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Charlene Lichtenstein
Charlene Lichtenstein
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The Starry Eye Astrologer

Hosted by Charlene Lichtenstein
Special to washingtonpost.com

Monday, May 5, 2003; 6 p.m. ET

What's your sign? Do you want to know what the planets and heavenly bodies have aligned this year -- in your career, in romance or surprises in your daily life? Each week, "Madame" Lichtenstein, takes your questions on sun signs, lunar influences and all things in the stars.

Lichtenstein's skills run in the family. Her great aunt, Etta Weimar, was the famous Romanian card reader to both kings and queens. A native of New York City, Lichtenstein was educated in Europe where she pursued the study of tarot and astrology. She returned to New York in 1974 and has lived in Greenwich Village ever since, dispensing advice whether requested or not.

Lichtenstein's monthly and weekly astrology columns are carried in newspapers across the country. When not writing or working on her Web site, AccessNewAge.com/zscope, Lichtenstein offers private consultation. She is a member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and often lectures on both astrology and tarot.

Wondering how Mercury in retrograde affects your day-to-day life? What eclipses means for you and your loved ones? How to get in touch with your rising sign?

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Welcome to Starry Eye Astrology. I’m Charlene Lichtenstein, the washingtonpost.com celestial seer, ready to answer your questions and engage everyone in a lively discussion about astrology and the new age. My websites are www.AccessNewAge.com/zscope and www.TheStarryEye.com

Starbite of the week:
American Demographics Magazine in September 2002 published a chart or the median ages when men and women get married, separated and divorced for the first time. I couldn’t help but notice the following median ages:

Men Women
First Marriage 23.5 21.3
First Separation 29.3 27.8
First Divorce 30.5 29.0

The separation and divorce ages correspond to the first Saturn Return. Those who follow this program know that the Saturn Return is a three year period from approximately ages 27-30 of stress, change and frustration. Obviously this stressful period can impact relationships. Read more about the Saturn Return at www.TheStarryEye.com on the Zodiascope page.

And now let’s hear what you have to say. Please include your birthdate, time and place for all astrology questions. And, if you have any feedback on some of my past answers, please send them along!

Panama City, Republic of Panama: Hi Charlene - I wrote the week before last wanting to know the financial and career prospects for our recent move from Northern Virginia to Panama. Hopefully you'll still have the relocation charts for me!

Me: Washington, DC 9/4/73 12 noon
Him: Panama City 2/2/73 8:23 am

Thanks for your help.

Charlene Lichtenstein: I did run your charts and here is what I see – there are quite a few differences between your DC chart and your Panama City chart. For one thing, your most important houses have different signs on the cusps. In DC you have Scorpio rising which makes you appear more intense and passionate. In Panama City you have Sag rising – more open and friendly. In DC you have Taurus on the cusp of your relationship house – solid and steady in one-to-one relationships. In Panama City you have friendly and sociable Gemini on the cusp of that house. A very different approach to relationships. You may feel a bit less secure in relationships in Panama; Saturn sits in the 7th house of marriage there while in DC it is in your 8th house of intimacy. I would say that in Panama you might feel more stress in one-to-one relationships while in DC you would grapple more with personal issues and deep seated emotions.
In DC you have the sign of Capricorn intercepted (hidden) in your second house while in Panama it is actually on the cusp of your second house. Wherever Cap sits in your chart, it is an area where we feel less confident. So in Panama City, I would say that you are much more concerned with money than you are when you are in DC.
In DC your powerpoint Vertex is making an excellent aspect to the top of your chart – you are able to harness and consolidate your energy to make it work for you in your long term goals. In Panama it is right at the top of your chart – very very powerful, but can you harness it efficiently?
In sum, you will enjoy very different energies in each of those two places. I would say that you feel much more comfortable in DC – more in control, while in Panama things may be more difficult to harness and you may be more prone to naivite or fantasy (Neptune in the 12th rather than the 1st house) You may feel more creative in Panama too (Mars in 5th rather than the 6th). More concerns about money in Panama but that may make you more successful since you will be concentrating more on money there. Slightly stronger career opportunities in DC because the Sun makes a closer aspect to the top of your chart there.
I hope that helps.

Washington, D.C.: Birthdate is 8-21, time of birth unsure, birthplace is Lexington, KY. What do you see in my future? Anything about love? I am dating someone very much in love with, what do you see for us?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Please re-send with your year of birth.

Bethesda, Md.: Hi, Charlene,
I just turned 30 yesterday and I wanted to know what is in store for me. I was born around 6:40 pm in Minneapolis, MN on May 4, 1973. I have had a lot of changes in the last year and I wanted to know what you see for this year.

Thanks a lot!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Happy birthday and happy end-of-your-Saturn-Return! The return is a three year period form apx 27-30 of change, stress and reappraisal. I am not surprised that you said the past year has been one of change - very expected! Read more about the return at www.TheStarryEye.com on the Zodiascope page.

You have sun in taurus,mercury in aries, venus in taurus and mars in aquarius. Possibly scorpio rising which would place your saturn in your 7th or 8th house - relationships and intimacy areas.

You are generally conservative, loyal and a bit stubborna nd set in your ways but you have a very direct and expressive style with strong opinions. You are loyal and caring in love and a bit sensual and earthy there. You fight in a unique way and will not hesitate to fight on behalf of a good cause. You may have felt more stress in the area of relationships in the past 3 years and have hopefully come to learn who you really want and need in a relationship.

The next year should bring more opportuntiy in your career and, after the 17th of May, opportuntiies in love. Do not waste time! Get out there and make your dreams come true.

Somewhere in USA: Madam: I am the one who you said early June I would feel better in terms of meeting a person that may lead a meaningful/loving relationship and hopefully turn into a good long lasting marriage. My question, this is time,is would change of place make any difference such as a bigger city? Presently in Atlanta
Birh info:
1965, 22nd Nov, 12:26 pm (Indian Standard Time)

Charlene Lichtenstein: I read your birth chart so whreever you are, you have the energies to do what needs to be done to achieve happiness. Location can indicate where these energies are best manifested, were good opportunites exist and where new stresses or blockages could occur.

Atlanta is a big city. WHere else were you considering? I can run a chart for you based in another large city and can give you my assessment of the energies there.

Jacksonville, Fla.: Do you think that the stars have much to do with the time of our passing? Do you think we choose in some way the time of our death? I experienced a loss in my family recently and I guess I'm trying to make some sense of it all. Thanks for any insight.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Death is one of those areas that I avoid forecasting although they say that there is a way to forecast death in a chart. It has a lot to do with locating the Alchochoden in the chart. Please check the Zodiacal Zephyr site for more information on that.

As for me, I would rather not know. I think it leads one to avoid accomplishing things.

You can ascertain what your later life will be like by seeing the sign on the cusp of the 4th house. I do not have your birth info here, but I have Scorpio on the cusp and have been told that I will get stronger as I get older. I'll let you know if that is so!

Alexandria, Va.: I'm a Pisces and so is a good friend of mine -we've been reading for the past couple of month about Uranus passing into our sign for the next 7 years... and oddly, we've both experienced separate, yet very bizarre (and somewhat traumatic) events. Is this the work of Uranus? And can we expect this for the next 7 years? Please tell me there is hope for Pisces..

Thank you!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Wherever Uranus transits in your chart is where you will see surprises and upsets. It wakes us up! You may find these changes occur over the span of the 7 year cycle but more than likely you will feel it more strongly as it makes an exact aspect to certain planets or cusps. I do not have your birth infos but I suspect that Uranus was making soem strong aspects to both of your charts for you two to feel such an impact.

Hang on - but also realize that the intensity will wax and wane according to the chart aspects.

Maryland: Hi Charlene, thanks for doing these chats, I love reading them. I'm a lifelong fan of astrology.

I've been having a rough time lately (past 4 or 5 months), things have been kind of up and down and I can't tell which way things will turn out. Specifically, my situation with my boyfriend of one year and my situation career-wise, where I'm somewhat unhappy with my job but unsure if it's time to leave. Are there more rough, confusing times ahead or am I almost on the way to figuring things out?? DOB 12/18/76.

Any insight you can offer is greatly appreciated!! Thanks.

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in sag, mercury in cap, venus in aquarius and mars in sag. I wish I had your birth time so I could see what is going on in your relationship sector and in your career sector.

But generally you are sunny and optimistic witha careful manner of communication. You are more platonic in love and may spread your love to many rather than just one person. You are an honest and forthright fighter and are open in your actions.

I can tell you that Pluto - the planet of volcanic changes and transformations is currently in sag and has been retrograde since mid-March. You may be feeling the retrograde more acutely because it is in the exact degreee of your natal mars (planet of action!) Pluto willbe back and forth over that degree through the year so you will go back and forth on actions. And then you are entering your Saturn Return. Hold on for a time of readjustment and change. It will all be for the better but it will be stressful. Read more at www.TheStarryEye.com on the Zodiascope page.

Springfield, Ill.: Charlene:
Thanks so much for taking my question!!
Birthday: March 2, 1961 5:40pm
Mt. Vernon Illinois (Jefferson County)

The last year has been a wild ride. I ended an engagement (difficult but necessary) bought a home on my own and have started teaching as a part time job (in addition to my full time healthcare finance job). It seems that prior to the last couple of months, everything was harder than necessary. Nothing, it felt, was going right. The last couple of months have seen a turn around and for the first time in years, I feel "lucky" again. Does this show up in my astrology chart and also, what is my forcast for finding another love..hopefully a true love this time.

Thanks again. I enjoy your show!

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in pisces, mercury in aquarius, venus in aries and mars incancer. You are creative and spiritual with a sharp mind and a clever manner of communicating. You are robust in love and have no problem seeing who youwant and going after them. You may let your emotions dictate your actions and react emotionally.

Possibly virgo rising which places pisces ont he cusp of your 7th hosue of marriage. It has to be a soulmate or you won't be truly happy. You need some psychic connection or someone highly romantic. Uranus is in your 7th hsoue now - surprises and changes. (Therefore not surprising that you ended a relationship now - it will clear the field for new opportunities).

The sun will be entering your 10th house of career on May 22nd - a great time to expand your opportunities. And, as venus (planet of love) wends into your 9th hosue on the 17th, you might want to vacation somewhere or open yourself up to opportunities to meet new and more exotic people. You never know where in the world you will find your new love!

Washington, D.C.: Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Date: 10-21-1979
Time: 8pm

What lies ahead for me in terms of career and romance?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Let's see - you have sun in libra, mercury in scorpio, venus in scorpio and mars in leo. Possibly taurus rising (at least it should be in DC) which places aquarius on your career sector and scorpio on your relationship house.

You are generally very carefree and sociable with a sharp and strategic manner of communicating. In love you are passionate and intense. Also a bit jealous! You are theatrical and dramatic when you take action and you love an audience.

I would say that you are putting out a great deal of energy in your career for may as mars is in your 10th house. You can accomplish a great deal but don't go off on wasteful tangents - neptune retrogrades from the 16th for a few months. Keep your eye on the prize.

In love, go out and meet new people and try new things after the 17th - venus will enter your 1st house and offer you new love opportunties through aquaintences. This is not the time to sit at home!

I hope that helps.

Salt Lake City, Utah: Dear Madam, My question is about my relationship with my ex-husband. What went wrong, were we just not compatible astrologically? Me-11/06/72, SLC, Ut., 7:02 pm. Him-11/05/69, Mt. Pleasant, Ut., no time. Thanks.

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun and moon in scorpio and venus in libra. He has sun in scorpio, moon in virgo and venus in libra.

You are both very intense people (sun sign) with very similiar love styles - diplomatic and charming. Interestingly, you are both less passionate in love relationships than you are in general. I wonder if similarities bred boredom? Emotionally you are a bubbling cauldrun (moon) while he may be more practical and precise. Your moon signs are compatible though so this could be a meeting of the hearts.

I would say that astrologically you two probably would have been well adivsed to spice up your love life by making extra efforts to keep the passion stoked. But aside from that, you two had a lot in common.

Not sure how long you were married or when you met but if it occurred during one of your Saturn Returns (ages 27-30) it is thought that things begun during the return do not tend to last.

Let me know more about this timing.

Planet Frustration: Can a Saturn Return occur in someone's life earlier than 27-30? I am 25, and when I wrote to you several months ago, and you told me that Saturn is sitting in my 12th House, which you said marks the beginning of the period associated with the Saturn Return.

If I've started the Saturn return earlier, does this mean that I will not experience it when I am in the 27-30 age range? Or will I have a double dose of frustration?
Birthdate is 5/16/77, 9:55am, New York City

Charlene Lichtenstein: Saturn in the 12th does not necessarily begin one's return. I am sorry if I was not clear or misleading. The Saturn return occurs when transiting saturn begins to apply a conjunct aspect to ones natal saturn. The complete conjunction signifies the end of the return.

There may be another aspect to your chart that is bringing on stress. You probably have cancer rising so Saturn in the 12th hosue may bring unexpected stresses. (The 12th hosue is hidden things....) Saturn is telling you to open your eyes, become more spiritual, possibly pursue stress reduction techniques like yoga or meditation. Don't hide things - they will come out anyway.

And you will be in much better shape to handle your Saturn Return!

Charlotte, N.C.: 4:19 a.m. on april 18, 1970 in Charlotte, NC

The stars seemed to be aligned for me in finances etc., but romantically, I continue to hit a brick wall. Is there anything in the stars that shows some improvement in that area??

Current beau: May, 15, 1969, Grenada, West Indies

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun in aries, moon in virgo and venus in taurus. Possibly pisces rising. You are robust and pioneering with a lusty and earthy love nature. In love you seek an emotional connection (moon in your 7th house) and can be rather precise in how you express your emotions.

I see more activity in your work sector - lots of luck there. And as venus moves into your 3rd house of communication on the 17th, you will have opportunities to talk to others about your desire for a relationship. Wait until after the 20th when mercury goes direct and then let friends, family and acquaintences know that you are interested in meeting someone. Venus will make you especially charming and you never know what can happen!

Salt Lake City, Utah: Thanks much. We began our relationship in 1991, and married in 1996. I believe that was during his return. The marriage lasted until 1999.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Ah ha!

Washington, D.C.: Compatablilty between

Lowell 8/31/58 Washington, D.C. 1 am EST

Barbara 6/25/51 Norfolk, VA 1 pm EST

Question: What is the problem of us not completing the square (in center circle) from 9 to 6 house in the astrology wheel, will we make good husband and wife couple and what is forcast for next 3 monthes for us?

Thanks God Bless

Charlene Lichtenstein: Not sure I understand your question about the square but you have sun in cancer, moon in pisces and venus in leo. You are generally very senstiive and caring but in love you need to be the one who is adored. You love to be loved and showered with attention.

He has sun in virgo and venus in leo. He too loves to be the center of attention in love.

You both need to realize the others need for affection and attention and may find that you compete with each other for attention. This is not impossible to overcome but compromises will have to be made.

I hope that helps.

Cambridge, Mass.: I love your chats and read them often! my birthday is 11/9/75, birthtime is 7:06 a.m., and place is Houston, Tex. Will I meet 'the one' this year? Any forecast for marriage?

Charlene Lichtenstein: I can give you timing if that helps....

You have sun and mercury in scorpio, venus in virgo and mars in cancer. Possibly sag rising which places gemini on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships. You are generally very passionate and intense. You can be picky in love but can also be very earthy. You fight with your heart and not with your head.

I see the year being one of continued change as pluto is in sag in your first house. New people and things will bring transformation. Saturn is in your 7th house of relationships so I see some delays as you weigh and measure who you really want in love. The sun willenter that sector on May 22 so expect some new opportunities for a relationship and some realizations. If you do meet "the one" this year, I would bet this person will be older or more established than you and will give you greater wisdom. But finding that person is up to you - you have to make your fate. Astrology will give you the timing!

Washington, D.C.: Hi Charlene!

I asked a question a few months ago and you were right on target! THANK YOU! The relationship that I asked about is still lingering ~ you had said to give it more time. He (love of my life) is still holding me at arms length.

I'm in the process of moving from Washington, DC to Massillon, Ohio (where my family is located). I'm closing on my condo at the end of May. My plan is to move to Ohio for a few months and then possibly come back to the DC area? What do you see happening with this relationship (he lives in Bethesda)? With my move?

me- female- 1/14/70 born 12:12AM Canton, OH
him- male - 2/27/71 born Kansas

Thank you!!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Your relocation chart would be your birthchart I think - is Massillon near Canton OH? I would like to run a chart for you on the computer and get back to you with an answer next week.

Please resubmit next week and remind me.

Albuqueruqe, NM: I was born April 9, 1978 at 10:15 AM in Detroit, MI.

I recently broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years. I am still pretty dispondent about the whole thing, and I am wondering if I did the right thing? Thanks!

-Vision of Mountains

Charlene Lichtenstein: I would love to know your girlfriends birth info too but you have sun in aries, moon and venus in taurus. You are pioneering and direct in general but emotionally and in love you are rock solid and loyal and not prone to abrupt action.

Possibly cancer rising which places cap on your 7th hosue of relationships. That means a couple of things to me - one is that you are not as confident as you should be in relationships. Maybe you feel that you don't measure up. You will have to work with this as you go through your Saturn return (ages 27-30).

It also means that you will meet soemone older and more established. You may wait until you are over 30 before you meet someone too.

Do not beat yourself up over this relationship. I will bet that as you proceed through your return, you will become more confident and will meet someone just perfect for you!

Somewhere, USA: Hi Charlene-

I'm a first timer and submitting b/c my SO abrubtly ended our two year relationship last Wednesday. Just wondering what, if anything, you see for us:

me: 10/21/75, Pittsburgh, PA approx 2am
him: 11/18/74, LA, California approx 3:15 pm (he thinks)


Charlene Lichtenstein: I am running out of time but just wanted to tell you that you need to read about the Saturn Return phase. www.TheStarryEye.com and if you resubmit next week, I can give you more insights into it. Sounds like the return caused some great reassessments here.

Next week - please also let me know when you two began this relationship.

Charlene Lichtenstein: So many great questions and so little time!
Thank you all for your great questions. For those who I couldn't get to tonight, please please try again next week.

Until next Monday, May 12 at 6p, happy stargazing!

washingtonpost.com: That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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