Map of Iraq

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Selections From the Map of Iraq:
1. Mosul
2. Al Jazirah Factory
3. Uranium processing at As Sharkat
4. Presidential palaces at Tikrit
5. Samarra Presidential Palace and biological warfare production center
6. Balad military air base
7. New palace at Lake Tharthar
8. Al Muthanna State Establishment
9. Muhammadiyat CBW depot and test range
10. Al Qaim refinery
11. Akashat uranium mine
12. H-2 military air base
13. H-3 military air base
14. Fallujah military complex
15. Baghdad city satellite image
16. Baghdad region satellite image
17. H-1 military air base
18. SCUD missile fields
19. Basra Palace, naval base and nuclear facilities

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Imagery team: Christopher Simpson, Michael Gallelli,
Meredith Balderston, Carl Brubaker and David Weinstein.

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Mosul Al Jazirah Factory Uranium processing Tikrit Samarra Balad Lake Tharthar Al Muthanna Muhammadiyat Al Qaim Akashat H-2 H-3 Military Air Base Fallujah Baghdad city Baghdad region H-1 military air base SCUD missile fields Basra Palace