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crash search/AFP
A fisherman searches the water for debris from the crash of Swissair Flight 111 in September. (AP)
Replace Insulation, FAA Urges Airlines
Thursday, October 15, 1998
The Federal Aviation Administration recommended that the insulation on almost all of the world's 12,000 passenger jets be replaced as soon as possible because new tests are likely to find that it can catch fire when exposed to high heat.

Swissair Probe Focuses on Insulation
Thursday, October 1, 1998
Investigators probing the wreckage of Swissair Flight 111 have found pieces of a type of thermal and sound insulation that has been implicated in the rapid spread of fires on at least four other jetliners, sources close to the investigation said.

Jet's Cockpit Suffered Heat Damage
Wednesday, September 9, 1998
Heat from an unknown source damaged parts of Swissair Flight 111's cockpit, and some of the jumbo jet's systems were deteriorating even as the crew struggled to save the aircraft before it plunged into the North Atlantic, investigators said.

Pilot: 'We Have to Land Immediately'
Sunday, September 6, 1998
After the pilot told air traffic controllers that "we have to land immediately," Swissair Flight 111 went silent and began a five- to six-minute, 9,700-foot death spiral into the Atlantic Ocean, according to preliminary radio and radar data.

Swissair Flight 111's Sad Harvest
Friday, September 4, 1998
All 229 passengers and crew aboard Swissair Flight 111 died when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off the Nova Scotia coast, authorities said, as the search for survivors turned into a sad harvest of human remains.

Swissair Jet Crashes Off Nova Scotia
Thursday, September 3 1998
A Swissair jumbo jet en route from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to Geneva with 229 people on board crashed off the southern coast of Nova Scotia late last night while trying to make an emergency landing, the Canadian coast guard said.

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