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Featured Gallery:

Flooding in Mozambique

Nearly a month of heavy rains and the attack of Cyclone Eline have killed hundreds in southern Africa and forced a million people from their homes in Mozambique alone. Much of Mozambique is submerged and fleeing people must struggle to salvage any of their belongings.

G a l l e r y   A r c h i v e :

Putin's Progress: The man favored to become the next president of Russia has followed an unlikely path to power. From a schoolboy in Leningrad to an undercover KGB officer in East Germany, to acting chief of state, he has been disciplined, apolitical and underestimated. February 2000

The Other War: Washington Post Managing Editor Steve Coll and Photography Edtior Michel duCille report the gratuitous cruelties, all but ignored by the world, committed against civilians in Sierra Leone's civil war. January 2000

The Face of Hate: Washington Post Staff Photographer Lucian Perkins chronicles the scars of Vlastica and Pasjane, two villages in Kosovo, where ethnic hatred and violence have left scars that are physical, emotional and, most of all, deep. December 1999

Mission Transistion: Lucian Perkins follows U.S. soldiers in Kosovo serving as surrogate mayors, principals, police chiefs, social workers, even CEOs as they try to forge a lasting peace in a land divided by centuries of hate. December 1999

Scenes of Cuba: The Post's Dudley Brooks turns his lens on Cuba-- a nation that has been off limits to America for 40 years. November 1999

The Amputees of Sierra Leone: A brutal campaign of terror marks the civil war that has raged in Sierra Leone over the past eight years, leaving thousands of innocents maimed. October 1999

China's 50th Anniversary Celebration: Millions of people took part in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Communist China. October 1999

Danger in Timor: Indonesia rescinded emergency rule after protests; international troops try to stabilize East Timor. September 1999

Earthquake in Taiwan: More than 17,000 dead and 100,000 Taiwanese were homeless after the 7.6-magnitude quake toppled houses and high-rise apartment complexes across central Taiwan. September 1999

Homeward Bound: Israel released 199 Palestinian prisoners in a move to reinvigorate the Middle East peace process. September 1999

Cast Away: Post photographer Carol Guzy documented the plight of a mental hospital forgotten amid the ruin of the Kosovo war. August 1999

Turkish Earthquake: A massive earthquake collapsed buildings across Turkey, leaving thousands dead and missing beneath the rubble. August 1999

Eclipse: Eclipse watchers across the Eastern hemisphere turned to the sky to view the last total eclipse of the sun in this millennium. Also, in two other photo galleries, see the stages of the eclipse and the preparation for the event. August 1999

Sudan: A photo essay about the conflict between Sudan's Dinka and Nuer tribes and their efforts to forge peace. July 1999

Indonesian Elections: Millions of Indonesians voted in the country's first multi-party parliamentary elections in over 40 years. June 1999

Mandela: Journey of a Nation: A retrospective on the life of Nelson Mandela, who retired June 16 from the South African presidency. June 1999

Tiananmen Anniversary: The 10th anniversary of China's pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square that left hundreds of demonstrators dead. June 1999

Terror Strikes: These movies and photo galleries chronicle two decades of anti-American terrorism since the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979. May 1999

Kosovo Crisis: This photo essay chronicles NATO airstrikes, the war's impact and world reaction to the war in Yugoslavia. March 1999

King Hussein Remembered: King Hussein ibn Talal al-Hashem of Jordan, who died February 6 in Amman at the age of 63, was a small, soft-spoken man of modest demeanor who was thrust into a life of fame and danger by multiple accidents of history. February 1999

Kurdish Rebellion: The February 15th arrest of Kurdistan Workers' Party leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish agents in Kenya sparked numerous demonstrations by Kurds across Europe. February 1999

Cuba: On the 40th anniversary of its communist revolution on New Year's Day, Cuba is a nation struggling to cope with the effects of the U.S. economic embargo and the collapse of its Soviet patron while retaining its core ideology. Photo Gallery or Shockwave slideshow. January 1999

Pope in Mexico: Pope John Paul II visits one of the largest Catholic countries in the world during a five-day stay. January 1999

Broken Lives: This photo essay and companion piece to a special Washington Post series shows how the Asian economic crisis has brought great hardship to many families in the region. Ending December 1998

East African Bombings: These graphic photos show the day of the bombings of two U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the aftermath. August 1998

Fog of War: A special in-depth analysis of the war between Iraq and the United States. August 1998

Peace Church, Vietnam: An American Journey: A chance moment – and a mysterious photo – help piece together the puzzle of two lives torn asunder by war. July 1998

May Day '98: Workers around the world gather on the first of May each year, many to protest work conditions, others to celebrate the right to labor in general. May 1998

Faces of Faith: Jews, Muslims and Christians pause from the chaos of secular life to celebrate spring traditions at the heart of spiritual life. April 1998

Israeli Jubilee: A pictorial guide through Israel's history as the nation marks its 50 years of statehood with a celebration mixed with revelry, nostalgia and reflection. April 1998

The Faces of Boris Yeltsin: The colorful and controversial Russian president portrayed as college student, lively campaigner and distinctive statesman. March 1998

The Faces of Iraq: A look at life in Iraq. March 1998

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