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A Look at Yeltsin's Health

Wednesday, December 10, 1997; 1:37 p.m. EST

A look at incidents over the last decade involving the health of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, hospitalized Wednesday with what was described as a virus:

November 1987 -- Hospitalized for several days with chest pains after his ouster as Moscow Communist Party boss.

September 1989 -- In Washington, Yeltsin appears drunk. Aides say jet lag and sleeping pills made him wobbly.

April 1990 -- While traveling in Spain, Yeltsin hospitalized with what aides call ``possible'' heart trouble.

September 1990 -- Drops out of sight after car accident.

September 1991 -- Heart trouble forces Yeltsin to stop work for two days. He later spends two weeks by the Black Sea recuperating.

April 1994 -- Visits doctors in Spain. They pronounce him in good health.

August 1994 -- After a champagne lunch in Germany, Yeltsin stumbles, blows kisses to the crowd, sings boisterously and leads a band with wild flourish.

September 1994 -- Fails to get off plane during stopover in Ireland for meeting with Irish prime minister. Later, says he overslept.

October 1994 -- Needs help to walk at summit in Kazakstan.

December 1994 -- Drops out of sight for two weeks for minor nose surgery.

April 1995 -- Tells Time magazine he feels ``fine'' but acknowledges his blood pressure fluctuates.

July 1995 -- Hospitalized for two weeks with acute heart trouble. Recuperates for two weeks at Barvikha health resort outside Moscow. Aides release old photo of him at work.

October 1995 -- Hospitalized for nearly a month with heart problems. Aides cite exhaustion following U.S. summit.

June 1996 -- Disappears from public view for final week before the July 3 election. Aides cite a sore throat, his wife blames a cold. It proves to be heart trouble.

Aug. 9, 1996 -- Appears frail, slurs his words at inauguration ceremony.

Sept. 20, 1996 -- Dr. Renat Akchurin, the doctor performing Yeltsin's heart bypass surgery, says the president had a heart attack in late June or early July.

Nov. 5, 1996 -- Undergoes quintuple heart bypass surgery at the Moscow Cardiological Center.

Jan. 8, 1997 -- Hospitalized at the Central Clinical Hospital for several days treatment of pneumonia.

Dec. 10, 1997 -- Hospitalized at Barvikha sanitarium for what is described as a respiratory infection that could develop into the flu. Doctors recommend he stay inside and rest.

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