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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, April 11, 2003; 2 p.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, all ... let me get off the phone with Ralph Nader -- I kid you not, I'd always believed he was far too serious to deal with a gossip columnist -- and focus on your questions and comments. Thanks, by the way, for your forbearance, Just returned from the Michael Kelly memorial service -- hence the later than usual start time. So let's do it.

Fairfax, Va.: Were you raised in a funny family? I mean funny -- ha ha, not funny -- weird. You have a wonderful sense of humor and quick wit that your environment during your formative years must have included some real characters and/or comedic experiences. Tell us a funny story, Lloyd!

As for not meaning funny -- weird, I actually take that back. Personally, I think weird, unconvential families can spawn great comedians. Take Dave from Herndon, for example. Great comedic talent. Raised by owls.

Lloyd Grove: Come to think about, my family was funny and still is -- in both senses. I think if I told any stories in this forum, however, it would create the kind of sturm and drang that was fine growing up with -- hey, it contributed to my sparkling wit -- but is pure hell as an adult. I ain't gonna get any funnier.

Alexandria, Va.: Lloyd, I hope that PR guy in your column the other day who was raving about "Bagdhad Bob" was just kidding about wanting to hire him. I'm a PR guy too, who was absolutely appalled by Bagdhad Bob and thought he gave all of us a bad name. Please tell me I'm being too sensitive.

Lloyd Grove: You're being too sensitive. Dale Leibach, whom I described as "a man with an antic sense of humor," was totally riffing.

Arlington, Va.: Poor Tim R. First he protests the Post columnists, then the war, now the Hall of Fame. Does this guy like anything? I liked him in Bull D, in Jacob's Ladder and even in Arlington Road. Maybe he'd like me?

Lloyd Grove: Actually, I'm on Tim's side in this one. The Hall of Fame sounds silly. "Bull Durham" was and is a great sports movie, and Tim and Susan's antiwar declarations have nothing to do with either baseball OR movies.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Went to Washington Life magazine's Men of Substance and Awards on Sunday night, and managed to meet many of the characters that you so often write about. Here's my question, Lloyd, why weren't you selected?

Lloyd Grove: Subtance: Gossip columnist.
Style: Frayed trousers and shirts.

Faifax Station, Va.: Lloyd, I'm sure that you've been asked this "nagging question" of mine many times before, but what is the real name of "Hall of Fame" journalist Geraldo Rivera? Gerry Rivers? Jerry Rivers? Gerald Riviera?

Lloyd Grove: I have asked him this directly and he insists is a total falsehood -- probably invented by the "rats" at MSNBC.

Deep South: Lloyd,

Is that you the National Enquirer says Tim Robbins dribbled in the eye? Good for the two of you. I guess you are famous and successful now. I have always liked your column but have to say that I hate that you are part of the "if you don't believe what we spout, you are unpatriotic" administration. Did anyone ask the current baseball players what they think? I bet, in particular, the minority members are a lot closer to what Robbins believes that the idiot that canceled Robbins appearance.

Lloyd Grove: There was no exchange of fluids between Mr. Robbins and me. That, lucky me, was George Rush of the New York Daily News whom Tim spurted in the eye. Accidentally, he claimed, though it occurred after George asked him a question about ME.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd, you rock. I know that.

But man, those big wire rim glasses are just too big for your face. I had a pair like that in 9th grade.

Have you thought of getting a pair that's a little more ... edgy? Or stylish?

Lloyd Grove: My girlfriend agrees with you and I am now wearing smaller lenses.

Berkeley, Calif.: Is Ralph Nader going to run for prez in 2004, Lloyd? I've voted for him in the last two elections and hope he becomes the Norman Thomas or Eugene Debs of our time.

Lloyd Grove: He sounds like he has a lot to say, so I wouldn't be surprised.

Tim follow-up:: I thought I'd throw you a softball to mend fences with Tim; I think most people see the Hall of Fame's actions for what they are: silly and unfounded at best, and typical cowardly catering to big business at worst.

Lloyd Grove: As I said, I agree with you and I thought Tim's letter was quite good. Love the bit about the '69 Mets.

Long Beach, Calif.: When will you be going to Baghdad?
I can't wait to hear the dirt on the Baathists. Baghdad needs reliable sources now more than ever.

Lloyd Grove: What a lovely thought.
I'm afraid I ... I'm just afraid.
No Baghdad for the likes of me.

Mt. Rainier, Md.: So Dale Petroskey is anti-freedom of speech? In this 'important' time we're supposed to follow the party line? I was under the impression that when difficult issues are up for grabs, concerned citizens voice their opinions. Like Mr. Petroskey does, for instance.

Lloyd Grove: I can only agree. Actually the First Amendment does give me the option of disagreeing, but I don't.

Potomac, Md.: Hey, Lloyd. Lots of grumbling this past week from folks in the local film community about the fact that the long-awaited re-opening of the great Silver Theater in Silver Spring had to open with one of those cheesy, blue-blood "black tie" things, which left out a lot of the people who actually worked hard for years to get the darned thing re-opened! Most folks feel that it should have been an open, ticketed thing for the general public. The opening of this theater was not the result of hard work by politicos and blue-bloods, but the result of many hard-working grassroots folks -- and that's the spirit in which the theater should have re-opened. Thanks.

Lloyd Grove: I am happy to post your opinion. Did anyone out there actually attend the opening? A blueblood perhaps? My question: How cheesy was it?

Sacramento, Calif.: Tom, Tim, whatever.

Lloyd Grove: Did I say Tom? Tim!

Somewhere, USA: My favorite Tim Robbins' film is THE PLAYER. Man, he was good in that - wonder if he was actually playing himself?

Lloyd Grove: I agree he was good in it, but I don't believe he was playing himself. I think he was playing some of the types he has run up against -- and perhaps threatened bodily harm to -- in Hollywood.

15th and L: I should begin a fundraising effort to keep Ralph out of 2004. Having him wreck the 2000 election was bad enough. I just wonder how high his price actually is.

Lloyd Grove: Actually, I hear that Ralph is a millionaire, owning a good deal of expensive property and maintaining a rather healthy stock portfolio -- so you'll have to raise a whole lot of money to get him to do anything or not.

Silver Spring, Md.: Any truth to the rumor that Michael Jordan, everybody's favorite local sports figure, will skip our friendly little burg for the new Charlotte NBA team headed up by BET/Viacom uber-titan Bob Johnson? Seems like the Curse of Les Boulez finally caught up to old MJ.

P.S. Your response to rapper 50 Cent's promoter of "Don't shoot me" seems pretty poignant in light of what happened to Snoop Dogg's entourage. When are these guys going to learn that if you keep the peace it's much easier to spend all the money they're raking in than it is to do it from a casket. Egads!

Lloyd Grove: Dunno about MJ, but my "don't shoot me" response was based on very predictable behavior, not a joke -- so I ain't surprised.

Alexandria, Va.: I am interested in learning whether WMZQ our country station in D.C. is boycotting the Dixie Chicks? Since their comments in London, I have not heard any cuts from the #1 cd "Home". In light of your comments about Tim Robbins this a.m., this certainly gives me pause about our rights to freedom of speech without having a career destroyed.

Lloyd Grove: I hope the Dixie Chicks thing blows over, already, it's embarrassing watching them grovel, and I agree that folks should be able to say what they want -- including Tim Robbins's Republican "mother-in-law."

South Central Silver Spring, Md.: Dr. Grove,
Clint Eastwood/AFI dedication was pretty cheesy. Downtown Silver Spring is hardly finished yet. (There's not even a Red Lobster yet, so I'm assuming Clint copped some raw bar at Crisfields?) Having a black-tie event is cool, but hitting a foot-deep pothole with your Lincoln stretch is not. (I drive the curb lane of Colesville Road every day and there are at least two or three of these SUV-eaters.) Tsk,tsk,tsk.

Lloyd Grove: Well maybe after Bethesda finishes becoming the New Georgetown, Silver Spring will become the New Bethesda.

White House Correspondents Dinner: So can you even give us a hint about who the emcee is going to be? They must have told you something.

Lloyd Grove: The entertainment, you mean? They actually would only tell me it's not a comedian.

Larry King: What's the deal with this guy? He is just gross.

You ever interview him? Anyone else on this chat disturbed by him?

Lloyd Grove: I talk to Larry regularly and I find him entertaining and occasionally ditzy, and likeable. Certainly not disturbing to me, anyway. But I will be happy to post comments from those in the "Larry King is Gross and Disturbs Me Greatly" club.

Reston, Va.: So, have you talked to your buddy Tim about Bull Durham? BTW: Loved the story you did on him.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks, and, no, Tim and I haven't spoken since the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

White House Correspondents Dinner Entertainment?: Saddam Hussein? Maybe THAT's where he's been hiding...

Lloyd Grove: Eh.

How tall are you Lloyd?: I ask, because I saw Tim Robbins at the Union Square Starbucks and that sucker is BIG. I'm 5 ft 10 so I know tall when I see it.

Lloyd Grove: Tim towers over me, and I'm 6'2 1/2"

Castle Shannon, Pa.: Lloyd, did you know that today is "National Blame Someone Else Day"? Who should we blame for what?

Lloyd Grove: I'm blaming Alan Greenspan for the vaporization of my stock investments.

Rockville, Md.: Why must O-Town be continually trust upon us? Again on one of the morning shows, there they were, trying to sing, trying to appear something other than the corporate design that they are.

Lloyd Grove: Well it certainly hasn't been thrust upon ME. I have no idea what you're talking about. Any elaboration for the ignorant?

Tim and Susan: Even if people disagree with Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon--or just find them obnoxious -- the sort of blackballing they have both had to face from the Baseball Hall of Fame and the United Way is obscene. I hope you continue to expose that kind of idiot hypocrisy.

Lloyd Grove: I will try.

Washington, D.C.: Speaking of your roots, Lloyd, which was a grittier urban environment to grow up in, Beverly Hills or Greenwich? I'm thinking you must have some wild stories about life in those hoods.

Lloyd Grove: Greenwich, actually. I lived in the working class sections -- near downtown and then in the Byram subdivision -- and Beverly Hills is much more manicured. Both dangerous places, though, and you must have uncanny powers of insight to recognize that fact,

About Larry King: He's become a joke by conducting Tonight-show-type interviews and presenting them as if they're news interviews.

Good way to get guests. Bad journalism.

Lloyd Grove: Oddly, Larry King sometimes get serious public officials to say revealing things that they wouldn't say in the more "serious" venues. What, you may ask? I can't remember, but he does.

Social climbing: How does a commoner like me (a professional woman in her 20s) get invited to those blueblood events, considering I do not have massive amounts of dough to donate? Nor is being arm candy for someone an option, as I am taken. By attending, I mean as a guest, not as a person checking people in at the door. Your insight is appreciated!

Lloyd Grove: Networking, babe!
Okay, I'm being flagged by an I'm sure dishearted liveonlien producer that O-Town is a boy group, as everyone but me knows. I just spend more time talking to my 12-year-daughter about subjects other than her homework.

Give it up: For God's sake, Ralph Nader didn't ruin the 2000 election. Al Gore ruined the election by turning off thousands of voters who, though desperately wanting Bush to NOT be elected, still couldn't bring themselves to sell their souls and vote for that shell of a candidate.

I can't BELIEVE people are still holding a grudge about this one ...

Lloyd Grove: I doubt it was Ralph Nader who made Gore lose his home state of Tennessee -- which, if he'd won, would have put him over the top.

Long Beach, Calif.: Lloyd, half inches get sucked up by
aging. You're 6'2'' at this point. Here's
your chart
1992 6'2 1/2"
2003 6' 2"
2015 6' 1 1/2"
2025 6' 1"
2040 5' 11"

Lloyd Grove: Well, at least I'm going to live till 2040.

Washington, D.C.: Any confirmations of reports that Chelsea Clinton and her mop-topped boyfriend have split up?

Lloyd Grove: Not that I've seen, though I have read those speculations as well.

Larry King IS Gross and Disturbs Me Greatly, Too: Nothing new to add. I just want to add my voice to the groundswell.

Lloyd Grove: We'll mark your vote on the butterfly ballot. That's a rather outdated reference isn't it? But what can you expect from a man who has just lost 1/2 an inch in height?

Arlington, Va.: I am getting really fed up with reading about how actors/actresses/performers are having their careers yanked out from under them because they've spoken out against the war. I was particularly angered by someone who wrote to ABC claiming that Janeane Garofalo had provided "aid and comfort to Saddam". Do these people realize that kind of hyperbole is ridiculous? Do they realize that by not letting people speak their minds they are advocating the same kind of social system that they want our military to go and abolish? That kind of rationalization is absurd. I will say I thought it was cheap of Natalie Maines to critize the President publically on foreign soil. I am a screaming liberal and not even I would do that!

Lloyd Grove: Are you saying that celebs can criticize the president, but not on foreign soil?

O-Town: It's possible your 12-year-old daughter has taste and therefore wouldn't be a good source of information there. She probably still knows who they are, though.

Lloyd Grove: I will test your theory as the earliest opportunity.

Downtown D.C.: The National Enquirer is reporting that Julia Roberts and Danny Moder (?) are already splitting. Got any scoop? Have they denied the story?

Lloyd Grove: Not my people, not my town. But this would not come as a huge shock, would it?

Blame someone else?: Clearly this is blame Ralph Nader or blame Al Gore day.

Lloyd Grove: I blame YOU for that.

Chevy Chase, Md.: Lloyd,

I saw you at the Yale Daily News panel this past weekend and wanted to say good job. I really enjoyed your discussion -- even if Calvin Trillin did steal the show.

And happy 125th to the YDN!

Lloyd Grove: Many thanks, though I am not fooled by your rosy scenarioizing. I was hanging on for dear life. But I would like to blame Garry Trudeau for that. Just kidding Garry.
My problem was that initially I had no idea why I was on the panel or what it is was about. "From Op-Eds to Blogs: Evolutionary Strategies in Commentary" was a complete mystery to me. But then I managed to grasp that the REAL topic was "Calvin Trillin: Shall I Compare Myself to a Summer's Day"! Just kidding, Bud. By the way, Bud, what's WITH that nickname?

I start themes here : First it was Pat O'Brien, then Joan Rivers and now I've got everyone riled up about Larry King.

Who will I add next?

Lloyd Grove: You are indeed a leader of men.

D.C. (Larry King): Hey Lloyd,

I'm starting the Support Larry King Club.

He's an entertainer ... He's an informer ... He interviews people of the world ...

Not everybody can say that ...I don't care what your background is ... and by the way Larry ain't no Harvard boy for sure ...

But, where is it written that status alone makes a person?

Give me a break anti-Larry King people ...(just think about it ... you writing to a board ... and Larry is preparing to interview a worldly person of some kind)

Sounds like Jealousy and Envy

Lloyd Grove: Larry King is supporting himself quite nicely, thank you very much! But I will be happy to add my name to your membership rolls.

Julia Roberts ... : ...needs to get back together with Lyle Lovett. There was something deeply satisfying about that relationship.

Lloyd Grove: I thought briefly about touching this with a barge pole, then rejected the idea.

Washington, D.C.: Is there a Bill O'Reilly fan club I can join?

LOVE that guy.

Lloyd Grove: If Bill let's you in, sure. HE's the president.

White House Correspondents Dinner: I thought Jason Alexander was the host? Who else is coming? Wouldn't Colin Farrell just be a breath of fresh air?

Lloyd Grove: Really? Where did you hear that? They said not a comedian.

I finish themes here: Let's bash Pat Collins!

Lloyd Grove: Let's not.

College Park, Md.: Where am I? Is this the right chat?
Geez - thought this was a good place to lighten up a bit. So ... just for kicks, any word on whether Dan Snyder is fun to hang out with or not?

Lloyd Grove: My limited hangtime with Danny suggests that it is a decidedly mixed pleasure.

Lloyd PLEASE post: Does ANYone know what happened to E-guy? He's been absent from Post Online chats for months!

Lloyd Grove: Maybe he moved away and is posting comments in Argentina. Maybe his job is so demanding that he no longer has the time and energy to entertain us here. But, does anybody know for sure?

Laurel, Md.: About Bill O'Reilly.

Yeah, his show is a real "No Spin Zone." Of course, that's like saying "My opinions are right."

Lloyd Grove: As I am sure they are.

Jason Alexander: Jason Alexander isn't funny. So technically they'd have told you correctly.

Lloyd Grove: He's a funny comic actor, though.

Rhetorical question ... : Why do people write in to online chats to tell people how silly it is to write in to online chats? Is it because they really care and know this is where you reach the sinners, or is it because they miss the irony?

And Larry King is still creepy.

Lloyd Grove: Deep, my friend.
Very deep.

White House Correspondents Dinner: That is what was reported shortly after last year's dinner. If true, that's lame there is no comedian.

Lloyd Grove: Do people actually care whether there's a comedian or not? Frankly, I'll just be glad if I don't fall face first into my soup.

Bowie, Md.: BTW, I read that Anne Coulter's now living in Miami, having abandoned Washington and New York.

Hopefully, that means she'll be on fewer pundit shows. She should definitely be seen and not heard.

Lloyd Grove: I guess you must have read that in my column. They have TV stations and satellite capability in Miami, you know.

Blackballing: Oh, Pshaw!

Blackballing means a conspiracy by those in power to exclude the unwanted, for whatever nefarious reasons. In today's Hollywood, it doesn't work -- power and influence and money are too widely spread. 500 channels on satellite, anyone?

Tim Robbins, Garofolo, et. al., can use their piles of cash and finance their own damn movies and TV shows if they want!

Lloyd Grove: They're not THAT rich but I agree that Hollywood doesn't blackball people for their politics. However, if an actor's politics starts to hurt boxoffice, then there could be trouble.

Arlington, Va.: Not to beat the horse to death, but ...

Absolutely the Dixie Chicks should be allowed to say anything they want! But "freedom of speech" isn't exactly synonymous -- nor should it be -- with "say absolutely anything that pops into your brain while being shielded from responsibility or consequences." (Though it seems that's EXACTLY what many people want it to mean ...)

Lloyd Grove: I agree that celebrities should reap the same consequences of any other public figure required to defend his or her political beliefs. It's the record-burning and radio banning that turn me off.

From Gore's Home State: Gore didn't win Tennessee because no one likes him and thinks he's an idiot. Nothing to do with Nader, which very few Tennesseans would ever consider voting for.

Lloyd Grove: Could it be that simple? I think Gore managed to win statewide office from Tennessee on multiple occasiosn, so I wonder.

Bill O' Reilly?: I don't think I can participate in the same chat with someone who loves Bill O'Reilly. He's the most ridiculous man on the planet.

On the other hand, you have to hand it to Baghdad Bob. Anyone who could give a press conference saying that "everything is fine" whilst the shell of his office building is smoking behind him, is one hell of a good actor. They don't teach that at terrorist training school, I would suppose. He's a natural. Maybe he could hold training sessions for U.S. Attorneys?

Lloyd Grove: Ralph Nader just told me the following joke:
Q: Why was the Iraqi Information Minister saying all those nutty things in his press conferences day after day?
A: To buttress his insanity defense at his war crimes trial.

New York, N.Y.: What have you heard about Radar Magazine? It is launching this week....

Lloyd Grove: I have heard a great deal about it, including that I am one of its writers, from my friend Maer Roshan, the man behind Radar. It's an interesting mix of tabloid and high-class sensibility, kind of National Enquirer Meets the New Yorker, and I'm told Maer's top rate for freelancers like me would be paid $1 a word. I wish him and his staff every success.

From Gore's Home State again: I think it was guilt by association, meaning association with Clinton which on a whole Tennesseans didn't like, especially the Monica Lewinsky deal. Maybe something to do with it being in the bible belt? ...

Lloyd Grove: MUST we?

New York, N.Y.: Have the Live Oonline hosts ever considered switching around once in awhile? I'd like to see your take on some of the letters Carolyn gets. Like the woman who went to work even when she thought her dog had eaten her cat.

Lloyd Grove: I'm not sure that could be done without serious exposure to liability for advice malpractice.

Somewhere, USA: Dan Synder is decidedly NOT fun to hang out with, unless you enjoy short men with Napoleonic complexes. (I'd say hey, who doesn't, but really, I don't). The cat that owns the Skins with him, the one who owns U.S. News ... now he is a hoot and a half. Tried to set me up with everyone in his entourage. My husband was less than amused.

Lloyd Grove: You mean Fred Drasner? He IS a funny guy.

Bethesda, Md.: So Lloyd, why is there no Pulitzer Prize for gossip? You'd win the award for many years running!

Lloyd Grove: I think you've put your finger on the reason!

Laurel, Md.: Some of us write to online chats because:

We have nothing better to do
We like to see our stuff in print
We have strong opinions as long as no one knows whose behind them
We secretly hope one day some one will say "There must be some really clever guy in Laurel that I'd like to meet. He sounds sort of like the guy who works around the corner, who once told me ..."

Lloyd Grove: All good and sufficient reasons, I'd say.

Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.: Saw "Phone Booth" last weekend. Colin Farrell was phenomenal. Have you ever had a chance to meet him and is he as wild as everyone says he is? And if you haven't seen the movie, check it out.

Lloyd Grove: I saw him in the middle distance at the VF party, but frankly, I have been exposed to so much Colin Farrell hype, my curioisty about him is at a very low ebb.

D.C. by Day : Ralph (or do you say "Raiphe"?) Nader is soooooo sexy.
Craggy, but sexy.

Lloyd Grove: MUST we?

20906: I think we should bash the "little helmet haired guy" on the Fox and Friends A.M. show. Now his favorite schtick is saying "Where was xxxxx made? ... (referring to some weapon or other in Iraq)... FRANCE!" He has one note, and it has been sour for a long time. He is one of those who calls anyone disagreeing with Bush un-American, which I say is UN-American.

Lloyd Grove: You mean Brian Kilmede? He e-mailed me recently saying he enjoyed the "helmet-haired" reference in my item about his on-air dustup with Janeane Garofalo.

Multi-tasking: Are you still talking to Ralph Nader while conducting this chat?

Lloyd Grove: Yes, actually.
Ralph, can we get on with our lives yet?
Truthfully, no. I never approach these shows except with laser-like focus on y'all and your ideas.

Long Beach, Calif.: LLOYD! How astute for you to be turned off by the fake "grassroots" protests fabricated by CLEAR CHANNEL. They are a danger to democracy and culture. "De-regulating" our public airwaves is a big subject, and those fake protests and CD trampling tractor events help point this out. THANKS.

Lloyd Grove: YOU'RE WELCOME.

Gore & Tennessee: Not to beat another dead horse but from looking at Tennessee Senators it doesn't look like that states elects a lot of Democrats. Also without Nader Gore wins New Hampshire and is allowed to win Florida and possibly even the election ...

Lloyd Grove: Oy.

New Yorker for the Dixie Chicks: Regarding the Dixie Chicks and the accompanying radio ban and Dixie Chick burning parties, John Norris (forgive me for citing him but it's poignant) from MTV said it best: "And this from the people who want to impose democracy in Iraq."

Man, when are people going to let the idea of what it means to be an American actually sink in (free speech, all speech, and all ideas are allowed, welcomed and encouraged because there's no single answer to many of the problems in the world), instead of rallying behind "you comfort Saddam and our enemies" (a la "You're a Commie!").

Lloyd Grove: There you go. From the mouths of MTV hunks ...

Comic actors: See, I don't think Jason Alexander's funny at all. That wasn't a grammatical quibble, it was a comment on his talents.

Lloyd Grove: He was great on Seinfeld.

Washington, D.C.: Pat Collins is the worst thing about local TV in washington. And that's saying something, given that we all have to tolerate Fox 5.

Lloyd Grove: I find Pat amusing mostly.

MUST we talk about Fox News?: Ugh. Unbiased my ---.

Lloyd Grove: My girlfriend recently got cable service, and I've been watching FNC with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, they do try to tell you what's going on in the war, not the constant speculation and analysis, but the play by play. On the other hand, they do tend toward the unpleasantly jungoistic. Reminds me of the British tabloid which during the Falklands war held a contest to put your name on a bomb for the Argies ... another Rupert Murdoch property, no doubt.

New York, N.Y. follow-up:: I was really hoping there was more on the cat thing in Hax's chat. How about it, Mr. Grove. Woman w/ new dog, old cat. Dog's mouth spotted with blood and cat is no where to be found. Woman must get to work immediately. Now she is SO distracted at work she can't concentrate (except to formulate the submission to Hax). I say we ban her from the Hall of Fame. Your thoughts?

Lloyd Grove: My thoughts will have to wait till next week. Time to get outta here. Have a great weekend all, and I'll see you back here same place same day, and usual 11 a.m. time. Bye.

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