Enter the Post's @Work Advice Contest

There's plenty of advice out there about writing resumes and acing interviews, but the real questions start once you have the job.

We're launching a contest to find the person with the smartest, liveliest advice on navigating workplace culture - how to deal with an annoying coworker, what to do when your boss wants to be your Facebook friend, and whether skipping the company holiday party will kill your career. Finalists will participate in four rounds of face-offs, with winners selected by readers and a panel of judges, including advice guru Carolyn Hax. The last columnist standing could get a four-week column published in The Washington Post Magazine and on washingtonpost.com.

Think you're the one with the workplace savvy to win? Fill out the application below and read complete contest rules. And if you're a worker bee with a question that needs answering, submit it here.

Before you enter, read Carolyn Hax's tips for solving other people's problems and entering the @Work Advice Contest.