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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, March 14, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, all. I am not tanned, not rested, and barely ready to deal with the heavy responsibility of today's show, but I will give it my best shot. Help me here. Throw me a bone, will you?

Frederick, Md.: Good morning, Lloyd ... love your column. Thanks for the item from the other day regarding Steve Miller from the Washington Times. As you noted Steve used to write for the Frederick News-Post. He tended to be a bit jaded against our former Mayor (not that he didn't deserve it), so it was quite interesting to see Steve become a news item himself.

Lloyd Grove: An unfortunate turn of events for Mr. Miller and the woman he groped, I'd say.

Burke, Va.: Why don't you get an interview from the artist who taped stuff to himself with duct tape and danced in Congress. Personally I think the world could use a little more of stuff like that. I think it would really lighten things up in The Washington Post if you could have this guy come by and visit you.

Lloyd Grove: Maybe instead of that, I'll just tape myself with duct tape and dance around the newsroom.

Washington, D.C.: My vote for dumbest thing to happen this week: Congress renaming their food.

Sure they had good intentions, I guess, but boy are they ignorant.

French Toast was invented in Albany, N.Y., by Mr. French, an American.

And French fries are named that way because Thomas Jefferson served them at a White House dinner and named them on his menu.

So, they basically dissed a couple of Americans (including a founding father) with their freedom food in a silly, vindictive display of misguided patriotism.

Can we get them for treason? Or at least make fun of them a lot?

Lloyd Grove: Oui, oui.
C'est une betisse.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd -- I know you didn't write it, but jeez, that story about Cindy Adams and Liza and Lizzy and their rat dogs -- all I can say is, where is Joe Stalin when we need him?!

Lloyd Grove: Wasn't Cindy Adams married to Joe Stalin?
I know with was "Joe" something.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd,
Do you know why there were a bunch of Congressmen dining at Galileo for dinner on Tuesday night? Secret Service was all over the joint and very annoying. I sure the taxpayers weren't paying for them all to dine in the back room (not the Laboratorie).

Lloyd Grove: Dunno, but I remember when Larry Summers was treasury secretary he used to dine a lot in Galileo with members of Congress ... Maybe Mr. Snow? ... Anybody know?

Washington, D.C.: Do you by any chance know if B Smith's closed? I saw them boarding up the front of it this morning at Union Station. Also, do you know what's going in the space where Shelly's West End used to be?

Thanks for the scoop.

Lloyd Grove: That would be surprising if true. Everytime I've been by there they seem to be doing a decent business. But I will check and try to get back to you.
As for Shelly's ... that is a mystery to me ...

Cindy's Hubby: It was Joey Adams, you ditz! But I think you knew that.

Lloyd Grove: Joey Bishop, right.

Hazleton, Pa.: Lloyd,

I see where Don Imus called you a "likeable loser." I suppose that's praise coming from him. Do you think he gets enough sleep? He's awfully grumpy.

Lloyd Grove: I wish nothing but the best for Imus. May he prosper, gain radio outlets and continue to increase the power of my brand.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, whats up guy!

Where is our (D.C.) mayor? Haven't heard anything from the guy.

By the way, I hope Congress takes the commuter tax serious; it's about time compared to other surrounding cities, states, etc., give us something huh, since we pay like a state.

Later -- thanks.

Lloyd Grove: Tony Williams is around doing the job as far as I know. I don't think the commuter tax has a snowball's chance in Hello magazine.

Arlington, Va.: If my read of public sentiment is correct, folks have always given Jimmy Carter high marks for his reluctance to cash in on his presidency. In light of your piece on former first princess Chelsea Clinton, I think it’s about time to extend that admiration to Amy Carter, who has used her fame more often as a way to lock-up than to the boardroom.

Given their populist posturing, do the Clintons really wonder why so many people hate them?

Lloyd Grove: Someone suggested to me that it might have been nice if Chelsea did a little selfless public service in the Americorps program her dad started before shoveling in the big bucks.

Washington, D.C.: Any more fallout from that verbal on-air whipping you got from Imus on Wednesday? I can't believe he called you a Clinton lackey! Of all the things he tried to pin with, that's the most absurd one I can think of.

Lloyd Grove: No more fallout other than an item in Roll Call's Heard on the Hill.

Pittsburgh, Pa.: On Chelsea's new job: Former (Clinton-appointee) FCC Chairman Reed Hundt is a top exec at McKinsey. You connect the dots ...

Lloyd Grove: When it comes to the Clintons there are always a milky way galaxy of dots to be connected.

New Idea for TV Show: I'd like to see political roundtable discussions mixed with variety shows, but I'm having trouble thinking up a good line-up of acts for the pilot.

Any ideas?

Lloyd Grove: John McLaughlin's face covered in leeches?

Castle Shannon, Pa.: Speaking of Tony, has the mayor warmed up to you since that little piece about Amtrak last month? I thought the whole thing was blown out of proportion.

Lloyd Grove: I haven't seen him lately, but he is always very nice and friendly when I run into him.

Shirlington, Va.: To Arlington: Joe Stalin is rotting in Hell for slaughtering upwards of 20 million of his own people. But, what does that have to do with the gossip woman and her dogs?

Lloyd Grove: Good question. I didn't think to ask. Is there an answer?

Washington, D.C.: Favorite overheard names for Bush's war:

Dubya Dubya III


Survivor: Baghdad

Lloyd Grove: Not bad. Let's see if anybody can come up with some other ones. I'll post 'em here.

Atlantic: How does Chelsea have a master's degree if sh'es only 23?!? Is she that "gifted"?

Lloyd Grove: Well she graudated from Stanford and is about to complete her Oxford degree, so it doesn't sound that unusual to me.

Amy Carter -- Wha?: "Amy Carter, who has used her fame more often as a way to lock-up than to the boardroom." What the heck does this mean?

Lloyd Grove: I guess she has either done jail time (I believe she was arrested once during a protest) or else she visits prison inmates and counsels with them.

WASP: Lloyd,

Do you know if Georgetown's trendy bar Smith Point will actually be closed down by the authorities due to its plentiful zoning violations?

BTW, Chelsea doesn't need to play the nepotism card. Anyone who has spent five minutes with her knows that she deserves her salary and more.

Lloyd Grove: No doubt that Chelsea is smart and accomplished, but that doesn't ordinarily translate into those kinds of figures for young women of her age. On the other hand the Williams sisters are younger than Chelsea and raking in many multiples of her salary.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, is it time for us, your loyal chatters, to plan your annual family vacation? I don't think we should wait to the last minute like last year. I suggest Montreal. It's convenient and cosmopolitan, plus it has lively entertainment on St. Catherine's Street. Your kids will love it!

Lloyd Grove: Not a bad idea. I am still trying to accumulate sufficient vacation time to make your dreams possible.
By the way B. Smith's is open for business.

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: I was at lunch at Paolo's yesterday. Mrs. Bush and a blonde woman were having lunch at a nearby booth. I only saw one Secret Service guy in the restaurant -- on the other side of the wall in the bar. While wearing an antiwar button, I was tempted to go shake Mrs. Bush's hand and ask her to keep her husband from blowing up the planet with his foreign policy, but was sure I would have been accosted by Secret Service for even walking up to the table. (I restrained myself.) Was I right about that?

When she left, a table in the corner with two men and a woman got up and left with her -- Secret Service and staff, I assume.

Lloyd Grove: Here's what you should have done:
1) Gone up to Mrs. Bush and made your little pitch.
2) Given me a detailed acccount

"Barfesda": Hey, how did Chelsea manage to grow up sane while being mercilessly attacked by clueless losers for little reason? Is she that 'gifted'?

Lloyd Grove: She has two accomplished parents who seem to have done a very good job raising her amid all the craziness of a political career. That's my diagnosis.

WASP: Fine, fine, but what about Smith Point? Where will I go for late night decadence?

Lloyd Grove: Don't know it. Has it been around awhile? And what seems to be the problem with it?

Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd: What do you think about using credit checks to eliminate terrorism? I find the airlines using credit checks hilarious. It strikes me that the worse your credit rating the less of a risk you are ~ since most of the potential terrorists have tons of money and ways to get around credit checks. And if you've got a terrible credit rating, you're probably a typical American trying to make ends meet.

Lloyd Grove: Airlines aren't actually checking credit ratings are they?
That sounds to me like a pretty severe invasion of privacy.
And did you know that the mere checking of a credit rating will lower it?

Speaking of Chelsea and Stanford and Oxford: Lloyd, I've been wondering for while if famous people who go to great schools really are that smart or if it's just the school jumping at the chance to look good in most cases. Chelsea Clinton went to Stanford; Jodie Foster went to Yale; the freakin' girl from "Blossom" went to Yale too; Sarah Hughes has been accepted at Harvard, Yale, and Columbia; and I think all of the Cosby kids have Ivy League degrees. What are the chances that these people are great actors/athletes AND intelligent enough to go to these places? Do you think it's because they're rich?

Lloyd Grove: In my experience this people are talented, great looking, AND smart.
Them's the breaks.

Alexandria, Va.: Stanford + Oxford + abuse from Rush (how low does he go?)+ Daddy troubles = a great salary.

Lloyd Grove: An alternative theory. Perhaps a tendentious one. We'll have to submit it the analysts at McKinsey & C0.

Seattle, Wash.: The key question before we go judging CheClin's salary is, really, what is the median starting salary for any first-job Ivy League/Oxford grad?

My guess is it's a pretty hefty sum.

Lloyd Grove: You're probably right.
I must say, I really got off on the wrong career path after managing to coast through an Ivy League school. By the way, I hear that if Chelsea is still at McKinsey 5 years efrom now when she'll be 28, she can expect to be pulling down $500K.

Somewhere, USA: No bones to throw you, but hey Lloyd, if I could, this grandma who loves your column and chat, would brew you up a cuppa hot chocolate (made the old way with real cocoa and cream). Then you take a hot bubble bath, pull on your comfy jammies and crawl under the covers and sleep for about 10 hours. Works every time!

Lloyd Grove: Sounds lovely.
But beyond my reach, alas.
At least not until Sunday.

Alexandria, Va.: First Freedom Fries and Toast. Now this (from CNN)

"I, along with many other Americans, do not feel that the French government appreciates the sacrifices men and women in uniform have made to defend the freedom that the French enjoy today," Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite said in introducing legislation providing financial help for the reburial of veterans from the two world wars.

So now we're going to dig our boys up and ship them back? Do you have any "dirt" on Rep. Brown-Waite? Love for you to dig something up on her.

Lloyd Grove: I think we'll have to dig up something soon.

Rosslyn, Va: Dubya Dubya III war rally cry:
Cure Iraqnophobia -- Squash Sad dam Hussein!

Lloyd Grove: Aha. The clever war names are starting to roll in!

Somewhere, USA: Could you tell me why the majority of Americans think Iraq had something to do with 9-11 when even Bush's own CIA has said that there is NO evidence linking the two?

Also, why does the media report that in the past, the French has sold Iraq materials for WMD but neglect to mention that the U.S. has done the same?

All I can say is thank goodness for the Internet. I can get still my news from overseas sources since the media seems to be slaves to Bush.

Lloyd Grove: All good questions. I'm afraid I don't have any good answers. But you do make a good point.

Dave from Herndon: Hey Buddy,

At lunch last week, did I look fat? Tell me the truth.

Also, do you want to buy my mountain bike? You mentioned wanting to get one. I've got two. Me, you and the gals could do some biking.

Your pal,


Lloyd Grove: Dave, you didn't look fat, but I'm worried about your drinking in the middle of the day. Why don't you just lend me the bike?

Oxford, UK: I go to Oxford. Can I have 120,000 dollars too?

Lloyd Grove: No.

Re: Cosby Kids: A couple, if not all the Cosby kids, did not go to Ivy League schools. I went to school with them. Enis graduated from Morehouse and his daughter Erin attended Spelman. Those are very good schools, but not Ivy Leagues. They are historically black colleges.

Lloyd Grove: I think the poster might have been referring to Cosby's TV family.

BTW ... : What is the Pentagon name for the Iraqi invasion (like Desert Storm)?

Lloyd Grove: I don't think they have come up with one yet.

Bethesda, Md.: If you have lots of debts, they will be happy to let you fly. Good news for some of us.

Lloyd Grove: The credit check does disturb me though. I personally have not had this experience, and I don't even know if it's true. Is it?

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, I want to thank you for drawing attention to the oafishness of the Secret Service, e.g., with the First Lady at the Washington opera. I worked in the Old Executive Office Building for three years and can attest they are capable of much worse. Interesting how much their version of events differed from the opera-goers’.

Lloyd Grove: All in a day's work.
You're welcome.

Myersville, Md.: A friend of mine had a "movie poster" from MAD Magazine on her wall that called our upcoming war -- "Gulf Wars, Episode II: Clone of the Attack." I'm not sure which issue it was in, but it "stars (this is not exactly the wording on the "poster, but it's close) Bush II and Condoleeza Rice with reprise appearances from Bush I, Sadaam Hussein, and Dick Chaney. And introducing Osama bin Laden."

She has it hanging on the wall of her cubicle.

Lloyd Grove: A bit lengthy, but it's the work of profesisonal humor-writers, I suppose.

That's what I love about you, Lloyd: You don't pretend to be any kind of expert about anything, especially the situation going on with Iraq. You're a pleasant reminder of the good things in life (i.e., the fact that it's FRIDAY!).

Lloyd Grove: That's what I love about MYSELF!

Keisha Knight Pulliam: Went to Spelman. And the original Becky from Roseanne went to Vassar.

Lloyd Grove: Anybody know where Gary Coleman went to college?

The travel section: I think the "entertainment" on St. Catherine's Street is of the adult variety. The last time I went to Montreal, it was, and probably still, the strip club capital of the free world.

Lloyd Grove: So the kids should steer clear, is that it?

War name: Desert Storm 2: Let's Go Get Gassed Again

Lloyd Grove: Another entry ...
Keep trying, people!

Washington, D.C.: Any scoop on Washington's other superstar, Jaromir Jagr, and his outrageous gambling debts, above and beyond what has already been reported? Stick close to this guy, Lloyd. You may have yourself some writing material.

Lloyd Grove: I will put Anne Schroeder, who has been working on the column for the past month, on it asap.

Gary Coleman: San Quentin?

Lloyd Grove: Actually, I think despite his occasional and understandable fits of rage he is a law-abiding citizen.

Chelsea Clinton: Why on earth should she be in Americorps if she does not want to? It was her father's program, not hers.

Let the child go make a living, everyone is just jealous. Besides, I don't think anyone would argue that our current president had some opportunities he would not have had if his last name had been something else.

Lloyd Grove: Nobody would think of forcing Chelsea to do anything, especially something she doesn't want to do.
But if she started out with some public service, the people would approve, I think.

Somewhere, USA: The "freakin' girl from Blossom" was a young actress struggling with abysmal scripts. Says nothing about her level of intelligence but a lot about the script writers and the people who watch those shows. These ridiculous posts say a lot more about the intelligence of the people writing them than the women whose intelligence they question. Jody Foster is probably a genius, certainly one of the most powerful business people in the film industry, and an amazing actress -- as opposed to the cubicle drones posting here. The air is thick with petty envy.
Bet you don't post this.

Lloyd Grove: Hope you didn't bet real money.

Urkel went to UCLA ... : As did "Winnie", Kevin's love interest from the Wonder Years. She was a math major and from what I hear pretty smart.

Lloyd Grove: By the way I went to middle school with the son of Frank Sutton, who played Sgt. Carter on "Gomer Pyle, USMC."

War Names:
Desert Storm II: Now EXTRA Stormy!

Lloyd Grove: Keep trying.

Virginia: Do you really believe Glenn CLose's parents lived in the Congo for the last 20 years? I don't.

Lloyd Grove: I do -- not the last 20 years, but for a good period years ago. Certainly they left every so often on vacation. Why don't you believe it.

Very Bitter: Hey Lloyd! Love your chat. I am the same age as Chelsea Clinton and went to the same college as her. Her experiences in life thus far: best dorms at Stanford, two years at Oxford, $100K starting salary. My experiences in life so far: bad dorms at Stanford, eight more years of medical school, $100K of debt every year. I hate my life.

Lloyd Grove: I think all of us can empathize. Or at least most of us.
As for me, I say: STOP YOUR WHINING!

Washington, D.C.: Desert Storm II: The Wrath of Bush

Lloyd Grove: Yes ... we're getting warm.

Washington, DC: Desert Storm II: This time, it's personal

Lloyd Grove: Not bad.

War names: Desert Storm II: Franks, but no Sour Krauts.

Lloyd Grove: And then you have to go and do something like THAT.

Ivy grad (Penn): Yes, actors and athletes can be that smart, we've got a few basketball players in the NBA, and one or two football players plus I knew a skater and a couple of actors. However, Trump's kids are also there, and I haven't heard of any particular brilliance.

People do make that kind of money right out of school even without famous parents. And they deserve it. (not that I do)

Lloyd Grove: There are no hard and fast rules, obviously, other than with all the obvious disadvantages of having famous parents, there are also advantages -- especially if they are rich.

The New War Name?: Armageddon ... 'nuff said.

Lloyd Grove: I hate the expression " 'nuff said."

Capitol Hill: Members of Congress do not get Secret Service protecting. Members of the leadership have security details, but they are composed of United States Capitol Police officers.

The Secret Service only protects Treasury Official and the President and VP (and families). Other cabinet agnecies have their own security forces.

Lloyd Grove: Thank you for that edifying information!

Virginia: I went to college with the son of Gordon Jump, late of "WKRP in Cincinnati" and Maytag commercials. Now THAT's a brush with greatness.

Lloyd Grove: A Fuller Brush with greatness, if you ask me.

War name: Orage de désert mon amour

Lloyd Grove: Merci.

Washington. D.C.: Gary Coleman (according to E True Hollywood Story :) didn't go to college, he's is a security guard. But, while I was at Spelman when Enis Cosby was at Morehouse, Emannuel Lewis went to Clark Atlanta University.

Lloyd Grove: I think Gary is doing something in showbiz these days, at least that's what he led me to believe when he claimed to be visiting his agent a few doors down from the Post's L.A. bureau a few months ago.

Rhode Island: I beleive that the daughters of all famous people should have the same career path. Pose for Playboy, be a professional talk show guest, then sell jewelry on QVC. It's the American way.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like a plan!

War names: WWIII-Not John Lennon's war

Duct tape, Plastic and Last Will and Testament

Lloyd Grove: Yes?
Maybe there's just something about the impending unpleasant that doesn't lend itself to pithy wit.

Washington, D.C.: Where can we expect the Bush twins to land in the workforce two to three years from now? For some reason, I have visions of "dancing bartenders" at some gimmick bar in a big city.

Lloyd Grove: Now, now.

Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.: Point one: Chelsea skipped second grade. That's why she's younger than the average straight-from-college-to-grad-school master's degree holder.

Point two: Stanford is not in the Ivy League.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks for pointing this out.
Stanford is a great school, of course. My former associate Beth Berselli went there, so I have the highest respect for the institution.

Washington, D.C.: Desert Storm II: Between Iraq and a Hard Place

(best title should get free lunch at Bistro du Coin)

Lloyd Grove: Far be it from me to be sending anyone THERE.

Harrisonburg, Va.: Just to brag and help Chelsea out ... I finished MY masters' degree at age 22.
So there.

Lloyd Grove: We bow before your superior credential accumulation!

Washington, D.C.: So with all this talk about Chelsea, what's going to happen with her and her England-based boyfriend when she relocates to N.Y?

Lloyd Grove: I think Ian Klaus will be in New York, too, which (or at least so I read) is why Chelsea turned down high-dollar (pound? Euro?) jobs in London.

Re: Went to school with ... : I went to college, briefly, with Camille Paglia, the militant ... author ... lesbian? I forget. Anyway, her father was on the faculty at our school, and she went on to graduate from somewhere else.

Lloyd Grove: Camille is actually a bit of a conservative ... She's militantly amusing, usually.

Cafe Milano, Washington, D.C.: Out for dinner at Cafe Milano last Saturday night was the beautifully pompadoured Herbie Haft with another man (not as well coiffed) and two women. Not much about what's been happing with Haft & Son these days? Anything? Any idea of who his dinner guests were? The other "gentleman" in the foursome ogled me so much I thought he had plans for me to be dessert -- even though I was very clearly with someone else! Such spirit among those senior citizens. They were out pretty late.

Lloyd Grove: Actaully I talked to him the other day and he's running Shopper's Food Warehouse. I called him to ask why he was seen lunching in McDonald's with his companion Myrna, and he told me it was because McDonald's now serves healthy food and they were in a rush to get to an antique show. But they were eating Big Macs. Anyhow, I hope this satisfies your appetite for Herbert Haft news.

War Names: Desert Storm II: No French Whine!

Lloyd Grove: Alrighty then.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Operation Lent: In which the United States, like Jesus, spends 40 days alone in the desert.

Lloyd Grove: Thoughtful.
Very thoughtful.

Rosslyn, Va. (again): I think the name for the invasion should be "Enduring Freedom Fries"!

Lloyd Grove: Good!

Correcting Capitol Hill: Sorry, but the earlier poster is a bit wrong on who gets Secret Service protection. There are indeed certain military, intelligence, Cabinet and White House personnel who get Secret Service protection at times. Also, all surviving former presidents and their wives get Secret Service protection. Also, alas, there are a few high-ranking government folks who get Secret Service protection that we, ah, don't really know about. Additionally, children and spouses of the President and Vice President may also get Secret Service protection. So there's more to it than the earlier post.

Lloyd Grove: Only in Washington, kids, only in Washington!

Re: The Hafts: So when is Shopper's Food Warehouse going the way of Dart Drug, Crown Books and Hechingers?

BTW, I still have some Dart Drug brand iodine in my medicine chest. Do you think I should throw it out?

Lloyd Grove: Yes!!!

Hey Lloyd: You should start a monthly contest for best rumor, newsbit, quote - made-up rumor -- whatever tickles your fancy. I bet a whole bunch of people would love to have lunch with you. Maybe some other prize. Whatever. Are you as handsome as Bob Levey?

Lloyd Grove: My column is already a daily contest.

What time do you have, Lloyd?: My computer clock is 6 minutes slower than my desk clock.

Lloyd Grove: 11:54 a.m.

Early masters: My husband went to MIT and tells me many an engineer there gets a B.S. and an M.S. in 4 or 5 years. Perhaps Chelsea's accomplishments are not as rare as we think?

Lloyd Grove: But not to be sneezed at -- ACHOOO!!--either.

Name and School Dropping:: My sister went to Nurnberg American High School with Dianne Wiest.

Lloyd Grove: I went to college with Polly Draper.

Washington, D.C.: Will you be heading out to LA for the Oscars? What time will Joan Rivers be critiquing your ensemble? You know your loyal fans will want to see you on the E! channel.

Lloyd Grove: Yes indeed ... I will be doing my best to avoid Miss Rivers, and do not plan to go to the Kodak Theater, and I will also be holding a newspaper over my face, Mafia style, if any E-channel cameras come near.

Chelsea and tabloids: I don't understand why they have gone after her the way they have. She's not 8-marriages-and-counting Liz Taylor, or 8-plastic-surgeries-and-counting Michael Jackson.

Lloyd Grove: It's the cross she must bear as Bill and Hillary's daughter.

Virginia: Given the time schedule, it may well be Operation: Leprechaun ... The Search for the Pot of Oil

Lloyd Grove: Arrrrrggggh!

SW D.C., the forgotten quadrant: A friend of mine went to school with Allison Janney.

Lloyd Grove: Now THAT is the sort of degrees of separation story that makes folks sit up and take notice!

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Carolyn Starr was protected by Federal Marshals when she was at Stanford, during her father's investigation of President Clinton. (Yes, Carolyn and Chelsea were there at the same time.)

Lloyd Grove: And Chelsea had secret service protection.
Me I just have my sharpened house key.

College Park, Md.: Operation Solo, brought to you by the Millennium Cowboy.

Lloyd Grove: Ohhh.
I guess this is harder than we expected.

Seattle, Wa: Name for new international coalition,

The Bush League of Nations

Lloyd Grove: Would fit on a home-made poster.

Parking Garage: An update from last week: Someone didn't quite know the Deep Throat history. As recently as last summer, in 2002 that is, Woodward and Bernstein repeated these facts: Deep Throat will be revealed when he dies, and he has not yet died; Deep Throat is one man, not a composite; Deep Throat was known to five people -- Woodward, Bernstein, Ben Bradlee, Katherine Graham and Deep Throat himself; Deep Throat's descriptions in their books were accurate and not a ruse, thus we can expect Deep Throat to be a gruff, individualistic, military type of guy who smoked cigars, appeared to be a team player but was against what the Nixon thugs were doing (obviously), had a military background, was quite familar with the inside doings of the Nixon White House and the operatives and thugs, and had access to inside information (again, obviously). Also, there were certain times and places that Deep Throat met with Woodward and Bernstein that eliminates several of the main suspects, mainly because they were out of D.C. or out of the country during those times. So those are the facts on Deep Throat.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks for the update, Bob.
And now it's time for me to meet an unnamed source. Or at least get a cup of coffee. Thanks to all of you who played along today. Next Friday, I'll be on a plane to LA but maybe we can schedule something around this time Thursday. I'll confer with the Live On Line czarina. In the meantime, have a terrific weekend. Bye.

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