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  Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg

Friday, June 16 at 4 p.m. EDT

Welcome to Speak Up, a KidsPost online discussion.

Young actors Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg are online this Friday at 4 p.m. EDT. You probably know Hallie as "the Pepsi girl," but she's also appeared in several movies, including Paulie, Bicentennial Man, and The Insider. Her older brother Jesse has spent a lot of time acting on (and off) Broadway, and just finished his first season as "Kenny" on Fox's "Get Real."

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KidsPost: Welcome to Speak Up, a KidsPost online discussion. Today we're talking to Jesse and Hallie Eisenberg--actors and siblings. We've got a lot of questions, so let's get started!

Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada: My question is for Jesse...: I didn't know until a few minutes ago that you've done Broadway. What shows have you been in?
-From Care (a Get Real fan)

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: On Broadway, I've done Summer and Smoke (a Tennessee Williams play), A Christmas Carol, and a lot of other off-Broadway shows...Thanks for asking...

Williamsburg, Va.: Hallie, what made Pepsi pick you for their advertisments?


Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I auditioned for the part and was lucky to be picked.

Burke, VA: Did your parents get you two interested in acting? Were they actors or part of the movie/tv industry?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: We were interested in acting, so our parents helped me (Jesse) find local community theater projects to be in

Morehead, Kentucky: Hallie,when did you start acting and how did you get to be the "Pepsi Girl?"

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I started acting when I was four. My first movie was "Paulie" and it was so much fun that I wanted to continue.

Mclean, Virginia: Jesse, has Get Real been picked up for next season or did they make a HUGE mistake and cancel it? It was an amazingly well written show. My whole family enjoyed it!

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: They unfortunately did make a HUGE mistake and did not pick it up. Although the show was great, the ratings were not as high as the network had wanted or needed them to be. This occurs with many great TV shows. Thanks for watching!

New York City: would you like to work on a show together?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Yeah, we would love to do something else together. We did do one episode of "Get Real" together which was cool. We'll see what happens.

Falls Church, VA: Hallie, you are a great little actress. Who is your favorite Pokemon?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Thank you. I guess my favorite Pokemon character is Pikachu.

Manassas, Va.: Question for Jesse: What do you like most about playing the part of Kenny on Get Real?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Because Get Real was the first TV series I've done, it was a new experience for me to develop a character over a long period of time. I really enjoyed that aspect of it and would love to do something like that again.

Annapolis, Maryland: Hallie, which movie did you most enjoy playing in? And why?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I've enjoyed all the movies I've done for different reasons. I have a new movie coming in September called "Beautiful" and I really liked the character I played in that.

Rochester, MN: Jesse, when did you start acting?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I started acting when I was five. I did children's theater until I was about 9. Then I did community and regional theater in NJ. When I was 12, or so, I did my first show on Broadway.

Arlington, VA: Hallie: How long did it take to get into the Kiss makeup?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Actually, it didn't take as long as I thought it would. They used grease paint, which goes on pretty quickly, so it only took about 40 minutes.

Watson IL: Jesse, did you like doing the show Get Real? And was it weird working w/ your little sister?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I loved doing the show, and it was kind of weird to work with her because I see her everyday as my sister so it was funny to talk to her completely out of that context.

Oak Harbor Washington: Hallie, love those Pepsi ads, can you tell a die hard Jeff Gordon fan, is he really as nice as he apprears in the ad? Love you in any of the spots I have seen you in. You are adorable and that hair is beautiful. Keep up the good work.

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Jeff Gordon is great! I'm actually going to Daytona to see him at the PEPSI 400. I get to wave the starting flag!

potomac.maryland: Hallie- I dont think there could be a better pepsi girl then you! how old are you and how much time does it take to practice for one ad?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I'm seven years old and will be eight in August. The commercials only take about two days to shoot. We rehearse right before we shoot them. For the KISS commercial, I spent a couple of weeks practicing the guitar so it could look real. Even though it's over, I still play.

Vienna, VA:
I know Halle is doing great with Pepsi, but Jesse, since Get Real has been cancelled, do you have anything on the horizon career-wise?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I'm just auditioning a lot. I just got back from California and while I was there shooting the show I obviously couldn't do anything else. I'm looking foward to doing other projects.

new york: Jesse, do you have time to do stuff like sports and music or are you working all of the time?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Yeah, right now I have too much free time. I play basketball with my friends and I'm a drummer so I play a lot of both.

Virginia: How do you memorize your lines for the movies and shows you are in? What techniques do you use to help you learn your lines quickly? Thanks for the information!

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: When I (Jesse) was doing Get Real I had about seven pages of new lines everyday. I would get the pages in the morning and basically just go over them once or twice. As we got farther into the run of the show, it became easier and easier to memorize quickly.
Hallie has always had a good memory -- with everything-- so it was always very easy for her to remember her lines.

Arlington, VA: Jesse, do you like working on TV or on Broadway better? Hallie, would you ever want to be on stage live?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: I like the intensity and excitement that comes with live theater. Get Real was cool to do though because I was able to different scenes with the same character as opposed to theater where you do the same show every night.
Hallie: Right now, I've been doing a lot of movies, so I haven't really had time to do theater. I would love to at some point.

Missouri: Hallie: Which Pepsi commercial was your favorite to make?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Each commercial was great for all different reasons -- because all of them took place in totally different settings. I really enjoyed the commercials with Faith Hill and KISS.

Washington, DC: Hallie: I'm wondering what it was like working with Tony Shalhoub on Paulie? I'm pretty sure I saw him in the Boston airport last month and I just wonder what he's like as a person. Is it hard to be so young and work with older actors?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: It's funny...Even though Tony Shaloiub and I are in the same movie, I never got to act with him, because we didn't have any scenes together. I met him on the set a few times and he was really nice -- he's also a great actor.

Falls Church, Virginia: Do you ever get to act like normal kids? Like go to the movies without getting mobbed by fans?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Of course. Everything we do, outside of acting, is like everyone else. We do get recognized a lot but everyone's friendly and complimentary.

Georgetown: Hallie- I love the commericals you did for the independent film channel, especially the biting one, which I know you won't talk about (wink, wink). How many did you do for IFC? Just wanted to know if I had caught them all. thanks.

And Jesse, Fox should have known better than to cancel Get Real.

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: There weren't really any scripts for the IFC promos -- so we all had to improvise. I think there were nine different promos.

Va: Hallie, was it fun making the Pepsi commercial? When you go around do people say "it's Pepsi girl coming"?

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: Yeah, I always hear that. People also always sing the theme song to me everywhere I go. It's so great to see how many people love the commercials.

Hallie and Jesse Eisenberg: We'd both like to thank everyone for your interest and support. Have a great summer!

KidsPost: Thanks Hallie and Jesse. And thanks to everyone who asked questions today. Log on next Friday at 4 p.m. EDT, when we'll be talking sports with KidsPost columnist Fred Bowen. See you then!

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