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The Hindu
This site contains full text of The Hindu, an independent national daily newspaper in India, broken out into several sections, including National News, State and Regional, Sports, International, Science and Technology, and the Arts. The newspaper also maintains a network of international correspondents, which provides a take on world news from the Indian perspective. The paper and archives are completely searchable.

India Daily
The India Daily site contains news updates from India including regional updates. The site contains sections on poltics, social and economic news, business, sports, entertainment, computers and high tech news.

Indian Express Publications
The Indian Express site contains news and headlines from a variety of Indian newspapers, including full-length articles from The Indian Express and The Financial Express. The site contains sections on news, leisure and sports, as well as business subsections for economic, corporate and market news. The site is updated daily.

The Deccan Herald
This site offers daily, full-length articles from the newspaper in Bangalore. Most of the news focuses on India. The site is updated daily, and contains archives to past editions.

The Times of India
This site features daily news from India and around the world, local news from Delhi and Mumbai, and business, sports, and entertainment sections. There are also weekly features on health, careers, and relationships. The Times is archived to December 10, 1996, but is not searchable.

The Economic Times
This is the internet version of India's most widely circulated business and financial newspaper. It contains daily financial news, features and opinion in addition to stock market information. The past issues are archived but not searchable.

Rediff On The NeT
Rediff covers current events and entertainment in India, and offers an e-mail news service and chat sessions to its users. The site is updated every day and some previous features are archived.

The Hindustan Times
This site offers the online version of a daily New Delhi newspaper. Covering top news, economy, sports, the nation, India's regions, New Delhi and classifieds, they have archived past issues dating back to December 1, 1996.
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