Grad Guide 2007

Advice for college grads from the D.C. area and beyond.
Work: Get Going

Starting Your Journey

It was grand spending four years writing papers on American history. You even got all A's on them. What a shame that fancy degree won't help pay the rent, much less that student loan you just took out. Need some help? The Post's Mary Ellen Slayter offers assistance.

For Job Seekers

Hard Copies

You don't have to have an entry-level resume or cover letter.

Resumes That Work

Even a graduate can write a first-rate resume -- and see results.

Hiring Squad

It's all about landing the job. This special feature can help.


Agonizing over an offer? This self-assessment can help you decide.

Get Into Public Service

Want to work for Uncle Sam? We'll help you figure out how to search and where to look.

Heads Up, Juniors!

If you're in the Class of 2007, it may be too late to read this. If not, read on for tips on making the most of senior year.

Make a Million

What'll it take to turn you into a millionaire? Try this online calculator and find out.

Campus Contacts

Just getting started? This list of contacts at area universities can give you a head start on your job hunt.

Find a Job

Ready to go? Then start your search for a local job right here.

Grad Classics

Last year's advice still holds true. Here's more from the 2006 Grad Guide.

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