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Charlene Lichtenstein
Charlene Lichtenstein
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The Starry Eye Astrologer

Hosted by Charlene Lichtenstein
Special to washingtonpost.com

Monday, March 4, 2003; 6 p.m. ET

What's your sign? Do you want to know what the planets and heavenly bodies have aligned this year -- in your career, in romance or surprises in your daily life? Each week, "Madame" Lichtenstein, takes your questions on sun signs, lunar influences and all things in the stars.

Lichtenstein's skills run in the family. Her great aunt, Etta Weimar, was the famous Romanian card reader to both kings and queens. A native of New York City, Lichtenstein was educated in Europe where she pursued the study of tarot and astrology. She returned to New York in 1974 and has lived in Greenwich Village ever since, dispensing advice whether requested or not.

Lichtenstein's monthly and weekly astrology columns are carried in newspapers across the country. When not writing or working on her Web site, AccessNewAge.com/zscope, Lichtenstein offers private consultation. She is a member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and often lectures on both astrology and tarot.

Wondering how Mercury in retrograde affects your day-to-day life? What eclipses means for you and your loved ones? How to get in touch with your rising sign?

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Welcome to Starry Eye Astrology. I’m Charlene Lichtenstein, the washingtonpost.com celestial seer, ready to answer your questions and engage everyone in a lively discussion about astrology and the new age. My websites are www.AccessNewAge.com/zscope and www.TheStarryEye.com

Starbite of the week:
There is a fascinating article in the Dec/Jan issue of The Mountain Astrologer by Tem Tarriktar that discusses the top 10 Astro-Events of 2003. Tem says that from March 1-21, and especially around March 4, Mars’ aspects to other planets will be especially strong. Mars is the planet of action, power and energy. Tem suggests that possible results will be greater agitation between people, problems with fire or firearms, public protests (or rioting) met forcefully by police and possible unusual military developments. Considering that Tem wrote this article at the end of 2002, this is quite interesting.

And now let’s hear what you have to say – we have some great questions tonight! Please include your birthdate, time and place for all astrology questions. Let’s get into it!!

Washington, D.C.: I have met someone (at work) and I feel we are right for each other. Unfortunately, this person has closed down somewhat emotionally over the years and I believe may be too paranoid about seeking a relationship with another due the career reprecussions from the Military. I seems like sometimes she could care less and then she shows interest. I would like to know if you see a chance for us in the future or should I just move along.

I was born Sept, 1, 1958, Opa Locka, Fla., 3:30 a.m.

She is a Pisces.

Thanks, Virgo in waiting.

Charlene Lichtenstein: I would love to have her complete birth information because you cannot tell much from just a sun sign. In love I would want to see where her venus is (the planet of love) and her moon (emotions). Also would want to see what sign is on the cusp of her 7th house of relationships.

But I can tell you more about you – you have sun in Virgo, moon in aries, venus in leo. Possibly leo rising which places aquarius on the cusp of your 7th house. You are generally very Virgo-like; careful, sensible, practical and precise. But when you are in love, or even wherever your emotions are concerned, you are a house on fire! You are robust, rash, bold brash and looooove to be loved. A pisces sun sign is very romantic but may feel crushed by all of your bold action. You may feel that she is a bit moody for you. BUT – we do not know where her venus sign is. Should it be in a fire or air sign, you two will share happy sparks!
So can you get me more information about her?

Washington, D.C.: Sorry, last week forgot to give his information. Me: DOB: Sept. 13, 1960, Jacksonville, N.C. Him: DOB: March 11, 1959, Augusta, Ga. I don't know his or my time of birth. What's the potential for a sucessful romantic relationship between us? I've never married, he's twice divorced.

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in virgo, moon in Gemini and venus in libra.
He has sun in pisces and moon and venus in aries.

I see the two of you as getting along very well in a relationship. Personality-wise, you two are in sync as your suns are making good aspects to each other. And your emotional profiles are compatible – you are flirtatious and he just eats it up. You are romantic and strive for harmony in a relationship and can put up nicely with the waves he likes to make because he is so pioneering.

New York, N.Y.:Hi, Charlene -- I'm a Capricorn, Libra rising, born Dec. 26, 1967 at 12:14 a.m. on Staten Island, N.Y. I've written to you before, and have another question (because you're so helpful!). I've just purchased my first home (small apartment in New York City), and am wondering if there's any connection between my zodiac sign and decor. In other words, are there colors or styles that fit me or my sign? Are there books or Web sites that I could read? Thank you!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Thanks for a great question and one that I have seen addressed in one of the home-oriented magazines about a year ago. (I wish I could remember the name of the magazine!! I may have the article filed away and will search for it.)

I suggest that you decorate by sun sign and the sign on the cusp of your 4th house which represents your home, feelings of security and base of operations. But as always, go with what “speaks” to you personally.

You are a sun sign Capricorn with possibly Libra rising which places Cap on the cusp of your 4th house. I would say that your home is very important to you – it establishes your place in the community and reflects your accomplishments. Cap is an earth sign so warm and homey with an upscale feel may work for you. Rugs, comfy sofas, nice artwork, beautiful music, all lovely to look at yet functional in its set up. Some antiques (inherited) or objects that exude taste and sophistication are also noted for Cap sensibilities. Earth signs such as Cap tend to gravitate to the earth colors. Add a bit of blue or rich tones to set them off.

Does that help?

Washington, D.C.: I need an astrological explanation! I'm a Leo, but any time I've ever read through anything stating the qualities of Leos, I fit none of the descriptions--maybe a kind-of-sort-of to a couple of the traits. What does it mean to be born to the wrong sign!? Is there an explanation that leads to my real sign?

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have to look deeper than just your sun sign. We have birth charts that show how all the planets (and the two lights - sun and moon) were situated in the sky at the exact time of your birth. We really have all planets and all signs in our charts - just in different areas of our lives. SOme areas are more important to us, some areas we have to work harder on and some come easier.

But you have to look at the entire chart and not just your sun.

I am a sun Sagittarius but that is the only sag planet I have in my chart. I am not a typical sag.

So send me your full information and I will let you know about your other planetary placements.

Aspen Hill, Md.: You have a lot of interesting comments that people who are more knowledgeable about astrology must know more about. Several times I have noticed you mentioning something about travelling on your birthday. What exactly does that do?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Ah, the solar return chart. Every year the sun returns to the exact position it was on the day we were born. It is called a solar return and examining your chart on your birthday can give you an indication of what to expect for the following year - where the struggles may be and where the successes or easy areas can be.

We cannot change our day or time (of birth) for solar chart purposes but we can change where we are by travelling on our birthday and being in a different location when the sun returns to our natal position. That is the theory behind changing your fortune on your birthday. It is a theory but some people swear by it.

I do it every so often.

Columbia, Md.: Hi,

I'm a Cancer, and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. Are our signs compatible? I am a true Cancer, as I have read the characteristics for Cancer, and it describes me perfectly! And my boyfriend is in many ways a true Scorpio too.


Charlene Lichtenstein: In a love relationship I like to see what sign your venuses are in (venus is the planet of love), your moon signs (emotions) and what is going on on the cusp of your 7th hosue of relationships and the 5th of romance. For that I will need your date, time and place of birth.

Two compatible sun signs show that you two get along on a general level, which isn't bad! But lets look further to see how your love natures work together.

Arlington, Va.: Hi Charlene -- just a general question about astrology. What is your opinion of online horoscope sites? It seems to me that there's no way a two-sentence astrology reading can apply to ALL Libras (for example). Or are they just what we make of them?

Charlene Lichtenstein: I agree - there is no way a general sun sign column fits for all Libras. One way to make it a bit more relevant is to read both your sun sign and your rising sign. But these are really for entertainment purposes only.

But of course, there is nothing as good as having your own chart run and analyzed.

PS My horoscopes are written for the rising sign which is "the beginning of things" and better represents how we start things.

Washington, D.C.: Hi Charlene,

I just read your transcrips for the first time ... and I'm really excited that I found you! Sounds like you are always right on track! I need some advise ...

The love of my life and I are at a 'taking a break' point in our relationship. We have known each other for 5 years and have dated on and off. We have been on the break for 2 months now. It is obvious to both of us that we love each other but the timing is sill off. Can you tell in our chats if the timing will ever be right on for the two of us to get married?

me- 1/14/70 - 12:12AM Canton, Ohio
him-2/27/71 - Kansas

I look forward to your chats!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Welcome!

Well lets see - you have sun in capricorn, moon in aries and venus in cap. Possibly libra rising which would place aries on the cusp of your 7th house of marriage.

You can be very cautious in general and when you finally fall in love. You may seek a partner who is well established, may be a bit older than you and/or has a more established career. Money helps too... You may even delay marraige until it is right. You are better to a make a committment after age 30 or even 35.

He has sun in pisces, moon in leo and venus in taurus.
He is highly intuitive and can be romantic but can also be slow moving in love. He can be very sensual and loves the feeling of being settled.

There is a great deal of synergy between the two of you - your venuses are very nicely aspected and you connect emotionally. SO I don't see anything that should be a breaking point betweent he two of you.

I wonder if you may see some movement around mid-march when the sun enters your 7th house of partnerships. Optimisim, opportunity and happiness.

I do not know his house placements without his time of birth but his sun is being squared by transiting pluto - planet of volcanic changes. He may feel at odds but this transit should have passed over his sun for the most part.
Give it a little longer.

Frederick, Md.: Dear Madam Lichtenstein,

Would you please help me? I have been writing to you in hope of your advice for quite a while. My husband has been going through a really rough time for over a year now and nothing seems to be helping. He has even pursued a new career, but, it has been really tough! We just cannot get out of whatever this is?! He was born in Iran on Nov.28.1963 - around 0700 am and I was also born in Iran on May.17.1971 - around 630 pm. I hope To get some advice from you, I really need it.
Thanks a lot, MA

Charlene Lichtenstein: Thank you for your patience.
Well - your husband has all of his personal planets in Sagittarius! This has been a tough time for us Sags since Pluto, the planet of volcanic change and eruptions has been transiting sagittarius and creating potholes for us to fall into.

The good news is that his sun is in the early degrees of sag which means that his overall feelings of loss of controll should be passing. He is still grappling with the pluto effect on his mercury (the way he communcates)and, more importantly, his mars (how he acts and reacts).

It is very possible that he has sag rising, at least he would were he born in the Washington area and since he lives here, these sag planets are clustered in his first house of new beginnings.

I can imagine the frustration! Everything is out of control.
But pluto brings change where change is needed. Pluto clears out the debris and garbage in our lives and leaves us with a clean slate. It can also launch us into new areas that we never thought about before.

Coupling this is Saturn. planet of delays and problems opposing all this sag energy. A sap of energy indeed.

Well, all of this will being to abate around June 2003 as Saturn moves into Cancer. I would bet that things start to pick up around then.

In the meantime, he will learn from his mistakes, get a tougher skin and will build a new foundation on his hard won experience.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you are both doing.
Keep June in mind!!!

Brooklyn, N.Y.: I had a reading done by someone I respected. They told me I was in for premature menopause, possible sorrow involving a relative/woman's illness and other miserable news. I guess I'm looking for some better news. Born at 11:18 am (sag rising) on 10-21-66. It's been a bad year or so and my father just passed away. Thanks.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Gosh - I just hate it when astrologers give gloom and doom because, you know what - astrology is a guidemap. We control our fate and astrology is just a way of navgating in the dark. Your fate is as of yet unwritten. It is up to you.

I am sorry to hear about your year. I can give you a quick topline that may help. You have sun in libra, mercury n scorpio, venus in libra and mars in virgo. Sag rising (thanks!) places taurus on the cusp of your 6th house of health and pisces on your 4th house of family.

You generally strive for balance and harmony, possess a sharp and strategic mind, love to be in love and are very careful and precise in taking action.

With pluto currently transiting your 1st house of new beginnings, I would say that the next few years will be a time of change, transformation and some upheavel. But it will be a cleansing time and one that will carve a new direction for you. March sees a great deal of activity in your home - Uranus moves into your 4th house so expect some surprises there. The sun moves into aries on the 22nd and makes for amore lighthearted time for you. Pursue more creative and enjoyable pastimes at that time. When jupiter redirects in April, take to the road - luck and adventure await.

I hope that gives you something a bit more hopeful and happy to work with.

Bethesda, Md.: I am a fiesty bossy controlling Aries. What can I do to compliment my other Aries qualities. I have such an urge to take control and run any situation I find myself in.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Well what is the rest of your planetary compostion like? Are you an aries in love? (where is your venus?)

Send me your full birth information and we can see....

Derwood, Md.: My 28th birthday is approaching fast. April 19, 1975 (11:20pm in Chicago). I am unsettled in my liivng situation (looking for new home), love life mkaes me equally unconfident. The only place I am looking up is in my career. I've recently been handed new responsibilites that, although hard, I am enjoying. Am I in my return of saturn? Can you shed any light in these areas of my life? Sig other is 6/21/77, Baltimore at 7:21pm. Funny enough I belive we are both on the cusp.
Thank you,

Charlene Lichtenstein: Happy forthcoming birthday!
You are an aries sun sign with mercury in taurus, venus in gemini and mars in pisces. Very robust in general, very flirtatious in love and very emotional when you fight or take action.

You may possibly have cap rising which places aries on the cusp of your 4th house of your home. Home is very important to you. I see some optimism there in mid march as the sun enters your 4th house.

Saturn, planet of problems and stress sits in your 7th hosue in your birth chart so relationships take longer for you to feel comfortable and confident. This is an area that you will work on during your return (which you are in by the way....)

Transiting Saturn is currently in your 6th hosue of the job and health. It is recommended that you learn to process your stress so that you do not feel run down. You may also be using this time to take the bull by the horns and build your career success. But it is hard work - nothing comes easy.

Read more about the return phase at www.TheStarryEye.com on the zodiascope page.

Crystal City, Va.: Hello Madam Lichtenstein,
I have 2 questions:

Could you please look at charts for my fiancé & myself? I was born on 5/19/74 at 8:45 p.m. in New York, and my fiancé was born 7/24/65 at 1:15 pm in Kayes, Mali (GMT). We are planning a Aug 31 2003 6 pm wedding date in DC. Is this an auspicious date (daily commitment to make a marriage work nonwithstanding!)? And how well-matched are we astrologically?

Thank you.

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in taurus, moon and venus in aries.
He has sun and venus in leo. Emotionally you two are in sync - there is a great deal of energy between the two of you.

Pleaes note that you are in your Saturn return which is a three year period (between apx 27-30) where you may feel extra frustration and stress. Things change at a rapid pace and you may feel that you have less control and want things to move in a certain way. Read more at www.TheStarryEye.com on the zodiascope page.

When planning a major and important event such as a wedding, I always look at void moons, eclipses and mercury retrogrades (to avoid them all if you can!)

The oon is void until apx 4p on the 8/31 so plan on an evening ceremony. Mercury goes retrograde on Aug 28 so check and recheck and re-recheck all the details. Retro mercury cause communication snafus. Nothing dire, just annoying.

Good news - no eclipses!

Congratulations and best of good luck.

Dolores, Colo.: Please tell me what my financial future holds.

Cynthia H.

Birth City: Ponca City, Okla.
Time of birth: 7:35 a.m.
Date of birth: Nov. 29, 1947

Thank you so much!

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in sag, mercury in scorpio, venus in sag and mars in leo. Possibly cap rising whihc places aquarius on your 2nd house of finances. You are generally very cheerful and freindly and can be very platonic in love. You have a sharp and penetrating communication manner and when you take action, it is grand and dramatic. You can be very generous too.

Finances may have had their surprises over the past couple of years but as Uranus moves into Pisces on March 10th, you may feel more in control of your money. As we get into the spring, (end of April) as mars moves into your second house, you can take the necessary action to build for the future and make you money work for you.

Let me know what happens!

Washington, D.C.: Hi - I enjoy your column and really hope to hear from you! I am a Leo, born 8/11/65 and am considering a relocation from Washington, DC to Miami, FL in the Spring. Any idea if this would be positive or negative? Thanks!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Well, I would like to run a relocation chart for you to see how your chart looks in Miami vs Washington.

Tell you what, I will run them on my computer and have my answer ready in time for the next show - which is in two weeks on March 17.

Please resubmit at that time and remind me that I have your relocation chart.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Such wonderful and interesting questions! Thank you all.

For those who I couldn't get to tonight, my apologies. Please try again for the next edition of The Starry Eye on March 17 (the week after next) at 6p.

For those who respond to me with additional information based on one of my answers during the show, please be sure to resubmit your entire original quesion along with the additional information. Once I send my answer out, I cannot see your prior question (with the brith data) in the queue any longer.

Thank you all and until March 17, happy stargazing!

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