Tell us about your financial fast

In Michelle Singletary's newest book, The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom, the author challenges readers to abstain from all unnecessary spending. For three weeks you go on a financial fast. That means no take-out (and no letting someone pick up the tab for you). No using your credit card. No wedding or birthday gift purchases. No window shopping. And, most certainly, no afternoon Starbucks run.

We want to see how you are handling the challenge. Post videos of your efforts to follow the fast. Be creative. If you are a shopaholic, show us how you're handling your temporary breakup with your favorite stores. Record how you are handling a return to using cash only.

Get a group together, record your progress and post the videos. Make it a family affair, a ministry project or an office challenge. If you are teaching students about money, get them to do the fast and record their progress. Then submit your clips via YouTube by clicking the button below.

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