Jobs: Interview Survival Kit Jobs Interview Survival Kit

Prepare for Pitfalls

Fearing another nightmare job interview? From weirdos to no-shows, we help you turn potentially disastrous situations around and land that dream job.

Improper Questions

Job interviews may be uncomfortable, but they shouldn't violate your rights. Here's a guide to the questions they just can't ask.

Every Minute Counts

Have trouble staying on schedule? This step-by-step timeline will get you in the door on time -- and then beyond.

Stand Out from the Crowd
Here are 10 interview tips your competition probably isn't using.

Fashion Emergency? Hey, No Problem
Run in your stocking? Coffee spill? Don't let your clothes unmake you, man (or woman).

Finish Strong
"So, any questions for me?" This article can fill your back pocket with winning answers to that stumper.

Conquering the Federal Job Interview
If you're interviewing with Uncle Sam, here are some tips to help you shine.


Paul Powers

Q&A: Transcript

Interview With Confidence
If your skills need a boost, send questions to expert and author Paul Powers.

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