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Lloyd Grove
By Craig Cola/
The Reliable Source - Live
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, July 21, 2000
11 a.m. EDT

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask Lloyd Grove, "The Reliable Source" columnist, who's live online today.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, took over The Reliable Source column in the Style section in May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Connecticut. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 - after an ill-advised book leave - he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

Below is a transcript of today's discussion. Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, all, back at the regular time and looking forward to your comments and questions. So far I'm not seeing any, but I live in hope.

Arlington, Va.: So Greg Craig rides the Metro. I saw him there this week and was surprised that his clothes were slightly shabby looking. What gives?

Lloyd Grove: Greg is a terminal preppy, that's what gives.

Beyond the Belt: We've heard a lot about VP speculation but what I'd really like to know is who are the most likely ones to get the nods from Ralph and Pat?

Lloyd Grove: Ralph and Pat? Now THERE'S a burning question. I actually believe that those two would be well advised to make each other their running mates, and thus maximize their appeal. After all, they were together against NAFTA.

Anywhereville, USA: How dedicated do you think Bill Clinton is to the Middle East peace process? Do you think he has a genuine interest or is he just trying to end his term with a legacy which might over-shadow the stain of "Swallow-gate?"

Lloyd Grove: I actually think he is extremely and deeply committed to it, and yes, it is also in his self interested to end his term on a high note.

wdc: Lloyd, any gossip on Sen. Bob Kerry's love life? I remember back in the 80s, he entertained Linda Ronstadt at the Governor's mansion when he was Nebraska's chief executive. Does he still do the do with pop stars?

Lloyd Grove: You know, I haven't been keeping track of Bob and his women, though I have no doubt they're all over him like a cheap suit. Anybody have any thoughts. I suppose that now he is going off to run the New School in New York, he'll have to hook up with somebody deeply intellectual.

Alex: so tell us about your lunch with the marine. did he have answers to the questions we gave you to ask?

Lloyd Grove: Lunch with Marine Command James Jones was a hoot. We sat across from each other at this hugely long table in the Pentagon's executive dining room and a steward came in at regular intervals to make sure we didn't starve to death. But the general is a charming, funny, down to earth guy who has both a good political head and a nice sense of irony. He told me a bit about what he's up to, trying to bring martial arts training into the Corps and working with Dreamworks on a new TV series on the Marines, and you may have noticed that I've already put him in the column as a result of our chat. More to come.

Leesburg, VA: Re: Sticks and Stones...July 18

How pathetically irresponsible of you, Lloyd,
to publish such a piecemeal flack item for
Jerry Oppenheimer. Moreover, your source was
wrong. Hillary Clinton's news conference
wasn't "tearful." She was angry, to be sure.
But certainly not crying! Above all, why let
the facts get in the way of a good story, eh?

Lloyd Grove: Sorry for misrepresenting Hillary's news conference. I was relying on that well known fantasticist, Richard Berke of the New York Times! (Hope you note the sarcasm in my tone.) Sorry, all you people who are, like New York Observer columnist Joe Conason, ardent Clinton supporters, didn't like my Jerry Oppenheimer item.

McPherson Square: Have you heard anything more than was reported in the Post this morning regarding Emily Couric's sad announcement (that she has cancer?) Has her sister Katie made any public statements?

Lloyd Grove: I actually haven't heard anything further. I can only imagine that Katie and her entire family are moving into high gear to get the right medical treatments for Emily. Pancreatic cancer is among the worst you can get, but depending on where on the pancreas the tumor is, there are surgical and other promising methods.

DaveyWavey: Lloyd, Lloyd, all null and void. (Name that movie.) Anyway, I saw Ted Kennedy at the O's-Sox game last night. He seemed...(what's the word?)...drunk. Thought I'd share.


Lloyd Grove: Thanks, Dave! What made you come to that conclusion?

Va.: Do you think Trent Lott fake bakes?

Lloyd Grove: Possibly, but it is hot and sunny down in Pascagoula.

Manassas, Va: Hi Lloyd. Hope you can answer my question - what on earth happened to meteorologist Doug Hill? And where is Andrea Roane? Doug was supposed to do Channel 7 weather, and now there's a new woman doing the 6pm news on Channel 9.

Lloyd Grove: Doug Hill jumped to Channel 7 weeks and weeks ago, I believe. And Andrea is still at Channel 9 but no longer does the six o'clock news. I believe she still does the 11!

tenleytown: Nader has a running mate -- I think her name is Winona La Duke (?)

Lloyd Grove: Aha. well she should bring a lot of heft to the ticket! Who the hell IS she?

Richmond, VA:
You actually get paid to write about who people sleep with? Man, what a life.

Need an assistant?

Lloyd Grove: I don't generally write who sleeps with whom--none of my and your business, for the most part. I actually have a terrific associate in Beth Berselli. But down the road Beth may decide that she can't take it and more and jump ship./

Arlington, VA: Lloyd, Last night I was at DC Coast and saw Beverley Burke and J.C. Haywood of Channel 9 eating. J.C. was wearing a rather outlandish wig, supposedly not to be recognized. I didn't see what they tipped.

Lloyd Grove: Eating, huh? I don't think JC Haywood tries not to be recognized, though. I betcha they left a good tip.

Northwest DC: Any scoop on who Rep. Patrick Kennedy is dating? (I assume there aren't any LAX security officers in the running)

Lloyd Grove: I'm not sure who Patrick is dating, if anyone, and I don't know if he's that fabulous boyfriend material considering how much traveling he has to do (to LAX and everywhere else) as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

DC: The ranks of handsome single Capitals just went down by one. James Black (left wing--good player but took a slap shot on the foot and so was out for quite a few games) got married last month.

Many of them are still in town for a pre-season training camp, but you'd probably spot them on the golf course rather than at the bars.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks for the information. Hope all of you have been asking me about the Caps are paying attention.

Lloyd Grove: By the way, to elaborate on an earlier answer, John Maynard of the TV Team informs me that Andrea Roane was replaced by Gurvir Dhindsa, who hails from Atlanta, at 6 p.m.
Roane remains at 11 p.m.

Washington, DC: In yesterday's column you mentioned "...former Clinton White House aide David Gergen (liberated from Hillary Rodham Clinton's injunction against Bohemian Grove attendance)." What is the story behind her injunction?

Lloyd Grove: The story is that Hillary and her minions put the word out that nobody in the Clinton administration could be a member or guest at this apparently sexist male bastion of power and oppression. Vernon Jordan keeps going, but then again, he doesn't have a government job.

Arlington, VA: Any follow up to the Paula Jones crashing the Bush event story? Perhaps Paula might join this on-line session?

Lloyd Grove: I think this morning's column answers your question. Paula didn't go to one event (a body double did, apparently) but she and a couple of friends did show up at another hoping to meet Dubya. I don't think Paula has internet access, alas.

DaveyWavey: RE: Ted Kennedy at the O's.

They had a big shot of him on the jumbotron. He had the swaying thing going. Also, his pants were on his head. God bless'm. (Lloyd, I lied about the pants part. Forgive me.) Your pal, Dave

Lloyd Grove: Maybe he was doing the Wave.

Cubicle Gal: Last Saturday night I saw Senator/Actor Fred Thompson at the Dupont Circle movie theater with some very young, very blond lady. He had the whole casual look going on and a lot of people noticed him but it was more because of the age difference than who he is. A lot of the people on line said "What is someone that young doing with a guy like that" more than "Hey, that's Fred Thompson." I think they were going to see Blood Simple.

Lloyd Grove: God bless Fred Thompson!

Arlington, VA: Lloyd-
I used to read the Reliable Source religiously everyday, but, I'm sorry to say, ever since you took over, it's really lost it's zip. Even the racy stuff's boringly written about since you got ahold of it. What's going on?

Lloyd Grove: I guess you and I are having a failure to communicate. Why can I do to bring you back into the fold? Can you be more specific as to what you're missing?

TO DaveyWavey:: "Say Anything"!!! And I always think of that phrase when Lloyd's chat, er, discussion starts!

Lloyd Grove: And a good thing, too.

Wash, DC: Hi Lloyd! I know Vic Sussman repeatedly denies the actual, physical existence of Bob Levey...but does he ride the metro? I thought I saw him recently and thought he sneaked some glances at the keychain I was carrying, which was a Wash Post ID card holder (I'm a former Postie!) - thought maybe he was trying to place me from inside the building. Or maybe it wasn't him, and he was just trying to figure out if I was some famous reporter!

Lloyd Grove: Well, ARE you? I would suspect, without consulting, Bob Levey, that he does ride the Metro. Is was either him or Paula Jones, I'd guess.

McLean, VA: "But one leak about the Oppenheimer book to the Drudge Report, an anti-Clinton Web site,
is all it took to reactivate the lucrative
right-wing talk-show machinery and the New York tabloids. Then came the down-channel cable talk shows. Now, Mr. Oppenheimer's
book is moving up the charts at Amazon. This
is all depressingly predictable: The more
implausible the charge, the more it runs counter to everything we know about the subject, the more news and sales it generates." - David Brock, NY TIMES, July 20

Lloyd Grove: I see David is continuing to do penance and get paid for it.

Delray Beach, FL: Just moved South from a 13-year stay in DC. Have to admit its kinda refreshing not to have to read who is doing the Clintons' dog's hair. But anyway, what if, Bush is the new prez? With all those Texans coming to town you should have plenty to write about. Do you have any scoop on Ms. Tucker, his spokesperson? I think I went to college with her.

Lloyd Grove: Mindy Tucker, in my experience, is a funny smart nice person. Bush earlier on in the campaign, when he was obsessed with the Austin Powers sequel, used to call her "Mindy Me."

MissDC: Speaking of Hillary's "injunction," how long do you think it will be before hubby starts joining Vernon Jordan on his trips?

Lloyd Grove: To the Bohemian Grove, you mean? Not sure that's Bill's scene, don't think he likes the all-male construct, if you knowwhutImean? Now if Vernon were to invite him to the Island of the Sirens and Amazons, that'd be another story.

washington, dc: This is a sort of a random question, but I'm just curious--do Bill and Hillary Clinton drink? I think I've read that neither of them does, but does that mean they never even drink wine at dinner etc? Seems like they would both be driven to drink by this point!

Lloyd Grove: Not to excess. Not teetotalers, if that's what you mean. Bill is a beer drinker and certainly they serve a selection of fine wines at their state dinners and such. Both are very driven--but not to drink.

DeeinDC: whets the deal with Al Gore's kids? I know his son got into a bunch of trouble a few years ago and his daughter was caught drinking by the police but I haven't heard anything since? Have they cleaned up or have you guys just succumb to the pressure to keep your mouths shut?

Lloyd Grove: Actually, I think they're doing well and keeping their noses clean. Karenna, of course, is very active in the presidential campaign, and has just received her law degree from Columbia University, and Kristin is writing for Fox TV's "Futurama" and Albert Jr. is heading off to college soon I think? Did I leave someone out? Anyhow, I don't think there's anything wrong with giving the children of the famous a zone of privacy, as long as they aren't committing crimes.

Arlington, Va.: FYI, "Lloyd, Lloyd, all null and void" is from "Say Anything" with that babe John Cusack. The next line: "Dissed in the Malibu; whatcha gonna do?"

Now it's time for me to get back to work.

Lloyd Grove: I'm afraid I have no idea what you are talking about. Except for the getting back to work part.

Mr.Washington: Speaking of handsome capitals, I saw Adam Oates at P.J. Changs restaurant at White Flint Mall and not only was he very rude to several kids asking for autographs, but he
( and his veeeeery young, veeeery blonde date)left no tip at all!!! Just thought you'd like to know.

Lloyd Grove: Wow. That is interesting. when did this happen?

Arlington, VA: Not D.C.-related news, but I have it on good authority that Brett Favre takes Viagra.

Is he married? If he is, the reason I know about the Viagra is because he's been doing things he shouldn't be doing.

Lloyd Grove: Hmmm. like what?

DaveyWavey: Forgot to tell you this last week. After the DC United-Tampa Bay Mutiny game last week, Raul Diaz Arce (United) and international superstar Carlos Valderrama (Tampa Bay and huge yellow 'fro) were spotted having a late dinner together at the Carlyle Grande in Shirlington. Neither appeared drunk. I shall continue to keep my eyes peeled for useless bits of gossip for you, Lloyd.

Your Best Friend,


Lloyd Grove: Thanks, Dave. Your bestest pal, Lloyd.

dc: Any idea where Hillary will live here in DC if she wins the Senate race?

Lloyd Grove: Talk about the cart before the horserace! I suspect that, if she does win, she'll live in a high-security apartment building instead of a house. Not the White House, though, regardless of the outcome of THAT race.

Arlington, VA: Speaking of Gore's kids--my husband and his buddies always used to refer to "the lovely Gore daughters," but they don't seem to be so lovely any more. What's happened?

Lloyd Grove: I disagree with your premise. I think they're all a bit of alright.

West End: Loved your piece about Paula Jones this morning. While I find her version only partially believable, I would think this woman would avoid hotels like the plague. Seems she was just looking for a little attention by showing up at hotel where Bush and his minions were hanging.

Speaking of Paula, what ever happened to that cloying McMillan woman who was her mouthpiece?

Lloyd Grove: Suzie Carpenter McMillan has vanished from the scene. I believe she got a divorce from her rich lawyer-husband and took up with someone else, and I have no idea whether she's still raising those little white fluffy dogs that were all over her mansion when I visited her there years ago. Bichon Frises I think they're called.

Arlington, VA: Who in the world is JC Haywood, and why in the world would she/he feel the need to disguise herself/himself?

Lloyd Grove: JC is a Channel 9 anchorperson, I agree that she has no need to disguise herself.

DC: Rumor has it that former Sen. Danforth is wrapping up his Waco investigation early to clear his schedule to run for VP.

Lloyd Grove: Interesting. Not sure he brings a lot to the table, unless Dubya wants an all upper-class preppy ticket.

Arlington, VA: How come I only ever see second-tier celebs, like Marky Mark and Jackie Mason?

Lloyd Grove: Open your eyes, Man. First-tier celebs are all around you. By the way, I guess this would be the point to reveal that I had a four-hour dinner with Uma Thurman the other night. Liked her a lot.

baltimore: Trent Lott had a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday. I couldn't tell whether he was drinking Sprite or 7-Up. I'll keep you posted.

Lloyd Grove: Mnay thanks for that riveting report.

Arlington, VA: Brett's been playing with young blonde women who are not related to him by marriage, but requires the assistance of the little blue pill.

So is he married?

Lloyd Grove: Jeesh, I hope not.

Arlington, VA: Hmmm--more specifics? There just used to be interesting information in the column--not necessarily juicy or risque, but the kind of thing you'd bring up in conversation at work. Now it's stuff you've already heard, anyway. Nothing new, and really nothing fun.

Lloyd Grove: Well, my suggestion would be to find a new job.

Rockville, MD: Lloyd-

I think you need to spend less time at snooty DC parties and more time watching 80's movies-"Say Anything" is a classic. Then again, I think anything with John Cusack is a classic-

Lloyd Grove: I saw a really amusing John Cusack movie recently, sister Joan was also in it--"High Fidelity." I'll try to rent "Say Anything" at Blockbuster if you think it's worthwhile.

Xanadu: Gore daughters: I went to law school with Karenna, and found her physically and personally lovely. And her younger sister is (still) even more attractive.

Lloyd Grove: What a relief to hear this.

DC: There is a third Gore daughter, Sarah, who I believe is at Harvard.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks for the info. Does anybody remember a great cartoon parody from years ago called "Those Fabulous Gore Girls!" where Tipper, Karenna, Kristin and Sarah are all kickboxing superheroines? Very funny. can't remember where it appeared, alas. anyhow, the hour appears to be up, and I thank everybody for taking part. See you here next Friday at 11 a.m., the day before I go off to Philadelphia for the Republican Convention. Have a funderful weekend. Bye.

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