Cool Sites

There are lots of Web sites out there.
We've picked some of our favorites for you to visit.

  Hit the Books
Homework Helpers: Work before play! Here are some web sites that can help get you through homework in a variety of subjects from kindergarten through high school.

  See for Yourself
Webcam Guide: Webcams give you live (or almost live) looks at places you might never visit in person. Here are some webcam sites that will get you started on your virtual travels.

  Weather World
Here Comes the Sun: Weather is cool (or hot), often strange and always interesting. Here are some Web sites to check out if you want to know more than if you'll need to carry an unbrella tomorrow.

  Wired Science
Mad Scientist Central: So much science, so little time. Some of these sites ask that you have an adult around to make sure your experiments don't blow up the house.

  Animal Kingdom
Animals Byte Back: Looking for information about living creatures? Check out these Web sites for the wild and wooly details.

  Sporty Spots
The Web World of Sports: Sports on the Web? Shouldn't you really be outside playing? Before you lace up, check out these sites.

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