center
18. Police, water, military surveys, supercomputing
19. International telecommunication relay center
20. Oil ministry buildings used for atomic program
Quadrant Four:
1. Central airport & train station
2. Iraqi Air Force HQ
3. Iraqi Intelligence Service HQ
4. Baath Party HQ
5. Saddam Hussein's official residence
6. Saddam Hussein's bunker and command HQ
7. Air defense center
8. To oil refinery, power plant and military air base

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Imagery team: Christopher Simpson, Michael Gallelli,
Meredith Balderston, Carl E. Brubaker, Dee Swann,
Dyan Elovich and David Weinstein.

© Copyright 1998 The Washington Post Company

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