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Charlene Lichtenstein
Charlene Lichtenstein
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The Starry Eye
Charlene Lichtenstein
Special to washingtonpost.com

Monday, June 02, 2003; 6:00 p.m ET

What's your sign? Do you want to know what the planets and heavenly bodies have aligned this year -- in your career, in romance or surprises in your daily life? Each week, "Madame" Lichtenstein, takes your questions on sun signs, lunar influences and all things in the stars.

Lichtenstein's skills run in the family. Her great aunt, Etta Weimar, was the famous Romanian card reader to both kings and queens. A native of New York City, Lichtenstein was educated in Europe where she pursued the study of tarot and astrology. She returned to New York in 1974 and has lived in Greenwich Village ever since, dispensing advice whether requested or not.

Lichtenstein's monthly and weekly astrology columns are carried in newspapers across the country. When not writing or working on her Web site, AccessNewAge.com/zscope, Lichtenstein offers private consultation. She is a member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and often lectures on both astrology and tarot.

Wondering how Mercury in retrograde affects your day-to-day life? What eclipses means for you and your loved ones? How to get in touch with your rising sign?

The transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Welcome to Starry Eye Astrology. I’m Charlene Lichtenstein, the washingtonpost.com celestial seer, ready to answer your questions and engage everyone in a lively discussion about astrology and the new age. My websites are www.AccessNewAge.com/zscope and www.TheStarryEye.com

Starbite of the week:
According to The Futurist Magazine (May-June 2003), aromatherapy may ease the behavioral problems of dementia. Researchers for British geriatric psychiatrists conducted trials of aromatherapy treatments of lemon balm and lavender oil which patients either inhaled or used on their skin. Results? The treatments significantly reduced agitation compared to placebos without all the nasty side effects.

And now let’s hear what you have to say. Please include your birthdate, time and place for all astrology questions. And, if you have any feedback on some of my past answers, please send them along!

We have some great questions waiting ----


Centreville, Va.: Hi Charlene,

I've written to you often, but I keep forgetting some important piece of information you need to run our charts on your computer. My husband and I are considering the Florida getaway home. I hope this is everything that you need:

1/24/45 Brooklyn, N.Y. 2:15 p.m.
12/10/40 Brooklyn, N.Y. No known time
Currently live in Washington, D.C. area (Virginia suburbs)
Considering buying a place in Sarasota, Fla., just south of Tampa

Thanks again. I look forward to your answer!

Charlene Lichtenstein: I used the chart information with the birth time. Is that yours? There are some very interesting differences between this chart for Brooklyn and for Sarasota. In the birth chart, venus is in the 10th house of career while in FL it is in the 11th house of friends. That means to me that basically emotional fulfillment might have been sought in the professional sector while in FL it will be more around friends and social groups. Taurus rises in the FL chart while natally you have Gemini rising. Taurus is earthy and sets foundations. New things and new people will provide depth and structure for you in FL. You are really setting down roots there – or you will feel like it.
You tend to get surprises in unexpected ways with Uranus natally in your 12th house. In FL you will get a charge out of the new things and people you are involved with. Saturn moves from the first house – fear of new things or of meeting new people into the 2nd house of money in FL. Maybe there will be more concerns about finances there. You may feel more emotionally balanced in FL as the moon trines your midheaven.
All in all a good move, in my opinion.


Aspen Hill, Md.: I have been impressed with your ability to interpret the stars. One question I have is about the effects of Uranus in my planets' placements. I feel like it is hitting me hard since it seems like almost every day something new comes to light- some good, but the bad always seems to hit harder. I can't imagine going through this for years. Bday is 3/10/55, 1:59 PM, Fort Worth, Tx. Thanks for any insights.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Thanks.
Let's see - you have sun in pisces, moon in libra, mercury in aquarius, venus in aquarius and mars in taurus. And your uranus is in cancer. Possibly cancer rising which can place natal uranus in your first house - new things tend to bring great changes.

Generally you are intuitive and spiritual, emotionally balanced and striving for harmony. In love you may be attracted to unorthodox types and can be very persistent and stubborn once you decide to take action on something. You have a quick and perceptive mind and can see many sides of a situation.

Transiting Uranus is currently in pisces and will go retrograde on June 7 which can make things feel even more out of control. Uranus will eventually conjunct your sun which can set things in a wild course. It can clear the debris! All this may be happening in your 8th house of deep personal insights and in areas that are deeply merging. This will pass but it will take a while - you just have to wait until uranus goes past 11 degrees (the degrees of your sun). That should be in mid-2005 because the planet is retrograding.

But I suspect you will learn to handle it very well and make great strides through the process!


Alexandria, Va.: Good Evening Madame,

Finally! Things are looking up! I just got a great new job, after 4 years of suffering miserably. Now I have more time to focus on my relationship, of which I have no complaints. I see this going permanent, and he has indicated he does too. Can you tell me why, astrologically, it works so well? I am female 7/21/69, 6:14 pm, Altoona, PA (sag rising), and he is 12/22/66, 1:56 am, Washington, DC. Thanks!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Okay -
You have sun in cancer, moon in libra and venus in gemini.
He has sun in sag, moon in aries and venus in capricorn.

You are generally very sensitive and cuddly but when you are in love you can appear to be very light hearted. You strive for emotional harmony but deep down you yearn for connection. This can appear to be different signals but you have found someone who seems to understand this diachotomy.

He seems to the world to be jolly and friendly but he may be less confident in expressing his love. He needs a confidence builder and a sensitive cancerian is just the person! In all other ways he is robust. You provide the missing piece.

At least that is how I see it astrologically....


Little Rock, Ark.: My birthdate is 11/26/58 at 12:50 A.M. born in Little Rock, Arkansas. My question is: will by ex and I ever reconcile or is there someone else that will come into my life?

Charlene Lichtenstein: I do not have your 'ex's' birthdata so I can only tell you about you.

You have sun, mercury and venus in sag and mars in taurus. You are frank, honest and friendly generally and very expansive in how you communicate. In love you are a friend to all and can be more of a "pal" than a lovemate. You are physical but not as passionate as other venus signs.

You possibly have virgo rising which places romantic pisces on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships. You yearn for a soulmate. As uranus is currently transiting this area of your chart, I would say you are in for a few surprises over the next few years. I suspect you may change your opinion about who you are really seeking for a mate.

Keep in touch and let me know how it goes for you.


Alexandria, Va.: Hello Madame,

What does Saturn's arrival in Cancer mean for me? I know that Saturn returns can be difficult, but it means something different this way, doesn't it?

I am female 7/21/69, 6:14 pm, Altoona, PA.


Charlene Lichtenstein: Saturn returns usually mean a return to the same position that saturn is in your birthchart and that happens every 28-30 years or so. So you are not going through a Saturn return.

Your natal saturn is 8 degrees of taurus which makes an easy aspect to this Saturn in Cancer. I see this as a time of reaping your rewards. You may possibly have capricorn rising which places your natal saturn in your 5th house. Transiting saturn is in your 7th house. I see this to mean that the next three years or so can be a time of creativity and possibly finding an excellent relationship.

Of course, you will have to put in the effort - saturn rewards those who work hard!


Mclean, Va.: Hello:
I have tried several times before abut unsuccessful in reaching you and to get an answer. I hope my luck soon would turn around.

I was born in Tehran, Iran, on May 3 about 6 a.m.

Questions? I guess everything about my life and work. I am a single parent and I do not see any sign of any permanent mate or job so far. What do you see. Please, I can take disappointing news as well as good ones.

Thank you so much,

Charlene Lichtenstein: Can you please resubmit your question with your year of birth included? Thanks.


South Africa: Hi Charlene

I have a great attraction for a girl born on the 10/23/63 born in South Africa. I am a female born on the 1/24/68 in Zim Harare, Times, I have no idea.
I feel strong vibes, is there any hope?
Many thanks.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Astrologically?
She has sun in libra and venus in scorpio.
You have sun in aquarius, moon in scorpio and venus in sagittarius.

There are great connections between the two of you - her sun is well aspected to your sun (personalities that understand each other) and to your venus (how you express love). Emotionally you are connected as your moon meshes well with her passionate and intense venus.

There is a great deal of passion going on here. Now on to the next step!


Cambridge, Mass.: Madame Lichtenstein, help! I've got a career crisis! You're help will be very appreciated!

I have been waiting for a very important phone call. Very important, because with that phone call will come a job -- a dream job. Will it come in the next week? Will I be moving to Washington, D.C. next month? My dob is 11/9/75, birthplace Houston, Tex., time of birth 7:06 a.m.

Charlene Lichtenstein: You have sun and mercury in scorpio and mars in cancer. Possibly sag rising which places virgo on the cusp of your 10th house of career. You can be very intense and passionate about things and have a sharp and incisive mind. You may take action based on your heart and not your head.

A satisfying career will have a great deal of details and make you feel like you are doing a great service to others, like teaching or medicine.

If you have not heard from that job yet, be happy – last week not only had an eclipse going on (May 31) but was still in the middle of a retrograde mercury. The eclipses impact will dissipate about three days after and the shadow of the retrograde will finish on about June 6. I would suggest that you call them about that time to check up.

As far as your move to DC, I would have to run a relocation chart for you to see what you may feel in DC. I will be happy to do so in time for next week's show, if you can resubmit at that time and remind me, I will have your DC chart ready at that time.


Alexandria, Va.: Hi, Charlene.
I would like to find a new job and possibly go back to school part-time to train for a new career. Can you tell me if this is a good time for me to change jobs and what I should look for in a career?
10/22/60 - 8:45am - Nyack, NY

Charlene Lichtenstein: Let's see - you have sun in libra, mercury in scorpio and mars in cancer. Possibly scorpio rising which places leo on the cusp of your 10th house of career. You need a career where you can feel like to center of attention, where you can amply demonstrate your talents and where you receive support and praise. Theater is one way but any career path where you can feel independent yet rewarded.

Jupiter the planet of luck is transiting your 10th house so I would say that there is great opportunity for expansion and luck career-wise now. Seek and I suspect that you shall find!


Alexandria, Va.: Hi Charlene-

I've been peeking in on these chats for a while. My problem: I've had a lot of domestic upheaval (moved from a bad situation). Things are settling down but I might be moving again (for career reasons) by the end of the year. I'd like to know what the stars have to say, and what other developments (career, domestic, or personal) I can look forward to. 5/6/74 East Lansing, MI 3:15 a.m. Thanks!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Welcome!
I don't doubt that life has been changing for you - you are right in the middle of your Saturn return. The return is a three year period, every 28 years or so where we feel frustrated and stressed. We want change NOW but it either doesn't come or if it does, it is not what we expect at all. Saturn is providing a series of life lessons for us at this time and once we turn 30, we can reap the rewards of all of this hard work. Read more about the return at www.TheStarryEye.com on the zodiascope page.

You have sun in taurus, mercury in taurus, venus in aries and mars in cancer. Generally you are solid and persevering with a deliberate manner of communicating. You are forceful in love - when you see who you want you go after them! You may act (or react) with your heart and not your head. Possibly aries rising.

This next year can be very creative and inspiring for you with Jupiter in your 5th house. You may find a bit more stress at home or with family but these are things that need to be handled so they can improve (Saturn in the 4th). Great change through travel or higher education but it won't be easy - retro pluto in the 9th.

Take some art courses or do something more creative. You will get a great deal out of it.


Bay Area, Calif.: Dear Madame,
If you have any good news to give to a July 30, 1965 Leo, than please do! I was born in New York city, unfortunately I am shaky on the time. I do believe that it was in the 7 am hour. Please, if you can shed some light on my relationship issues, I would be grateful! I love your chats, and read your web site faithfully, BTW. I am a woman, if that matters. Many thanks.

Charlene Lichtenstein: Let's see - sun in leo and venus in virgo. Possibly virgo rising which would place pisces on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships and marriage.

You give the appearance of being fairly confident and you love to be the center of attention. In love you are a bit picky (and why not?) and can be rather earthy. With pisces on the 7th house cusp, you may seek a truly romantic relationship and can be a bit naive with those who you give your heart to - you tend to build them up and gloss over their faults. You need to remove the rose colored glasses and retro uranus in your 7th is doing that for you now. Are you experiencing more upheavals in relationships? This may continue for a while but when it is all over, you will have a much better idea of who is good for you and who is not.

Mars moves into this area of your chart on June 18 so I think you will be taking action on some of these issues at that time and for the following month.

Please keep in touch and let me knowhow it goes.


New York, N.Y.: Hi Charlene! I'm typing to from Chelsea -- not very far from where you are in the WV! Anyway, I was wondering if you had any insights into my romantic life (I went through a hard break up over the last year). I was born on 6/16/1976 at 3:20 a.m. in Queens, N.Y. I'm wondering about the types of men (signs, etc.) I can expect to encounter in the near future and which ones I could actually form long-term relationships with. (I'm female if that helps)


Charlene Lichtenstein: I'm on the Chelsea border...
So you have sun in gemini, moon in aquarius and venus in gemini. You are an airy personality - very verbal and intelligent and witty. In love you can be very flirtatious but you may also appear to be a bit fickle (whether you are or not...) It is just that you are so charming and friendly!

Possibly taurus rising which places intense scorpio on the cusp of your 7th house of relationships. You are seeking someone passionate and intense. Quite a change from your light and airy manner!

It is often thought that we week what we lack in our charts. You have very little water in your chart - pisces, cancer and scorpio. You may want to check out those signs.

An interesting exercise - make a list of those who you have had relationships with. Put their sun sign against their name. You may see a pattern merge - the good relationships and the bad ones, by sun sign.

If you feel comfortable, send the list to me and we can look at it together.


Astoria, N.Y.: I wanted to know exactly when Saturn Returns begins and ends. Does it begin when Saturn enters the SIGN it was in when you were born, or when it crosses the degree of that sign? If the latter, when does it end? I was born March 12, 1974, 5:40 pm in Pittsburgh PA.

Charlene Lichtenstein: It begins within about 5 degrees more of less from your natal saturn. At least that is when you are most likely to feel it. And it builds to a crescendo as it gets to one to two degrees and then matches the exact degree of your natal saturn. Then it slowwwly dissipates as you consolidate and build anew.

You have saturn 27 degrees in gemini. Saturn is currently 29 degrees gemini so you should be feeling some of the effects and will be for a bit longer - saturn enters cancer but retrogrades back to the early degrees of cancer through the year.

You may have virgo rising which place saturn in your career sector. Is that where your stress is?


Alexandria, Va.: Hi Charlene,
I am addicted to your discussions! 2/21/73, born: 9 am. Mars and Uranus are duking it out in my sign..according to some reports. When can I expect Mars' exit? What's the outlook for the summer? And will my money situation improve or worsen?

Charlene Lichtenstein: Hmmm. You have sun in pisces, mercury in pisces, venus in aquarius and mars in cap.

Mars and uranus will be duking it out in your sun and mercury signs. Uranus is in pisces now and mars is entering pisces on June 18, retrogrades on the 29th of July and finally exits in mid-December! A long haul for that planet.
These two planets will be conjuncting each other through that time. Surprises that you may cause yourself through your actions.

This may be playing out in your 12th house so expect some hidden secrets to burst on the scene!


Greenbelt, Md.: Thank you so much for doing these live online forums!!

Please do a reading for me as tomorrow is my birthday. I was born at 2:16 p.m., June 3, 1973 in Washington, D.C.

Thank you!

Charlene Lichtenstein: Happy birthday! You should be finishing up your saturn return! (Read about it at www.TheStarryEye.com on the zodiascope page)

You have sun, mercury and venus in gemini and mars in pisces. You are charming, smart, chatty and flirtatious. You are an intuitive fighter and want to right wrongs.Possibly libra rising.

The next year? Good luck among friend and social groups (Jupiter transits your 11th house). Surprises at work and some reappraisals of your career path. Romance through travel starting June 11.

I hope that helps!


Charlene Lichtenstein: We have run out of time! Thank you all for your great questions.

There was one relocation question that I couldn't get to this week - sorry! I will answer it first thing next week! Promise!

Until June 9 at 6p, happy stargazing!


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