Post Hunt

Puzzle 5: The Bowling Ball

When Hunters arrived at this puzzle site, they found:

An enormous black ball with three white dots on it that looked suspiciously like a huge bowling ball.

Three bright red arrows arranged in a triangle formation, with one in front and two behind. The arrows were pointing west.

Volunteers handing out pieces of paper. Those handouts featured only a four-line poem.

Your first roll was pretty good

But some you didn't smite

Now you have to find that wood

Because what's left is right

Hunters had to find the puzzle site on their Hunt map, and notice that the arrows they were seeing were pointing toward an area of the map featuring a clearly defined triangle.




If a bowling ball is pointed at a triangle, it can only mean one thing:

There are pins to knock down.

The poem revealed that the ball had already been rolled once, but hadn't knocked down all of the pins.

So which ones were left standing?

Hunters had to search around the triangle area outlined on the map.

In three separate locations within that triangle, they found a pin still standing.

In bowling, each pin has a numbered position.


By plotting the three remaining pins on the map, Hunters could identify their numbered positions. In this case, they were pins 2, 6 and 8.

Since the answer has to correspond to a number on the clue list in the magazine, the only possible answer was 268.

SOURCE: The Washington Post. PUBLISHED: June 3, 2012. PRODUCER: Amanda McGrath