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A Path to Somewhere

The path to adulthood use to be relatively clear-cut. Things aren't so simple for today's graduates.

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Nail the Interview

Think you deserve the big bucks? Prove it in our interactive game -- then challenge friends to beat your score.

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Open Mic

Need to vent? Let it out on our Grad Guide blog, or e-mail us stories, photos and video.

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Career Path to Laughs

Winner Kris Payne and the other finalists in the DC Improv's college comic competition want to make it big.

Live Online Discussions

Monday, April 10

Laura Sessions Stepp
11:00 a.m. ET

What's it like preparing to set sail on the S.S. Real Life? Laura Sessions Stepp reports from the edge of the world.

2 p.m ET

Author Brad Karsh joins Mary Ellen Slayter to share tips for landing your first post-college job.

Tuesday, April 11

Amy Joyce
11:00 a.m. ET

Amy Joyce shares strategies for surviving the workplace ups, downs and love affairs in this chat.

Noon ET

No more sweats, hats and jogging shoes. Suzanne D'Amato can help you dress your wardrobe up for work.

Wed., April 12

Warren Brown
11:00 a.m. ET

Planning on splashing that first paycheck on a new car? Post columnist Warren Brown can guide your eyes and wallet.

1 p.m ET

What's a ROTH IRA? How about an HMO? January Payne takes questions about health and retirement plans.

Thursday, April 13

Chad Alan
1 p.m. ET

Is it possible to make a studio apartment feel like home? Designer Chad Alan says it is. Ask him how.

Friday, April 14

Lily Whiteman
Noon ET

Itching to start your career with the government? Author Lily Whiteman shares information on starter jobs and internships.

1 p.m ET

Worried about finding a way to live, work and play on a grad's salary? Ask Michelle Singletary for advice.

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