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The Washington Redskins
With Kenard Lang
Redskin Defensive Lineman

Friday, Dec. 14, 2001; 1:30 p.m. EST

The Washington Redskins redeemed themselves with a win in Arizona after a heartbreaking loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Can the Redskins still make the playoffs? How does the Redskin's current standing change the outlook for the season?

Washington Redskins defensive lineman Kenard Lang was online to take your questions and comments on the team, the season and the upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Kenard Lang: Hello. K Lang has entered the building.

Mt. Rainier, Md.: I've been bred a Redskin fan and wish all of you the best against the Eagles on Sunday. Beat 'em down at the line of scrimmage and keep the Redskin train rolling all the way up the middle to the playoffs.

Kenard Lang: Thank you. We plan on rolling through the playoffs to New Orleans.

Wheaton, Md.: Growing up who was your favorite football team in the NFL?

Kenard Lang: The LA Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Silver Spring, Md.: Is Larry Allen of the Cowboys the best Offensive Lineman in the NFL?

Kenard Lang: Yes, he his. He is the best one I have faced so far this year.

Sterling, Va.: Kenard,

Man, you gotta come back to the Redskins! What are the chances? And, how much better could you be if Marty let you play DE on every down?

Kenard Lang: My chances of coming back I do not know because I am still concentrating on the season. I feel I am a better fit at Defensive End but right now we have two All Pros there.

Alexandria, Va.: Kenard,

For every sack you get this Sunday, my girlfriend (Kimber, originally from Philly) has promised an extra Christmas gift for me. How do feel you'll do this Sunday? (Good luck and Happy Holidays to you and your family!)

Kenard Lang: I feel excited and pumped and expect to get a lot of presents for Christmas.

Silver Spring, Md.: Who is your road game roomie? Is he clean and quiet or dirty and snores?

Kenard Lang: My road game roomie is Dorian Boose. He is loud, obnoxious and smells like Frito chips and boiled eggs.

Washington, D.C.: Let me first just say that I love you guys! Your win against Carolina -- the first win this season -- happened to be my first live pro-football experience ever and where I wasn't a huge sports fan before, I am now glued to the team's every move. The Redskins have not only turned me into a bonafide football fan, but have earned my permanent respect as a great team. Thanks for the excitement!

Now the question: looking ahead, what do you think next season's most ominous challenges will be for the team as far as playing the game? And what do you think the main issues were for the team surrounding this season's starting stats of 0 and 5?

Kenard Lang: I haven't looked forward to next season 'cause I am still looking at this one. I am hoping that we can have everyone return as a collective group so we can jell some more. '

As for 0-5, we were still figuring out how to work with one another. Now we are playing together better.

Manassas, Va.: Kenard --
You the man!
I will be at the game screaming from the 9th row.
Does the team realize that this game is the season? You guys have put so much effort in this season after the terrible start and it could all be for not if you come out like the Dallas game. The Eagles seem to be looking past you guys and talking like they are already division champions this week. -- tell Lavar to remember Tra Thomas!

Kenard Lang: We know how important this game is. We are going to make sure that we take care of our duties and responsibilities on the field. The main thing is focus, determination and effort.

Honolulu, Hawaii: The defense did an excellent job of containing McNabb a few weeks ago in Philly. You know he'll be looking to create some sparks with his scrambling and rushing this week. Can the defense shut him down again?

Kenard Lang: Yes. Our main focus is to make him use his arms, not his legs. If we don't we are going to be in for a long day.

Sacramento, Calif.: Kenard, I had the pleasure of viewing the Cardinals game in person and seeing the sackdancer extraordinaire. I was wondering who your dance influences are (James Brown, Michael Jackson, Savion Glover)? How about getting LaVar some payback on Thomas for that cheap shot by opening up a rather large can of whoop you know what on him! Good luck and thanks for never giving up! It means a lot to regular Joes like myself that live and die with this team.

Kenard Lang: I get my sack dances from dances that were out when I was younger. I just combine them together to make one. I am sure LaVar will be ready for this coming week. He has the Eagles tattooed on his chest.

Baltimore, Md.: What is the first thing that you are going do on Sunday after you beat the Eagles?

Kenard Lang: Go to the locker room, pop open a can of Yoo-hoo and eat some Oreo cookies. Then I am going to get ready for the following week.

Wheaton, Md.: Kenard,
Who on the Redskins has the most expensive car?

Kenard Lang: I am going to say Steven Davis. He has a Bently.

Potomac Falls, Va.: Kenard --

You guys kick tail on Sunday OK? I'll be rooting for you all day.

Kenard Lang: Thank you. We plan on kicking a lot of it.

Capitol Heights, Md.: I wanted to know what is going on in the team's mind when you all play the Dallas Cowboys?

Kenard Lang: The same mindset for every team. We have to play good crisp Redskins football, make plays and do our job.

Lorton, Va.: After Mr. Samuels sweet rap rendition on WJFK, are you going to come up with your own piece?

Kenard Lang: I have no rhyming skills. I can't even rap a Christmas present!

Phoenix, Ariz.: Hey Kenard! Good luck against Philly. Do you think the Skins defense can dominate this team one more time? The Skins usually split the series with the home team losing. I also heard McNabb said it was not the Skins D that contained him, it was the offencive scheme. What are your thoughts on that? Go Skins! Scalp the Eagles!

Kenard Lang: Well, that is what he thinks. We still plan on going out there and playing good football. May the best team win.

Honolulu, Hawaii: There's been a lot of talk this week about whether Darrell Green will really retire after this season and whether he should give it one more season. What are your thoughts? Do you think he'll come back for a record 20th season?

Kenard Lang: Shoot, I know that Darrell will make the right decision on what he needs and wants. Whatever decision he makes he will do from the heart.

Helena, Mont.: Sweet victory against the Cardinals, Kenard. A friend and I flew down for the game. It seemed to us that when you all came on the field you were much more serious and somber than in other games. None of the visiting with Cardinal players and coaches, which I feel distracts from the team's purpose, which is to beat the tar out of your opponent. Was this a new approach?

Kenard Lang: I took the same approach as I normally do. Talking to other coaches or friends does not take away my intensity. It all depends on the person who is playing.

Richmond, Va.: Hey K-Lang -- If you had to take Big Daddy to lunch, would you stay away from places that have buffet's?

Kenard Lang: I would take him to buffets but I will only tell him to eat in certain sections. The only things I would let him eat are salads and jello.

Baltimore, Md.: Why doesn't Darrell Green get the attention that he deserves in the national media?

Kenard Lang: I have no idea. Darrell is like myself, we really don't care if the whole world knows us as long as we are taking care of our job on the football field. That is all that matters.

Phoenix, Ariz.: Hi Kenard! What team in the NFC east do you dislike the most?

Kenard Lang: I really enjoy playing against all of them. There is not one team that I am disgusted over, but if I have to choose I would have to pick all of them.

Wheaton, Md.: Did you buy your Momma a house a car or something else after you were drafted?

Kenard Lang: Of course. My mom, my dad, my brother, my cousin and I helped my folks get a house. I took care of the people who cared and took care of me.

Silver Spring, Md.: What was your college major? You should go into annoucing after your NFL career.

Kenard Lang: My major in college was Elementary Education and Sociology. I was a double major.

Pittsburgh, Pa.: Kennard-

Love watching you play, but you are also great in these discussions. You are one funny dude.

Luck on Sunday. Beat the Eagles!

Kenard Lang: Thank you. I am just being Kenard.

Arlington, Va.: Kenard,

What's the Story of #90... Why did you choose this number?

Kenard Lang: Because my college number, 96, was already taken so I decided to take # 90 because my good friend Kenny Holmes of the Giants wears it too.

Wheaton, Md.: Do you think that the NFL has gone too far in banning on field celebrations? NFL... No Fun League?

Kenard Lang: I think the main reason why the NFL is doing this is to keep up the integrity of the game when it first started.

Sometimes change comes with time. Eventually they might catch on and let us do more celebrating.

Arlington, Va.: Are we headed for a championship?

Kenard Lang: Does Burger King have the Whopper? Does Wendy's have the Frosty? Of course!

Vienna, Va.: What does a leader like LaVar do to pump you guys up? We all see the defense coming together well and I wonder what you speak about during the offensive huddle.

Kenard Lang: The main thing LaVar does -- he doesn't talk much in the huddle. It is his actions on the field.

Phoenix, Ariz.: Hey Kenard,
Do you know of this Eddie Kenison thing? He was with the Broncos and retired saying he didnt love the game anymore, then he signed with the division rivals the Chiefs. What are your thoughts on a player like this?

Kenard Lang: Each person has a right to do what he wants to do, so I really have no opinion on him. It is a free country and how he feels is how he feels.

Wheaton, Md.: Conrad Dobbler then Jack Tatum and Andre Waters loved the "dirty player" tag. Who is the dirtiest player in the NFL today (besides LaVar)?!

Kenard Lang: Personally, no one has done me wrong in any regards as far as the people I have come up against, so I really can't say.

Wheaton, Md.: Kenard,
Who of your teammates has the hottest sweetheart?

Kenard Lang: I don't know because my eyes do not wander. My eyes stay on my prize, which is my girlfriend.

Arlington, Va.: Do Redskins Players usually hang out? Do you guys go to each other's place to hang or do you guys have a favorite spot around the area?

Kenard Lang: Most of the time we will go to each other's house to play cards or dominoes. On occasion we go to certain restaurants to eat and chit-chat.

Forestville, Md.: Elementary Education! I am happily imagining a classroom with no discipline problems. May I be so forward as to ask you grade point average, and whether you have ever seriously considered teaching after retiring from the NFL?

Butt kicking skills could be used in our sixth grade here in Prince George's County (more of the administrators in Upper Marlboro than of the kids in the class)!

Kenard Lang: I graduated with a 2.9 average. I wouldn't mind teaching, especially between grades 2 and 4 while they are still taking in so much information and molding their personality. That way I could have more of an influence on them.

Alexandria, Va.: Thanks for the answer Kenard! Those Christmas presents will roll in now! If anyone can get McNabb it's you! Go Skins!

Kenard Lang: Thank you and I do expect at least one or two presents for me from you all.

Phoenix, Ariz.: Kenard,
Where can I get a #90 jersey?

Kenard Lang: The best bet is to go to or to order one.

Kenard Lang: K Lang is leaving the building.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: It is better to die standing then to live on your knees.

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