Grad Guide 2007

Advice for college grads from the D.C. area and beyond.
What Else Is Out There?

Not a Delay, But a Detour

Does following your dreams after graduation mean avoiding reality? Not neccessarily. In fact, writes author Colleen Kinder, it just might be the best way to get to it.

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Making It

From contractors to candymakers, meet Washingtonians who followed their muse.

Off the Beaten Career Path

Got an oddball idea for making money? You're not alone.

Tactics for 'Delayers'

Colleen Kinder shares 10 tips for taking your fantasy and making it into your future.

Volunteer Pathways

For some graduates, it's service -- domestic or overseas -- that beckons them.

'Non-Career' Opportunities

Not ready to start your career? Plenty of other jobs offer experience, money and prospects.

Find a Job

Ready to go? Then start your search for a local job right here.

Grad Classics

Last year's advice still holds true. Here's more from the 2006 Grad Guide.

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