And the winner is...
Lauren Girard's talented border collie Paige blowing bubbles!
Check out the winning video - as well as our other entries - and see if the right choice was made.!

The Judges
John Kelly
The author of "John Kelly's Washington" in The Post has a lot of brief getaways planned for this summer and hopes to spend as much time as possible in his 1968 Datsun convertible--if he can get it started.
Jen Chaney, Washington Post Blogger
Jen Chaney covers film and pop culture as a reporter and co-blogger for Celebritology. And where she's going this summer, she doesn't need roads.
Paul Farhi
Paul Farhi is a staff writer in The Post's Style section. He covers popular culture and whatever else he can talk an editor into.
Megan Rossman
Megan Rossman is an award-winning multimedia journalist for The Post, where she shoots and edits photos, video and audio packages.
Alexandra Garcia
Alexandra Garcia is an Emmy-nominated video and multimedia journalist for The Washington Post and is behind the Post's successful video series "Scene In."
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