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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, April 25, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, all. I am a burnt cinder today, having forgotten to pace myself this week, so I expect the lion's share of the energy in this forum to be coming from y'all! Don't fail me now!

Somerville, Mass.: I am baffled by the lack of outcry about the apparent total lack of WMD being found in Iraq. President Bush admitted they might not find any weapons, which is strange since Rumsfeld and company said Iraq has 1000s of tons of such weapons unaccounted for. The President and his Administration swore to the U.S. Congress, the UN, the Security Council and the American People that they had PROOF that Iraq was violating its agreements in a major, military significant way. It's utterly unbelievable that Iraq deposed of a military significant (100, or 1000 of tons) of chemical weapons in the face of war without even attempting to use the fact to avoid war. The evidence the Administration presented the UN was shown to be falsified as well. SO why aren't there calls for accountability and even impeachment? This lie so dwarfs any President Clinton was accused of telling, that if it was justified to impeach President Clinton for lying about sex, lying to start a personnel revenge war must warrant execution of the entire Administration by comparison. Where is the outrage? Why isn't the Press screaming its collective heads off? What the hell is going on here?

Lloyd Grove: Let me try and satisfy your demand....ARRRRRRRRRHGHHHGJHHEEEE!

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd,

Loved the story on Walter Washington's car tag. I assume he does not park on the street, or if so, I guess he's lucky they didn't boot him or tow him away.

Lloyd Grove: I have been receiving many messages from other folks with so-called low-number tags, and apparently erroneous ticket notices are epidemic in d.C..

Slave to my, ID: Do you think Rick Santorum could have a heart-to-heart with Neil Bush and explain the evils of adultery? Since Neil has no privacy left in the matter.

Lloyd Grove: That sounds like a very short conversation.

Washington, D.C.: Punish France? Ha ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee hee ... it hurts ... ha heh heh.

Chirac can't come to the ranch. Oh, that one must hurt, eh?

Don't these folks have anything better to do than go around punishing everyone?
Our great foreign policy plan seems to be "Heel. Sit. Stay. Rollover". Good dog!

France-bashing is so ... early March. They need to get with the times and insult some other countries instead.

Lloyd Grove: D'accord!

Arlington, Va.: Frederique Van Der Wal was horrid in the Vagina Monologues -- You would think she was in the Vagina Monotones. The other two women were fabulous, but the only thing that was clear from the model's mouth were the moans mentioned in today's column. It was very disappointing. Why do models think they can act?

Lloyd Grove: A question for the ages ...

Alexandria, Va: Lloyd,

Can you please comment on the Dixie Chicks interview?

My take.
Freedom of Speech is a two-way street.
They should stick to pickin' instead of politickin'. They are not articulate enough to discuss world events or even understand that some people will not agree with them.

Lloyd Grove: I only read reports of this historic encounter, and saw some magazine cover, was it Entertainment Weekly, where they're all posing nekked with political insights and slogans of various kinds stenciled onto their bodies. Sounds about right.

Chantilly, Va: Lloyd,

One of my favorite TV personalities is Jim Vance. He seems to be a real down to earth kinda guy.

Do you know him personally ? What can you tell us about him besides what we gather from watching him on TV ?

Lloyd Grove: I have met Jim but don't really know him. He is obviously a very talented broadcaster and a very interesting man who has triumphed over his share of life challenges.

Long Beach, Calif.: Lloyd, the LA Times has declared the National Mall to be endangered sacred ground. Stick up for the Mall, before it's too late. There is an underground Vietnam visitors center being proposed that includes a "virtual jungle fighting game" no less. Plus a MLK memorial, an Afro-American Museum, a 9/11 victim memorial, a memorial to KIA from police actions overseas, not to mention an underground tunnel for the Washington Monument. MAKES ONE DIZZY, especially when one considers that Reagan will be getting one shortly, as he is 92. DOES ANYONE IN D.C. understand the symbolism of open space on the mall?

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like a question best directed to our worthy architecture maven Ben Forgey ... Me, I just hope they don't take away the hotdog vendors.

12th Floor Metro Center: Did you hear about the Fox reporter who got arrested at Dulles Airport for smuggling some of the Iraqi booty from the museums? Unless I missed it, I didn't see this covered in the Post.

Lloyd Grove: I did hear about it and I don't know what The Post has done. By the way this fellow, whose name escapes me, claimed that he had managed to collect one of Uday's leather jackets. Yikes!

New to D.C.: Lloyd, submitting early due to meeting. I just moved here from LA and am delighted with all things D.C. Just one teensy little issue, but it really piques my curiosity. I have watched NBC news for 20-odd years -- in a variety of cities -- because I find they consistently have the highest caliber of news people. But Barbara Harrison is terrible. She constantly stumbles over her lines, mispronounces words, and seems terribly wooden. In such a major market, how has she been allowed to remain on the air in a prominent time slot? Is there another reason that I am missing?!

Lloyd Grove: I have to say that's not my impression. Full disclosure, Barbara is a friend, and she seems to be a very likable and relaxed broadcaster. Let me suggest she wouldn't enjoy the longevity she does in this market if it were otherwise.

Jim Vance?!?!?: Over what life challenges has he triumphed?

Lloyd Grove: I believe way back long ago there were some addiction issues, which he faced head on and tackled.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd,

I'm in a fix. I'm a Republican by nature, but can't stand Bush and what he's doing to the country (let alone our image overseas). Bush is so phony.

You're the only one who could be in a position to know this: is anyone else running? I want Ross Perot back, or McCain to get out there and challenge this guy. Heck, I'd take Bill Frist.

Is there anyone out there that wants to move Republicans back to the middle, rather than make us all look like fools on the extreme right?

Lloyd Grove: I'm afraid you're not tilting at windmills, you're tilting at propellers, revved up to full speed. No way anybody in the Republican Party has a chance of dislodging the president at this point, let alone the desire. Except you, perhaps. Maybe YOU should mount a challenge.

Castle Shannon, Pa.: So did you stay at the fair too late last night or just a long week, Lloyd?

Lloyd Grove: Both, I'm afraid.

Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd,

Radar. Whaddya think?

Lloyd Grove: Maer Roshan, whose creation Radar is, is a friend of mine. That said, I think he has done a wonderful and courageous job executing his vision for a smart, irreverent magazine, and I think the inaugural issue is a brilliant first effort. I look forward to more.

Jim Vance ... :
... is a pompous blowhard.

Lloyd Grove: Not in my experience. I think he has more broadcast chops than most folks on TV these days.

New York, N.Y.: The Chicks already did that pose for the cover of the Daily News or Post, up here.

Lloyd Grove: Maybe that was where I saw it. My mind is a Waring Blender today.

Arlington, Va.: With all of the stuff coming out about how strange the Iraqi leadership was and its collections of what we call schlock, it might have been an interesting job to be a gossip columnist in Baghdad, at least until the first column was published: "Uday has a new velvet painting of Elvis for his collection?"

Lloyd Grove: My favorite is the radio stations using stuff from Uday's cheesy disco collection for bumper music.

Baltimore, Md.: Any updates from the D.C. Bachelor, Terry Holt to report?

Lloyd Grove: Not lately. Terry, can you file a report?

Somewhere, USA: To Somerville: This is a GOSSIP chat, not a political/world affairs chat. Save your WMD questions for Loeb and Priest.

To Alexandria: What qualifies you as a judge of levels of articulation? We care about your assessment of them ... why?

Gotta go buy a Dixie Chicks CD. Bye.

Lloyd Grove: Thank you.
I knew I needed an enforcer.

Washington, D.C.: The guy wants Perot back?! The only people who want that are the late night comedians!

Lloyd Grove: Maybe he's a late-night comedian then.

Washington, D.C.: What's up with the Abe Pollin/Ted Leonsis thing? Don't they realize that D.C. sports are hanging by a thread? They need to make nice and bring some baseball downtown!

Lloyd Grove: I'll pass it on!

YOUR MOM...: ...is a pompous blowhard! Jim Vance IS very talented, and deserves all the air time he can get. There's no denying this guy knows his stuff.

Lloyd Grove: Is that an insult of MY mom? Hold me back!

Stuck in Greenbelt: Lloyd. My husband is lurking in your chat. Ask him to e-mail me, please! Thanx, Hon!

Lloyd Grove: Consider it done.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd, why hasn't the Post mentioned the Illinois professor's theory that Fred Fielding is Deep Throat? Does Bob Woodward edit everything?

Lloyd Grove: ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
I'm sorry I just can't get excited by the endless Deep Throat speculation. Fielding Schmielding.

Virginia: If the liberals do not like Halliburton, what companies can they recommend? Halliburton's workers work on/of/by oil. Getting their hands dirty is not what liberals have in mind.

Lloyd Grove: What a compelling argument.

Not YOUR mom, Lloyd!: Sorry! Should've clarified that.

Lloyd Grove: Yes, you SHOULD have. Now I have to pop a blood pressure pill.

Barbara Harrison: I agree; she is TERRIBLE. I, too, wonder how she manages to stay on the air, but then again I could ask that question about many of the personalities at NBC.

Lloyd Grove: Wow. Sounds like some folks are in a really grumpy mood that hour of the morning. Not Barbara, though.

15th and L: I don't care what they do with the mall, as long as they keep it tractor-free.

Lloyd Grove: That's a bar I hope we can get over.

Barbara Harrison: Lloyd -- I met Barbara Harrison once, several years ago, when I was working in a kids clothing store in Georgetown. She was shopping for her daughter, and was quite rude and demanding, and told anyone who would listen that she was on TV. Not one of my favorite newscasters, for sure.

Lloyd Grove: Again, my experience of Barbara is quite the contrary. I'm glad you haven't had the opportunity to watch ME shop.

Somewhere, USA: I'm 40 and I remember Jim Vance speaking to a class at my junior high school when I was 13. He was cool, he had a nice Afro back then.

Lloyd Grove: Nice, huh?

SW, D.C.: I for one, think Barbara Harrison is FANTASTIC! The most wooden, awful personality was on Fox5 but thankfully left a few months ago ... Cardboard Todd Wallace ... he sucked!
By the way, Jim Vance battled and beat cocaine abuse back in the 80's and is also one of my favorites.

Lloyd Grove: There you go.

Bowie, Md.: Lloyd, which system did you use to whiten your teeth?

I've tried two different ones for two weeks each, and they're the same shade of yellow as before.

Lloyd Grove: Laser, bought and paid for by my girlfriend. Reverting to original color though, what with all the coffee drinking.

Re: Barbara Harrison: Lloyd, I think you may be too close to her on this one. My wife and I routinely are in hysterics watching Barbara try and deliver the news. She regularly (more than 1/week) gets the day wrong, time wrong, etc. She also has a constant "deer in the headlights" look staring at the camera. It's amazing that this woman is still employed!

Lloyd Grove: Fine.
Let's now turn our attention to some other morning newscaster, yes?

Bethesda, Md.: Lloyd,

I have a question only you can answer. Place yourself in a hypothetical world where Hillary Clinton is elected President. What then would be the appropriate formal title for Bill: Mr. President, Mr. First Gentleman, Sir or what?


Lloyd Grove: Mr. President is a lifelong honorary title. Or, in the case of your Hillary scenario, Madame President -- when Hillary is in office and after she leaves.

New York, N.Y.: So, you think Dick Cheney is gonna be the warm, compassionate "family man" the Republicans allege to cherish so dear, and denounce Santorum's gay-bashing comments since they are beyond insulting to millions of people, including Cheney's own daughter.

Lloyd Grove: No.

Tourist Central, Maine: Lloyd-
Do you like lobster? Do you like French Canadians? I'd be honored to have you as my guest at this year's La Kermesse festival!

Lloyd Grove: I will take your kind invitation under advisement.

Somerville, Mass.: On Gossip, are the Washington big wigs really giving up French wine, cheese and food? I find that really hard to believe.

Lloyd Grove: In my experience, they are doing their best to deplete the supplies of all manner of French wines, cheeses and foods. Or as I once heard Sen. Patrick Leahy say while smoking a Cuban cigar, "I'm burning Castro's crops!"

Paid for by your girlfriend?: So you're a kept man? A boy toy? In a middle-aged sort of way?

Lloyd Grove: Seems so.

Virginia: Bob Woodward's last assignment when he was a Naval officer was as a briefer to Gen. Haig, who is Deep Throat.

Lloyd Grove: Yes....zzzzzz.....snnooore...I've heard that theoryzzzzzzz.

You think B. Harrison is bad?: What about Gurvir Dhindsa on WUSA? She is hot, but man is she bad at news delivery. Gordon deserves better!

Lloyd Grove: I like Gurvir, too!

Washington, D.C.: OK -- so what did you do last night and what did you take this morning to make things better?

Lloyd Grove: I went to dinner with my kids, joined a later dinner party at New Heights restaurant, and downed a couple of glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, then fell asleep with Fox News blusterer Shep Smith blustering at me in the background.

Dearborn, Mich.: Lloyd -- President Bush is coming to Dearborn Monday. Remember all the Iraqi-Americans dancing in the streets when Saddam's statue were pulled down? Well, I'd like to volunteer to be your intrepid correspondent on Monday. Do you think we can get the President to do some street dancing with us and eat some falafel?

Lloyd Grove: Cool. Lemme know if anything gossipworthy occurs.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, we all know that you have to deal with some unpleasant people such as Mr. Robbins, but who are the good, kind-hearted celebrities you've encountered?

Lloyd Grove: Good kind hearted celebrities. As Ike (and I don't mean Turner) said when asked what Richard Nixon had done as vice president, give me a week and I'll think of something.

You have a girlfriend?!: Tell her I'll meet her outside!

Lloyd Grove: Tell her yourself!

Washington, D.C.: I'm just happy Paula Zahn is gone from CNN in the morning -- now I can watch without cringing.

Lloyd Grove: That does sound lovely.

Gurvir Fan: Hey, it's okay to bash Barbara Harrison, but lay off of Gurvir. She's not only good, she's H-O-T!

Lloyd Grove: Yeah!

Re: Harrison: I thought watching Barbara Harrison was painful. Until I saw Jennifer Gilbert on a Baltimore station. Her cosmetic surgery is twice as scary as Harrison's penchant for pastel suits and over tanning (and bad hair color).

Lloyd Grove: Wow. I'm just glad WE don't have to look at YOU at that hour! And I suspect YOU are too.

Las Vegas, Nev.: I'll give you 15:1 odds that Bush will win in 04. (Maximum bet: $0.15). Will you take it?

Lloyd Grove: I always get confused. Does that mean that if Bush loses 'I' get the payoff or YOU do?

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd,

Turning our attention to another morning broadcaster -- Mike Buchanan -- Channel 9.

Although some mornings he's a bit too hyper, I have always loved his "true" reporter feel. No cheesy looking suits or haircuts, just a wrinkled shirt and a pot belly -- gotta love it.

Used to really love the interaction between Glenn Brenner, Mike Buchanan and Maureen Bunyan -- there was D.C. newscasting at it's finest.

Lloyd Grove: Glenn Brenner, who died suddenly of cancer at a young age, is much missed in this market.

Alexandria, Va.: Now that we've roasted Barbara again for the twentieth consecutive chat, let's move onto Pat Collins. We've only done him about ten straight chats.

Lloyd Grove: Hey, has anybody caught me on Fox 5 on the American Idol Chatter Thursday morning segment. Now THAT's fodder for ugly criticism, I would think.

Reporters: Eun Yang is hot.

Lloyd Grove: I love that name.

Nice Celebs: Local gal Sandra Bullock has to be one of the nicest. I got a chance to meet her a couple of years ago when she was in town, and you couldn't ask for a more genuine, down-to-earth person. Katie Couric was also very nice.

Lloyd Grove: Nice when they want to be, for sure. Tough when they need to be.

Waldorf, Md.: Does Chaney have a daughter who is gay? I wonder if she is in his will. I read he made $30,000,000 just from the sale of Halliburton stock alone. I bet she is all-for the repeal of the death tax.

Lloyd Grove: Yes he does and I suspect she is.
Don't know her position on the death tax, though.

Re: Halliburton: If the previous pro-Halliburton person wants to check facts, they will find that a Canadian company put out the most oil well fires after Iraq 1.0, and thereby would be most qualified for the job.

But we hate the Canadians and everyone else, right, so Cheney's company gets the money ... er, work.

Lloyd Grove: By the way, how many people believe that the good general quoted in this morning column's actually believes what he told Steve Kroft?

Pat Collins: Can't speak in full sentences. The reason: I'm not sure. The fix: a new reporter.

Lloyd Grove: Shocking insight.

New York, N.Y.: Hi Lloyd-

Are you looking forward to the White House Correspondents Dinner? Are there any last minute surprise guests?

Lloyd Grove: I will begin to look forward to it once I get through with this day. My tuxedo might be a surprise guest.

Las Vegas, Nev.: Yeah, I get confused about odds too. What I meant was: If Bush loses, you pay me $0.15. If Bush wins, I pay you $2.25. Seriously, Bush has it pretty much wrapped up, doesn't he?

Lloyd Grove: I'll take those odds.

Arlington, Va.: So any news on why Dylan of Dylan and Erin on 104 left the show? He's been replaced by Brett Haber, who seems familiar to me but I cannot remember why? And why was this all done so secretly?

Lloyd Grove: Radio is a dirty business.

Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd -

What's the deal with the Correspondents dinner on Saturday? Usually, there is quite a buzz over who is going to attend, who is going to speak, etc., but this year, I haven't heard ANYTHING! What's the scoop on one of Washington's few star-studded events?

Lloyd Grove: Pretty low-wattage this year, with the possible exception of Sidney Poitier going with the Weekly Standard. How's that for ideological frisson?

More Newscasters: J.C. Hayward anyone? My roommates and I have arguments over who is more amusing/strange -- her or Pat Collins. So far I think they're about equal!

Lloyd Grove: It's "she" or Pat Collins, not "her." Get your objective and nominative cases straight, man!

Washington, D.C.: I have a question about Fox5 Morning News -- what's Holly Morris like? I hear she has an engineering degree from Duke. Now if only her weather guy husband weren't in the way.

Lloyd Grove: Dunno. The only Holly I know there calls to make sure I will wake up in time to haul booty down to the station Thursday morning.

To Arlington, Va.: Brett Haber was the Channel 5 sportscaster for awhile, and before that he was on ESPN.

Lloyd Grove: Everybody has a past.

WHCD: Who are you hoping to chat with tomorrow night at the Correspondents dinner? And celebrities expected?

Lloyd Grove: I'm hoping not to fall face-first into the soup.

Staunton, Va.: I grew up on Gordon and J.C. and Glenn. I even remember Warner Wolfe. It was all fun!

Now I really like the lovely African-American female anchor on Fox. She's a JMU alum. I'm so old though that I can't remember her name.

Lloyd Grove: Anybody?

Cubeville, D.C.: Hey, Lloyd, while we're on the subject of terrible newscasters, what about that chick on the Lehrer Newshour? I don't know what her name is, but she totally has the monotone-deer-in-the-headlights thing going on. She has no personality. And she gives terrible interviews. I wish I could think of her name.

Lloyd Grove: I'm sure she's glad you can't.

Maryland: What about Ann Curry? I adore her. In fact, I prefer her to Katie Couric (who is a little too blonde these days).

Lloyd Grove: I like Ann. I once stood in the rain with her for two hours waiting in vain to go on the air with her, and she wrote me a lovely note thanking me for my patience. Always appreciated that.

Cube Land, D.C.: And when will there be wedding bells for Lloyd and the girlfriend? Do tell!

Lloyd Grove: Oh for sure you will be the very first to know!

Speaking of morning radio shows ... : Is it me, or is Jack Diamond, and pretty much everyone on his show, incredibly annoying?

Lloyd Grove: Could be a combination of all the above.

Alexandria, Va.: Lovely African-American female: Does he mean Lark McCarthy?

Lloyd Grove: Could be. I like Lark.

Idol chat?: Are you really dishing about American Idol? Like what, their arrest records? Is there that much to talk about? What time is it on?

Lloyd Grove: 8:30ish a.m. Thursdays (though I may not make this coming Thursday).

Olney, Md.: I can't believe anyone can complain about Barbara Harrison while Pat Collins is still on the air. The sound of his voice is like fingernails on a blackboard ... and his delivery ... is full of pauses ... that are painfully mawkish attempts ... at poignancy.

Lloyd Grove: That's p-o-i-g-n-a-n-c-y.

Uday's leather jacket: That was the big mistake in smuggling war souvenirs out of Iraq. I'm sure airport security was tipped off by the goat flatulence-like stench on that garment . . .

Lloyd Grove: Is that a new device being deployed by the Department of Homeland Security?

Gurvir ... Gurvir: Tomato ... tomAHto. WhatEVER, she's still H-O-T.

Lloyd Grove: Alright.

Mt. Rainier, Md.: I'm just hoping that the prices on French wine and cheese, etc., go down so that I can gorge out on them. That would be the life! The idiot French-bashers can keep their Belgian fries anyway.

Lloyd Grove: I'm more invested in the price of gasoline going down.

Washington, D.C.: You have kids?

Lloyd Grove: Two.

Salon's Gossip Goof: "The Fix" column mistakenly referred to Padma Lakshmi as Salman Rushdie's wife. Though they've been keepin' company for years now, isn't he still married to some long-suffering woman who lives in England?

Lloyd Grove: Divorced I believe.

Celebrity Guest: Someone should take Tariq Aziz to the dinner. Would it be a coup to get the Iraqi info minister?

Lloyd Grove: You know, every so often someone reminds me why there really IS such a thing as bad publicity.

Fox Anchor: No, he means Tracey Neale. I can never remember her name either.

Do you have to go to JMU to work at Channel 5? Steve Buckhantz did too ...

Lloyd Grove: OK.
I haven't the foggiest.
Is that James Madison University?

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Wolf Blitzer is my pick for worst newscaster. Why does the guy have to make EVERYTHING sound like it's the MOST IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS of the century. I like Bill Hemmer. He's a hottie. Can someone please find out if he likes men?

Lloyd Grove: How can you attack Wolf? I LOVE Wolf! He's a mensch!

Newshour: Margaret Warner, I believe.

Watch when she interviews Brooks-Shields (not Brooke Shields ...). Her crush on David Brooks is painfully obvious.

Lloyd Grove: You think some off-camera hanky-panky is going on?

Woodley Park, Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd, just read the first comment, and don't know if anyone kept talking about this, but how come the people who wanted the UN weapons inspectors to stay for months and months expect the Bush administration to be able to find the WMD in a week? Doesn't seem to make sense to me. If the U.S. knew where the WMD all along, they would've told the UN and the war would've been prevented.

Lloyd Grove: The only weapon of mass destruction I know about is my shorts!
Just kidding.

Jim Vance Fan Club: Gotta love it when Vance hikes his leg up on his stool as he turns to talk to Doreen on the air.

Lloyd Grove: Gotta?
Notta gotta.

Bethesda, Md.: Can't you get more and better gossip than stories about Ari Fleischer and Neil Bush? Ugh.

Lloyd Grove: With your help, I hope.

Washington, D.C.: LG:

Have you ever interviewed anyone where they start making "man on dog" references (see Santorum interview)?

If yes, did you say, wow this is great copy, or did you say, kind of like the AP guy, um you're creepin me out?

P.S. When does Santorum blame Clinton for this?

Lloyd Grove: I'm of the "great copy" school. I certainly wouldn't warn off an interview subject, especially a senator, who starts talking like that.

Pro-Barbara: I think Barbara is totally hot. She seems to have some sistah in her. Do you know anything about her background in that manner? She is the type of older woman that I want to hook up with. Is she -- happily- married? If not, where does she hang out? Please tell me, since you are her friend.

Lloyd Grove: Happily married.

Arlington, Va.: Re: Leahy and smoking Cuban. I thought Cuban cigars were illegal in this country. Is there some other restriction on them that I may be confused with, or did the senator just unwittingly commit a crime?

Lloyd Grove: I am not sure about all the complicated laws that govern cigar consumption, as opposed to importation and sale, in these United States.

Bethesda, Md.: Lloyd! Hey, buddy -- we need more Neil Bush divorce items. You gotta love those Bush Family Values!

Lloyd Grove: When as and if it becomes necessary, I will try to help.

Dixie Chicks: Natalie Maines engaged in some inarticulate stage banter. Actually, that's probably a redundancy. Have you ever known any performer to be particularly articulate on stage? So she doesn't like Bush or his policies, big deal. I'd rather have her sticking her foot in her mouth on something like that rather than Rick Santorum showing his true colors about gays or Trent Lott on blacks: their comments are a far greater danger to this country than hers ever could be to American troops.

Lloyd Grove: By the way, I have been burning all the CDs I own by Trent Lott and Rick Santorum.

Ann Curry: You're kidding -- people actually like her? She seems to have the hardest time just saying good morning to Katie and Matt, not to mention the problems if there is a guest host. That show would be 100 times better if Soledad or another reporter took Ann's place.

Lloyd Grove: Soledad is a friend of mine, so I probably ought not to wade in here. But, yes, people do like Ann.

Rosslyn, Va.: Lloyd,

I thought Glenn Brenner died of a heart attack while running in the Marine Corps Marathon? I miss him too.

Lloyd Grove: Hmmm, now I'm having trouble remembering. You might be right, but I thought it was cancer. A former D.C. newscaster who's name escapes just died of a heart attack after a basketball game, as did Channel 7's Dale Solly after a run.

Warner Wolf: A mensch? Actually I think he is a born-again Christian ...

Lloyd Grove: Wolf Blitzer, my friend.

Burning CDs: Are you destroying them, or burning copies of them for all your Trent Lott loving friends?

Lloyd Grove: Both!

Boy aren't you the 'name-dropper' today . . .: with all of your 'friends'. Does it make you feel special?

Lloyd Grove: Yes actually. It does.
Please find it in your heart to forgive me for having friends.

Washington, D.C.: Hi Lloyd! Has anyone reported that Laura Jakes Jordan, the AP reporter who interviewed Rick Santorum and was "freaked out" by his "man on dog" comment, is married to John Kerry's campaign manager, former DSCC director Jim Jordan? I find that very interesting, especially since Kerry issued a statement right after the interview came out ...

Lloyd Grove: I am not terribly impressed with theories that because a journalist is married to somebody in politics, that automatically makes them unprofessional. I thought Lara Jakes Jordan -- whose Kerry connection was in Salon the other day -- did a good job with the Santorum interview.

Takoma Park, Md.: Glenn Brenner did die of brain cancer. It was discovered after he collapsed at the Marine Corps marathon.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks for the clarification.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: What do you make of the story earlier this week about the non-answers that the Bush press folks have taken to giving?

They remind me of OJ:

Do you know A.J. Cowlings? "No."
Do you have a white bronco? "No."
Did you play football? "What's a football?"

Lloyd Grove: I'll forward your comments to my esteemed colleague Dana Milbank, who has yet to investigate the Bush White House-OJ connection.

Washington, D.C.: The former sportscaster who died is Damian Chapman. He was great. He had a first heart attack a few years back and lost a TON of weight and looked fabulous.

Lloyd Grove: Darian Chapman, I think. Seemed like a lovely guy.

Washington, D.C.: Actually, speaking of Ari, have we ever seen any wedding photos?

Lloyd Grove: I think there was something published in the New York Times. I'm sure it was wonderful. Now it's time for me to get outta here. Thanks for showing up today, have a great weekend, and I'll see you back here next Friday. Bye.


That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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