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With Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon
Washington Post Sports Columnists

Monday, May 5, 2003; 1:30 pm ET

Welcome back to The Chat House!

The Post's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon were onlin live to talk to you about sports.

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

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Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Hey chatters. Hope all is well. We'll be getting started shortly.

Montgomery Village, Md.: This one is for Mary (Mike and Tony are free to add their two cents as well). I just left a voice mail for a young lady that I met on Friday. She told me to call her at 1 p.m. today, so I did. In her personal greeting she jokingly states that she will "probably" call back those that leave a name and number. So I jokingly stated that I hoped her "probably" would be a "definite." After hanging up, I though that might come off as too strong or needy for a first voicemail. What's your opinion?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: I say don't worry about it. AGT is my motto. Ain't Got Time to fret. If she calls you back, great. If not, great too b/c she probably saved you some headaches and heartaches down the road. Cool? --Mary

Arlington, Va.: This is not that kind of CHAT HOUSE. Try Carolyn Hax on Fridays!

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: It's Carolyn. And it's true. I'm stalling waiting for Wilbon to answer his $%!@# cell phone so we can start chatting. ---Mary

Richmond, Va.: Hey guys, will Darrell Green have any role within the Redskins organization? He sure will be missed by fans.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Hi everyone. I don't think so. He is certainly welcome by Dan Snyder from all indications to have a role if he'd like. Snyder has literally campaigned for Darrell to join the club. I've had the conversation w/Snyder myself and w/Darrell Green. It's not that Greene harbors any ill-will toward the club; in fact, he and Snyder get along great. It's just that Darrell has his own agenda which centers around his Youth Life Foundation. Darrell's mission, and I use that word intentionally, is to help educate kids and put both them and their families in positions to take advantage of formal and informal education opportunities. That's Darrell's mission. It's not to make deals or be on TV on Sunday afternoon analyzing games. And I have nothing but admiration for the guy. So, don't look for him to be an assistant GM. --Mike

Dover, Del.: Hey guys, I know that mini-camp just ended and it may be a little early for Redskins banter, but I'm gonna give it a shot anyway. Do you really see Bruce Smith being a solid contributor this year if he plays? I have great respect for the man but I would hate to see him end his career on a bad note with a sub-par performance or even worse an injury. Thanks.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: You're right. It's way too early for Redskins banter. I don't boycott mini-camp persay, but it means absolutely zero to me. I don't watch it or attend it. I don't read anything other than the bare bones. I'm not going to call Spurrier and Vinny and ask them how the mini-camp went. It's basketball season. It's hockey season. It's baseball season. It's guessing what MJ will do season. So, you'll just have to forgive me... pro-football ain't on my radar. --Mike

Dearborn, Mich.: What's your take on MJ considering heading back to the Tar Heel state, and if he did how much ripple-effect would the Wizards feel?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: I'm relatively certain that Charlotte is not his first choice, but it is a possibility. I think Washington is his first choice. I think Chicago would have been his 2nd choice and I think Charlotte is a distant third, but it could become the front-runner. I understand from having my own career decisions that those kinds of situations are in-flux all the time when you are attempting to make up your mind about where you want to live and for whom you want to work. --Mike

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: To folo on the last question...

A week ago, I probably thought MJ was going to stay. Today???????I just don't know. I think what happens at that meeting between Jordan and Pollin will determine whether he stays. --Mike

Washington, D.C.: Mike,
Do you think instead of Karl Malone going to the Lakers, it might make more sense for Los Angeles to sign PJ Brown, and then Karl Malone goes home to Louisiana, where maybe he can help the Hornets get that elusive ring and he moves to the Eastern Conference (at least while NO is in the East) where there are fewer dominant power forwards?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: I like both of those suggestions a lot. It makes a lot of sense on both levels..... maybe too much sense for this to actually happen. But, Malone can win the scoring title and play for a contender in New Orleans for the next 3 years and PJ Brown can be the dirty work guy who benefits the Lakers by playing next to Shaq.... hey, what are you a GM in training? Very smart proposal. --Mike

Washington, D.C.: Does every Washington DC area sports franchise take a class on how to ruin a good thing? Finally, Jordan was lending some credibility to the Wizard's and now look.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: I don't know about every, but the Wizards have just been incompetent for so long. It's just amazing how that franchise can never get it right no matter who is under Abe Pollin. In fact, the only constant has been Abe. I think the buck always has to stop at the person who has the final say in the running of a franchise. --Mike

Silver Spring, Md.: Paul Silas has made the Hornets one of the stronger team's in the east. He's also a very likeable guy. So why would the Hornet's fire him?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: I don't get it. Nobody seems to get this. I have NO earthly idea why they did this. --Mike

Somewhere, USA: Mary:
AGT is a terrific motto. I have nothing to ask in the realm of sports but I would just like to let the man from Montgomery Village know that a lot of women find a man that is anxious to be a trifle unappealing.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: It's true. --Mary

Washington, D.C.: Come on, Mike! You've got to give us more than that on MJ. What was your reaction to the New York Times article? Was it accurate based on what you know of the situation? What are your thoughts on the players' reactions to Jordan? I did find it interesting that many teams had retirement ceremonies for Jordan, but perhaps the two most subdued ones were from Chicago and Washington, the two organizations that knew him best.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Chicago's wasn't subdued at all. There was one subdued one, the one here. Michael Jordan's teammates in Chicago didn't love him every day. There were a lot of days when they hated him b/c he's older and demanding as hell and a perfectionist. His teammates get tired of him the same way the Celtics declared their hate on certain days for Larry Bird. The same way the Lakers wanted Magic Johnson to just go away and leave them along. The same way that Pistons players wanted to kill Isiah half the time. So, The Washington Post chronicled bit by bit how Stackhouse and Brown chafed at times under Jordan. The significance of the NYT story is that unnamed Wizards executive ---and how hard is it to figure out who those execs are since they don't have may execs -- have called out Jordan on his work ethic. I know Michael Jordan and I know that that must frost him. I mean seriously. Who among the Wizards executives has accomplished enough to call out Michael Jordan on his work ethic? I think this has to be explained pretty thoroughly on the meeting between Pollin and Jordan, lest that meeting be pretty brief. --Mike

Charlottesville, Va.: Not a question but just a statement that I think needs to be made: IT DOES NOT MATTER WHERE MJ GOES BECAUSE THE TEAM ON THE COURT WILL STILL STINK NEXT YEAR AND HAS STUNK FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS.

Talking about skins mini camp is more constructive than this MJ babble.

Thank you, I feel better.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Good point. I'm not a shrink so I'm not really here to make people feel better and I'm not as emotionally invested in Washington sports as you are, but you're right: the Wizards are probably going to stink next year. But of course, you probably thought the Redskins were going to the playoffs the last couple of years too, didn't you? There's always a lot of optimism in May, isn't there? --Mike

Where Jordan Wants to Live: And didn't Michael Jordan buy a pricy condo at the Ritz-Carlton complex in Georgetown? Maybe it's the moldy home that's making him reconsider staying here in the area.

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Hahaha. My cousin, Carole Simpson, was quoted in that piece.... just a hunch, but I'll bet you that Jordan's condo had no mold. -Mike

Upper Marlboro, Md.: Michael, isn't saying "things haven't gone very well for Wes as a coach or a general manager" equivalent to saying the Grand Canyon is a big hole?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: How much do you want to belabor it? The team made the playoffs a few times w/him as coach, but lost to the eventual conference finalist Detroit twice and subsequently they had terrible personnel issues until acquiring Webber and Howard on November 17, 1994.... and he certainly has had some not shining moments as GM, like trading Chris Webber for Mitch Richmond. While Unseld would never say this publicly, most of us believe that Pollin ordered Webber traded and Wes was forced into a tough position. I would suggest that Unseld would have to get more for Webber or make a different deal, a better deal for a younger player. But Wes Unseld for better than then worse has been the face of the Washington Bullets and Wizards for nearly 35 years. At this point, if it's a knee replacement or hip replacement, I hope he can work on his health and feeling better. --Mike

Washington, D.C.: Tony and Mike, In your opinion, is Craig Esherick what Georgetown needs in a basketball coach? Granted, runner-up in the NIT tournament is still somewhat impressive, but its not where Esherick wants to start a consecutive appearance streak. Can Esherick lead them back to the NCAA tournament?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: They were just in the Sweet 16 2 years ago under Esherick so what are you talking about? Of course he can take them back to the NCAA, he was just in it. I think if they had gone to the NIT when they were offered the bid the season before last, they would have been in the NCAA this past season. They would have gotten some necessary post-season experience in 2002 that would have helped them in close games and late game situations in 2003. There is no way to prove that, but that's what I believe. I don't think Esherick is Bob Knight or John Tompson, but I think he's demonstrated briefly at a couple of different points that he can get this team to tournament and win a couple of rounds. If you can get to the Sweet 16, then you're ready to play on the big stage. --Mike

Warrington, Pa.: It's far away from October and we will all miss Veteran's Stadium. Michael and Tony, do you have any fond memories of there?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: None. Not a single one. Veteran's Stadium? Clearly you haven't read many of my columns from Philadelphia. Only people who live in Philly and who have gone to games over the years there like it. It's a dump of the first order. I can't get to the new Lincoln Financial field. I'm glad I'll never have to set foot there again. --Mike

Washington, D.C.: Where is Tony? Is he ill? I don't see him answering any questions?

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: He's not here. I had to stay at The Post to do the chat today b/c of my schedule. I usually go over to PTI and produce from there. Tony and Mike both are there in the same room. So, today we had to improvise and do Wilbon via cell. --Mary

Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: Ok. We've got to go. Have a good week. See you next week. Same chat channel, same chat time. -- Mike and Mary

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