Post Hunt

Puzzle 3: The (K)night Moves

This puzzle was situated near a statue of two men playing chess.

Photo by Juana Arias/For The Washington Post


There, Hunters received a handout of an 8-by-8 grid, with one square marked "START."

While the handouts were being distributed, a song was playing over and over again in the background.

So what did it all mean?

Astute Hunters would have noticed that their copy of The Washington Post Magazine contained a similar black-and-white grid on page 20.

And they would have realized that the song on a loop was Bob Seger's "Night Moves."

To find the answer, Hunters had to match the START square on their handout to the grid in the magazine. Starting there, if you move as a chess knight would move, you'd spell out a number:

So the solution to this puzzle was 15.

SOURCE: The Washington Post. PUBLISHED: June 3, 2012. PRODUCER: Amanda McGrath