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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, April 18, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, fellow dirt-scratchers (assuming that's how you're composing your messages today). Very good week in terms of brand expansion, what with my pal Tim Robbins's lovely appearance at the National Press Club. Also some interesting tidbits about the president's extended family, and dunno what-all else...Let's get started, shall we?

New York, N.Y.: In Thursday's column you quoted Tim Robbins, stating that his characterization of a columnist, "A sadistic creep who writes -- or, rather, scratches -- his column with his fingernails in dirt," referred to you. Why do you think so? Aren't there a lot of writers who have written things that would have offended Robbins? Perhaps the reason you think so is the part of the quote you omitted? Restored to its entirety the quote reads: "My 13-year old boy, who has done nothing to anybody, has been embarrassed and humiliated by a sadistic creep who writes, or rather scratches, his columns with his fingers in the dirt."

You did publish Robbins' 13-year-old child's name in the context of his grandmother's remark that boy had been "brainwashed." As I recall the elderly lady also said that she wouldn't bother discussing politics with him. It's quite possible that the grandmother's remarks, which disparage both the parents and the child, did embarrass and humiliate the young teenager. It seems likely you think so, too -- it's that part of the quote that directly connects Robbins' comments to you. However, you are not the only gossip columnist who goes after this particular child in order to humiliate and embarrass Robbins and Sarandon. For example, Richard Johnson recently quoted "sources" as saying that the boy is such a big crybaby that when he didn't get the lead in his middle-school play he quit the production rather than appear in a minor role. Johnson was even good enough to report that the story was untrue, but not before he had thoroughly detailed the "sources" claim. Essentially Johnson published a non-story designed expressly to embarrass and humiliate the boy. Personally, I think Johnson outdoes you in the "sadistic creep" department. Can you defend your assumption that Robbins' characterization better describes you? Are your fingernails dirtier?

Lloyd Grove: I suspect my friend Richard Johnson might get regular manicures, class guy that he is. I actually think Tim's description is pretty far off the mark for either of us, but I have consulted Richard this morning and he believes Tim was going after me this time, not him. I'd ask Tim directly, but he scares me.

Capitol Hill: I think I can safely say that Tim Robbins has been done to death in your column. Take a deep breath, re-rent "Bob Roberts", and come back to the Tim Robbins fan club! Or at least get off the guy's back.

Lloyd Grove: I AM in the Tim Robbins fan club. I thought "Bob Roberts" was a terrific movie. But I can't help it if he keeps making himself gossip-fodder.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd,

Wouldn’t it have been less self-serving…or at least honest…to have quoted the entire sentence that Tim Robbins delivered in his speech to the National Press Corps in Washington on Tuesday?

“My 13-year-old boy, who has done nothing to anybody, has been embarrassed and humiliated by a sadistic creep who writes, or rather, scratches, his column with his fingers in the dirt.”

In fact, the entire paragraph before and after the sentence was a recapitulation of the threatening e-mails, phone calls harassment, and denials of free speech (Baseball Hall of Fame and United Way, to mention only two) his and Susan Sarandon’s families -- and others opposed to the war -- have endured for exercising what they thought was a Constitutional right.

It gives a little background to the source of his anger.

Lloyd Grove: Anybody who reads my column knows I haven't tried to conceal the reasons for Tim's anger, whether at me or anybody else.

Potomac, Md.: Lloyd, how come you didn't mention that Major League Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig, and Potential D.C. baseball team owner, Fred Malek, were having lunch together downtown, yesterday? That's important info!

Lloyd Grove: How come you didn't call me yesterday?
THAT is the question!

Arlington, Va.: Hi Lloyd:

I had been following your Terry Holt search-for-love saga with the proverbial bated breath. Seemed like such a nice and funny guy! But I was disappointed to find out he is actually my very anti-social neighbor. He leaves his cigarette butts on the curb; he blocked his neighbors in during the snowstorm with his massive SUV; and he lets his poor elderly dog run around unsupervised. Talks to no one and sneers to all. "Breathtakingly decent" seems like a stretch. I'm hoping someone falls for him soon so he'll pack up and leave the neighborhood (he's renting). Maybe you can run his "ad" again and generate some new interest.

Lloyd Grove: Wow.
Maybe Terry will write in in his own defense before this show ends.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, please keep after these Hollywood losers who think they can and should expound on policy issues and be taken seriously simply because of their fame.

It's about time they get taken down a notch, and you're just the guy to do it.

Keep up the good work!

Lloyd Grove: Thanks. Lovely being the Sword of the People (as Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown once described himself).

DuPont Circle, Washington, D.C.: So, did you have trouble not busting out laughing when Christy Carlson Romano said, "People who can't rely on their wits and intelligence to reach success -- that's not what government is about, and that's not what I want"? She’s a little old to be so starry eyed ain’t she? Or is the world really that much less cynical outside of the District?

Lloyd Grove: Could be the latter. And I would never laugh at anything Christy told me. My daughter would kill me.

Silver Spring, Md.: Lloyd, You the man! Or whatever. Have you heard or seen anything about MJ's wife and kids. I swear I believe that in about 10 or 15 years there is going to be a book entitled "Daddy Dearest: Life with Michael Jordan." I know everyone loves him and I do too and I believe he is/was the best in basketball and and most known and loved of all sports figures, but am I the only one that suspects a bad side.

Lloyd Grove: Clearly you are not. But I have no reasons to believe he doesn't love his kids--and Lord knows they will be well taken care of.

Capitol Hole: Lloyd,

This Sharon v. Neil Bush item is delicious! Please do not let up on it. I want more, more, more!

Lloyd Grove: I suspect we haven't heard the last of these two.

He no longer has game: So do you think MJ's exit from the players' life is final this time, or if he'll make a return to the game again in, say, Minneapolis or something?

Lloyd Grove: This is the sort of question best put to Tony and Mike, but let me at least express the hope that MJ calls it quits for real this time. It would be nice if he could live out his golden years uninjured.

Hey!: No, please DON'T get off Tim Robbins' back! It's entertaining to see what people who have nothing better to do find rage-worthy. What a laughingstock!

Lloyd Grove: I will report Tim's activities as necessary.

President of Lloyd Grove Fan Club, Seattle Chapter: Dear Lloyd,

As you know I am always on the lookout for new venues to showcase your talents. It has occurred to me that you could take on Tim Robbins in a celebrity boxing match. I'm sure Bill O'Reilly would be happy to emcee and I think a lot of dollars could be raised to fund a Reliable Source type column in the Baghdad Free Press. And just think how cute you'd look in your boxing shorts!

Lloyd Grove: I am not so deluded as to believe that a) Tim Robbins wouldn't reduce me to a pulp in the ring and b) I'd look cute in boxing shorts while being reduced to said pulp.

By the way, did you get the flashlight-keychain shipment yet?

... and the game no longer has him: Three cheers for the best athlete ever!
I hope he continues to put his fame and talent to good works. Maybe he could be Ambassador to New Zealand!

Lloyd Grove: Interesting proposal ... why New Zealand?

Cleveland, Ohio: Do you this this Sharon Bush thing is just a bitter divorcee seeking a few bucks and revenge?

Lloyd Grove: There might be some of that element, but I think she was genuinely shocked when Neil Bush filed for divorce and she discovered he was having an affair, and genuinely worried about her financial future.

Washington, D.C.: Can we all get at least one thing straight about this Tim Robbins thing? He and Susan Sarandon have NOT been prevented from exercising their constitutionally-protected right to free speech. The Constitution protects individuals from GOVERNMENT interference with free speech. The GOVERNMENT has not prevented either of these individuals from speaking out. The Baseball Hall of Fame and other organizations are PRIVATE organizations who can do what they like. Robbins and Sarandon are free to say what they want, as private citizens, and private organizations are free to invite them to speak or disinvite them to speak. The Constitution and the free speech guaranteed underneath it have no place in this discussion, and it's ludicrous for people to keep raising them.

Sheesh. Thanks for letting me rant.

Lloyd Grove: That's exactly what this forum is for.

Eastern Market: I just spent most of my morning at the DMV, had to go back twice to finish what needed done. Can you give me some fresh, hot gossip to help make this a better day?

Lloyd Grove: Did you know that two of the clerks at the DMV secretly chuckle and make amusing remarks to each other every time you show up there?

Huntington, W.Va.: What is it with conservatives and picking on kids? When you're not trying to exploit Tim Robbins's son to further your attack on dissent, you're picking on the daughters of Democratic presidents (as Limbaugh did often to 13-year-old Chelsea).

Lloyd Grove: Are you okay?

Bethesda, Md.: Did Susan Sarandon's 79-year-old-mother make her comments about her family knowing that they were going to be published in your column? Or did she think that she was making off-handed remarks at a party among friends, and her comments would go no further? Did she tell you her grandson's name, or did you supply it on your own?

Lloyd Grove: Susan's now 80-year-old mom Lenora Tomalin (her birthday was April 15) made the comments to me in a telephone interview, and it was very clear to her that I was going to write about her. Indeed, she thanked me a couple of days later after Jeb Bush called her. And she was the one who mentioned her grandson by name.

Maryland: I belong to a small, political/social/networking organization in Maryland. We do occasional social events, and as ambitious and relatively attractive 20- and 30-somethings believe that we could be great material for your column. How do we get you to our next social event?

Lloyd Grove: Send more details to grovel@washpost.com

Cabin John, Md.: Maybe it's been too long since my own bitter divorce, but I just don't get it -- what's wrong with wearing flip-flops on the porch of one's beach house in Kennebunkport? And does Barbara Bush smoke?

Lloyd Grove: Nothing wrong with it at all.
I don't believe she smokes any more, but as Marjorie Williams wrote in a very good profile for Vanity Fair years ago, she used to be a chain smoker.

Long Beach, Calif.: Hang in there Lloyd! You're not the worst!

At what point will this all become the premise for a FOX reality show? If Tim wins, the prize money goes to the Sierra Club, and if you win, you tell me, who gets the prize?

Here are your choices:
1. Heritage Foundation
2. Bush's Pioneers
3. Junior High School Anti-Defamation League
4. Project for a New American Century of War

Lloyd Grove: You left out: ME!

To Huntington, W.Va.: Hey, Lloyd's only giving the people what they want.

And this person (me) wants some off-color West Virginia jokes! Have at it, Lloyd!

Lloyd Grove: I don't know about off-color. I already told the William Saxbe Robert Byrd anecdote in a previous show. But I'm happy to post any publishable jokes concerning West Virginia or any other state.

Indianapolis, Ind.: Wow. You mean liberals never said hateful things about George and Jeb Bush's kids in print and internet forums?

Hello? Pot? This is kettle calling.

Lloyd Grove: LOL

Arlington, Va.: Was the e-mail moniker (grovel) your decision, or one of the Post's?

Lloyd Grove: The Post generally assigns email address combing the surname with the first initial of the given name, so I guess I lucked out.

Virginia: Tim Robbins is very rich. Ninety percent of Americans are not and they work every day to earn a living, unlike the Hollywood stats who worked for a total of 3-4 months.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds right to me.

Louisville, Ky.: So, when someone e-mails or calls you with a tip that someone famous or newsworthy was seen at a restaurant (like the Ari Fleischer tip), how do you go about verifying that it is true? And have you ever gotten burned?

Lloyd Grove: Well, it often depends on where the tip came from -- in this case, it was from a dependable source with whom I have conducted a great deal of business over the years--and we always call the restaurant to verify and often get the tip. In this case the restaurant stiffed us -- and Ari didn't return my call--but I had no doubt that it was true and accurate.

Somewhere, USA: Thirteen years is a difficult age for any kid, but probably more so for the kid of a celebrity. I can understand Tim Robbins' rage at a columnist who publicly labeled his son a crybaby.

Lloyd Grove: I'm sure the young man will survive. After all, he also receives the attendant privileges of being the child of a rich celebrity.
I will direct my sympathy elsewhere for now.

Arlington, Va: Since Neil tells her to get remarried, he's making her sell her body. Get a life, lady.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like she is.

Washington, D.C.: Wait! I missed the Byrd joke. Oh wait. He IS a joke ... but I want to the story!

Lloyd Grove: Some legislative conference in Mexico. Byrd there., Saxbe of Ohio, state bordering W. Va., is there. Byrd gets up at gala dinner, gives a virtuoso performance on his blue grass fiddle, sits down at Saxbe's table looking very pleased with himself. Saxbe says, "Bob, do you know what the best thing ever to come out of West Virginia is?" Byrd (expectantly): "No, Bill, what?" Saxbe: "An empty bus!"

Kingstowne, Va.: For someone who preaches "peace," Tim Robbins seems awfully prone to violent outbursts and selective goodwill to humankind. I guess that's why they call it irony, eh? Don't let the rich Hollywood fools get you down, buckaroo!

Lloyd Grove: I won't. I promise.

Alrington, Va.: Hi Lloyd. Ari Fleischer was on my Delta Shuttle flight from New York on Wednesday. Sadly he was in New York to attend David Bloom's funeral. Ari was extremely polite to the flight attendants and actually seemed like a decent guy.

Lloyd Grove: It would have been better for me if he had made an ugly scene over the lack of warm coffee or something.

Somewhere, USA: Your column said that the scorned Bush wife (or her lawyer) said that Bush only offered her $1000 a month alimony. Uh, I think she needs a better lawyer.

The funniest thing I've seen in this chat is the Maryland social club of "reasonably attractive" political flunkies asking for coverage. Washington's a gas sometimes.

Lloyd Grove: Well, I have every reason to believe she did much better than that on the settlement agreement they just reached. Her lawyer, david Brown, is quite a character, by the way -- full of good ol' boy charm.

Washington, D.C.: You aren't giving Tim the time of day for nothing like that O'Reilly factor guy. He's just got nothing better to talk about. His show is so pathetic. He's the one who should get off Tim's back. You're not hounding Tim, you are only reporting. And reporting the good stuff I might add. Big difference. Rock on Lloyd.

Lloyd Grove: Will do. (Though "rock on" and "lloyd" is oxymoronic in the extreme.)

Ari F.: It would have been better for you if he'd made an ugly scene about the coffee WHERE? On the flight or at the funeral?

Lloyd Grove: Either one.

Virginia: For the fun of it, just wanted to replace Tim's name with George's name in an earlier posting.

Virginia: George Bush is very rich. Ninety percent of Americans are not and they work every day to earn a living..

Lloyd Grove: Hmmmmm.

Eighth Floor: Your first poster seems unnaturally invested in Robbins' rage -- unless ... it is Robbins himself!

Lloyd Grove: A busy man like him?
Too wonderful to happen.

Eighth Floor: It seemed sort of strange to me that Robbins would be complaining about how he has been hindered from expressing his views -- from the podium of the packed out National Press Club?!

Lloyd Grove: An irony lost on nobody but him probably.

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, who has been shot more times: Uday Hussein or 50 Cent?

Lloyd Grove: LOL.

New Albany, Ind.: Your item on O'Reilly turned up in the Louisville, Ky., Courier-Journal. They credited you and the paper extensively.

Lloyd Grove: Wow. Sounds to me that we need to try and sell them the column for syndication.

Hax: Have you ever conversed with Carolyn Hax? What's she like in real life?

Lloyd Grove: Yes I have, and what you read is what you get (if you ask).

"I'd ask Tim directly, but he scares me.": So you'll mock him and his family publicly, but won't speak with him privately?

Cowardly, Lloyd, cowardly.

Lloyd Grove: I did try to speak to him privately and he went nuts. I think he made himself very clear that he has no wish to speak with ME, so there's really no point until he has a change of heart.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd --

Michael Jordan's as human as anyone else off the field. I agree about a revealing book down the road about the kids! How come nobody ever prints anything about Jordan getting it on with women other than his wife when he's in town? Nobody has a problem writing about his gambling and family problems, but the infidelity never surfaces.

I have a friend who's been with him after a wild night at Dream, and while I don't want to believe her story (the MJ fan on the inside says that), I suspect she's not the only woman he's slept with other than his wife while in D.C.

Lloyd Grove: Not endorsing this one, but I do find it interesting.

Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd. How'd you land the American Idol gig on the local Fox morning news? It's kinda in your realm, but then again, it's not. Are you branching out?

Lloyd Grove: They asked me to do it -- once -- and then they kept asking me back, and I thought it would be good practice in case I ever did want to branch out.

Fairfax, Va.: Lloyd,

I really enjoy your chats. The ongoing Tim Robbins saga is great. Just keep doing what you do so well.

I grew up in Ohio and we always made fun of people from West Virginia. I had a sorority sister from there -- talk about fitting a stereotype. Anyway, do you know why all the trees in Ohio point toward West Virginia?

Because West Virginia sucks!!

Take care.

Lloyd Grove: I'm smiling inside.

Fairfax, Va.: Hi Lloyd, I saw a bunch of buzz about the stars of "Bend it Like Beckham" being in town with Mia Hamm. What's up with Mia? Divorce finalized, new beau installed, new digs, what?

Lloyd Grove: I should check into this one. I was on a flight recently with the Washington Freedom and I believe I saw her hanging out with her teammates.

Re: Today's item on Mohammed Sahaf: Lloyd:

I'm pretty open to mockery of all kinds, but today's item on Mohammed Sahaf was cruel. The man hanged himself, and some PR wank continues to make fun of him like it's some joke. He might have been ridiculous in life, but give the man a modicum of dignity in death. Sheesh.

Lloyd Grove: Who IS this, the Iraqi ambassador?
My view: Good ol' dead Mr. Sahaf was a criminal on the order of Joe Goebbels (and a murderer and betrayer of his own family, too, according to what I've read). I can't get worked up if he did the gentlemanly thing.

Capitol Hill: Lloyd--

Given that it's Good Friday, it would be well for us to remember what makes for "high church" in West Virginia.

Two snakes.

Lloyd Grove: This is pretty erudite humor today!

Eighth Floor: Loved Kitty Kelly's colorful description of her lunch with Sharon Bush. Washington is a better place for having Kitty in it.

Lloyd Grove: Kitty is the best!

Laurel, Md.: Re: Bill O'Reilly at Best Friends

The flap a few weeks ago where O'Reilly said "wetbacks" instead of "coyotes" may have seemed an isolated incident at the time; but Saturday's incident starts to make the spin look a little different.

O'Reilly's show used to have a lot of stories about Arab and Muslim Americans' possible involvement in 9/11 and international terrorism in general.

Is the overall perception of conservatism as being just the philosophy of European-Americans getting stronger, even as the Bush administration tries to broaden its base?

Lloyd Grove: Too big a question for me, but O'Reilly's tongue sometimes behaves like it has a mind of its own.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd -- any comment?

The Gist, (NY Press, April 16)

Lloyd Grove: Nah.
Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

Citizen of New Zealand: No thanks on MJ being ambassador -- we have enough pompous people already.

Lloyd Grove: Are you speaking of Peter Arnett?
I haven't noticed that MJ is pompous, though.

New York, N.Y.: Do you have any response to the implication in Signorile's recent New York Press column that you publish political dirt (Brock, e.g.) as a "gift" to your sources?

Lloyd Grove: I'll stick with my previous posting.

Providence, R.I.: There has been a definite lack of dirt on the Bush twins lately. What gives? Or is it because they're legal now, no one cares how much they party? I, for one, want to know if the First Daughters are continuing to develop into full-blown alcoholics.

Lloyd Grove: If they make a scene I'll be all over it. But they are legal and hoisting a few beers ain't newsworthy no more.

Largo, Fla.: Lloyd-

Why does Tim Robbins scare you? I mean, put him in a lineup with John Ashcroft, George Bush and Richard Perle. There, there - now he's about as scary as a little kitty cat.

Lloyd Grove: He's a 6-foot-6 hockey player, that's why.

Trendy Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, I found out last night that 50 Cent gave himself the moniker after he got shot (8 times!) He said that he needed to change his life and when he pondered on the need for change and the term change, he decided that the rap name '50 Cent' best represented change to him. Just thought that might be the kind of story you'd want to have handy as you ponder the deeper meaning of things this holy weekend ...

Lloyd Grove: Is that another West Virginia joke?

Northern Virginia: Dave Grohl is coming to town soon (GMU Patriot Center). Any guesses on where he will hang out after the show?

Lloyd Grove: I hope he drops by his parents house.

Proud of the Byrd man: Say what you will about the Byrd Man.

He spoke so eloquently about the besmirching of our constitution that I will always respect the man. W. Virginia had the most people in the Gulf per capita than any other state, and had up to 60 percent of their firemen and police on active duty reserve status. At least the man knows the Constitution by heart. The other Senators pale by comparison.

Lloyd Grove: I agree that Sen. Byrd, at age 86, occasionally has some very cogent arguments to make. Sense of humor about himself? Zero. But he does know his business.

Re: Iraqi Information Minister: He certainly had a bizarre gift for language. I thought he resembled Jerry Orbach from "Law and Order." Maybe Orbach could play him in the TV movie.

Lloyd Grove: He would have been a great continuing character on Saturday Night Live.

Somewhere, USA: Gee, all this time I thought you were a nice guy. I'm over and outta this chat!

Lloyd Grove: Without even explaining why? How do you expect me to improve my personality without your guidance?

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, in this month's Vanity Fair Uday Hussein is pictured wearing a red Lacoste shirt. What more proof do we need of France's crass commercial interests in Iraq?

Lloyd Grove: I thought they made those shirts in Manilla!

Kitty Kelly and Bushes: Her book on Nancy Reagan mentions that George H.W. Bush was with his girlfriend when he had a car accident in the early 1980s. I wonder if the family has read this passage.

Lloyd Grove: No doubt (or at least their lawyers have).

3717: Lloyd ... why do you look stoned in your photograph?

Lloyd Grove: I am naturally glassy-eyed.

Washington, D.C.: Nice guys finish last, Lloyd. Keep up the good work, my man.

Lloyd Grove: Shut up, you idiot.
(Just kidding.)

Maryland: West Virginia has more people in the Gulf and all of those firemen and policemen in the reserves because THERE AREN'T ANY OTHER JOBS IN WEST VIRGINIA. Come on -- have ya checked the local unemployment statistics lately? Geez.

You're not more patriotic than any other state, your citizens just enjoy eating on a regular basis just as much as the rest of us.

Lloyd Grove: Is that a joke?

West-by-God Virginia: You people are just jealous that W. Va. has more smog-free air and fewer politicos than Virginia-proper.

Lloyd Grove: I for one am crimson with envy.

Washington, D.C.: re: Mia Hamm

She's engaged to Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra.

Lloyd Grove: He's making it legal? Good for Nomar!

Kensington, Md.: Lloyd, didn't know about the Fox gig. Does this mean you actually have to watch American Idol? If so, my sympathy.

Lloyd Grove: Actually, it's quite entertaining from time to time. But don't worry, it will be over soon.

Eighth Floor: And also great quotes from Sharon's lawyer. Gotta love a guy who can say, "mama." That guy needs a show!

Lloyd Grove: He actually told me a funny story i couldn't fit in the item. David Brown, the lawyer, said that as he was about to begin his deposition of Neil ("and I had my foot halfway up his [bleep]"), he told Neil's lawyer, "here's what I want. I want Neil Bush to get on the phone to the president right now and ask for 5 entry visas to Iraq. My friends and I might be old and fat, but we'll pay our own way and we got our own guns." Neil's lawyer came back with the answer: "You got it! On condition that you leave the country before the deposition."

Syndication: How many papers are carrying your column now, Lloyd? Is the LA Times?

Lloyd Grove: Not yet. Fingers crossed. I hear there's a lot of interest out there and the Morning Journal in Lorain, Ohio has actually put down real money. God bless them.

New Orleans, La.: Your column and chat are like crack. How you smoke so good?

P.S. -- I now cannot stomach Master Robbins.

Lloyd Grove: I am now going to send you into withdrawal for the weekend. Our time is done. Thanks, everyone, for taking part, and have a safe fab weekend, and see you back here same time same place. Bye.


That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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