Grad Guide 2007

Advice for college grads from the D.C. area and beyond.
Work: Career Survival

Stay Above Water

It's hard enough to get the job you want -- and then it gets even harder. You need to perform; to grow; and to manage in the professional world, which means everything from manic bosses to health plans to weirdos who steal other people's lunches. In this section, we've gathered resources that can help you keep moving in the right direction.

Career Tools

Helping Hands

Whether you need friendly advice or industry guidance, this feature can help.

Wise Words

From pop stars to executives, we asked area success stories to share the advice that helped get their careers going.

Finishing School

A little charm, grace and poise can go a long way at the office. Here are some tips.

Raise Your Rank

Your career advancement may not be entirely under your control, but acquiring certain skills and characteristics can alter your professional fate.

Get to Grad School

With employer help, advanced education may not have to be a dream deferred.

Unpack the Package

When choosing that first job, salary is just one piece of the picture.

Unhappy Hours

How much after-work fun and fraternization is too much? Amy Joyce reports.

Comeback Time

What happens to your career if you set it aside to raise a family? Ask women who've been there.

Wisdom and Help

Mentorship is an investment in a young career, writes Amy Joyce.

Find a Job

Ready to go? Then start your search for a local job right here.

Grad Classics

Last year's advice still holds true. Here's more from the 2006 Grad Guide.

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