Help wanted: Your video stories

More than 8 million Americans lost their jobs during the recession that began in 2007. The unemployed have faced economic hardships, but they have also missed a myriad of other advantages of having a job.

We want to better understand those feelings by hearing directly from those who are unemployed. Our first question: What do you miss most about having a job? In a 30-45 second video, share your story. We will feature the videos on Help Wanted.

To submit a video entry, you have two options: 1) record a video on your computer and "upload a new video" on this site or 2) go to, record a video, and then return to this site to "submit an existing video." When you are ready, click "submit your story" below and log in below with your YouTube account, following the prompts. Please be sure to introduce yourself before briefly answering the question above on camera. Questions? Email:

Don't want to submit a video but still have something to say? Call in your answer by phone: 888-279-7678. We will also select phone entries to appear on our site. All entries must be your own, and they must abide by our discussion policy.