Holiday Guide 2011

2011 Holiday Win vs. Fail

The holidays are a season of cheery success and epic disasters. For instance: Win = when the turkey comes out of the oven just perfect. Fail = when the turkey bursts into flames. Win = when your wrapped present looks worthy of Martha Stewart. Fail = when your wrapping job consists of a plastic bag. You get the idea.

NOTE 1/5/12: The holiday season is over! We're no longer actively accepting photos here. Look for our other Instagram efforts on our Conversations page. Snap a photo that represents the very best and worst of the holiday season Some are already familiar with the internet memes #win and #fail. Our spin on it means you can submit your #win and #fail photos by tagging them #wpholidaywin or #wpholidayfail in the caption of your Instagram photos. Using these tags means you have permission to send them to us (you took them) and you allow us to use them on or in print. In addition to adding the special tag in the caption that sends your photo to us, be sure to explain why something is a #wpholidaywin or #wpholidayfail in the caption. If you forget to add the tag, just add it as a comment on your own photo.

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Holiday Win

Holiday Fail