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Boy George
Boy George
Essential Series Web Site
Boy George Web Site
Boy George: As a DJ, He'll Spin for Ya (The Post, Feb. 23)
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Mixing It Up
With Boy George
Turntable DJ

Friday, Feb. 23, 2001

What's Boy George been up to lately? The '80s singer/songwriter/Culture Clubber and author has been DJing in Europe for the past eight years. He plays for the dance crowds in northern England and Italy two or three times a week. Now he's on his first-ever United States DJ tour and will spin his tracks at Nation's Buzz Party on Friday, Feb. 23.

George's current disc, "Essential Mix," showcases his DJ work and is his first such release in the states. He blends funk, two-step, diva house, disco, ragga, progressive house and more. "It reflects all the dance music styles I like," George says. "It's the perfect soundtrack for when you're getting ready to go out."

George took questions from washingtonpost.com readers on Feb. 23. The audio file of the interview follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Washington, D.C.: I know you've had a long-time interest in dance music. But when did you decide to seriously pursue DJing? Was there a pivotal inspiring moment?

Boy George: It kinda happened by accident for me really. I never sort of sat down and decided to DJ. I was just doing it for friends at parties. People just asked me to play at their clubs.

washingtonpost.com: At this point, the interview switched formats from text to audio. Washingtonpost.com Live Online producer Rocci Fisch interviewed George with questions from washingtonpost.com readers.

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A transcript of the discussion will follow next week.

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