Confronting Iraq

The War as It Happened

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In the Capital
From the first day of the war to the fall of Baghdad, the Post's Anthony Shadid reported on the life in the Iraqi capital amid carnage and chaos.
In a Moment, Lives Get Blown Apart
Hussein's Baghdad Falls
Collection: Shadid's War Stories

With the Troops
Eight Post reporters accompanied U.S. military units into Iraq.
Rick Atkinson: 101st Airborne;
Peter Baker: 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
William Branigin: Army 3rd Infantry Division
Jonathan Finer: 1st Marine Expeditionary
Lyndsey Layton: Naval forces, Persian Gulf
Monte Reel: 82nd Airborne
Mary Beth Sheridan: V Corps
Steve Vogel: 173rd Airborne.

Around the War Theater
Eight Post reporters covered other aspects of the war.
Rajiv Chandrasekaran in Baghdad
David Finkel on humanitarian efforts
Peter Finn on Army Special Operations
Susan Glasser in Basra
Rich Leiby in Kuwait City
Keith Richburg in southern Iraq
Karl Vick in northern Iraq
Daniel Williams in northern Iraq.

Final Words
Wartime deaths give meaning to each syllable in what became last letters home.
– By Laura Blumenfeld and Julie Tate


  D E B A T E  

Highlights of the debate in the Post over war in Iraq:

Former President Jimmy Carter opposing the war; Michael Kelly, the late Post columnist, predicting U.S. victory; Jessica Mathews on alternatives to war; George Will denouncing the U.N.; Michael Kinsley on the oil factor; Novelist Salman Rushdie making the liberal case for regime change; Professor Shafeeq Ghabra on the Arab world; Reporter David Broder on the war's hidden costs; And former Sen. Gary Hart on the war on terrorism.

Complete Collection: Post Commentary on Iraq

  L I V E   O N L I N E

Highlights of online reader discussions about the Iraq war:

Post correspondents Vernon Loeb and Dana Priest discussed the U.S. military forces; actress Susan Sarandon talked about the antiwar movement; Post executive editor Leonard Downie answered questions about Post coverage.

Complete Collection: Live Online Discussions about the war in Iraq

  S A V I N G   P F C.   L Y N C H
Lynch The Post's Peter Baker broke the story of how U.S. forces rescued U.S. Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch.
Iraqi Man Risked All to Help Free American Soldier (April 4, 2003)
Audio: Peter Baker on the Rescue of Private Lynch

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