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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 2, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, everyone. I just had a plate of ice cream and am feeling very guilty. Now my penance!

15th and L: Seriously, is Al Kamen jealous of your position and rock-star lifestyle? The folks at the Note sure seem to think that's the case.

Lloyd Grove: Rather I am jealous of Al Kamen's rock star lifestyle. He is a king. The folks at the Note are jealous of both of us!

Woodbridge, Va.: Lloyd, have there been any Ian/Chelsea sightings yet this week? All the 2nd year Rhodes Scholars are in town for the Achievement Summit (an annual over-the-top 5-star boondoggle that last year in Dublin brought in Mohammad Karzai, Gorbachev, Kissinger, Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, and tons more). Word is the Rhodies are staying at the Sofitel, so perhaps Le Bar is the place to be this weekend.

Lloyd Grove: Hadn't heard that but we will be on the lookout.

Charlottesville, Va.: Was that you who got dissed on West Wing the other night? Do you prattle on like that on the telephone to White House press secretaries? Say it isn't so!

Lloyd Grove: Me? Prattle?

Washington, D.C.: I think you need to go challenge Howie Kurtz to an old-fashioned, movie-star roughnecking for him giving the "Reliable Source" name a bad reputation.

FAIR just released a study of his guests on CNN and found that his guest list was 96 percent white, mostly male, and predominantly conservative. I guess Howie thinks white, male, conservatives are the only Reliable Sources out there.

Set him straight, Lloyd! We know you get input from men and women, black and white, rich and poor. Show him that it is possible to be fair and balanced, even if your job is to criticize the media for not being fair and balanced. Help keep Reliable reliable.

Lloyd Grove: Um, is this a job offer?

Fells Point, Md.: The Jayson Blair story at the Times ... Does this type of thing happen more often and we don't hear about it?

Or is this for some reason a more high profile case of plagiarism?

Lloyd Grove: It's at the New York Times so by definition it's high profile. From what I've been reading, especially in the stories of my esteemed colleague Howie Kurtz, I can say that this sounds like a pretty egregious and thus rare case of journalistic malfeasance.

Bethesda, Md.: Hey Lloyd--

Any word on where Mr. Clooney spent his down time while he was in town? Would have loved to see him picking up some interns or local socialites somewhere in Georgetown ...

P.S. Tim Robbins is a Chud.

Lloyd Grove: I saw him at the Palm on Wednesday....I dunno where he was staying, alas. Seems like he was pretty busy with his movie, and as my friend Jeanette Walls points out, his most significant and long lasting relationship is with a pig.

Washington, D.C.: I'm really tired of the manufactured outrage that seems to bubble up against people who speak out against ... whatever.

Michael Moore was booed and hated at the Oscars, clearly out of step with everything, right? His book went back to number one on the NYT list, he got funding for his next film, and got funding for his next TV series.

And those Dixie Chicks. Terrible, terrible people, clearly out of step, right? Despite Clear Channel's best attempts to silence them, they went back to the top of the charts and their U.S. tour is sold out.

The list goes on and on. It seems like if you criticize this administration, you get lots of hot wind, then a boost to your career. What does that teach us, Lloyd?

Lloyd Grove: I am right now trying to absorb the lesson....Down with Bush!!! I hope that helps jumpstart my career.

Potomac: For those who insist on bashing Pat Collins: you are ignorant of the facts -- and very disrespectful of literally one of the best reporters in the area. Factually, Pat Collins has broken stories on some of the biggest, most important crime and corruption stories in the D.C. area for at least the past 20 years. This is a fact. Pat has broken stories on D.C. police corruption, on problems with the D.C. Fire Department, on the Len Bias case, on the Barry crack cocaine bust case, on the D.C. sniper incident that occurred years ago, on the sniper case just last fall, on several homicides and accident investigations and on literally dozens of other stories. I'll repeat this fact again, just to make the point: Pat Collins has broken stories on some of the biggest, most important news stories in D.C. for at least the past 20 years. When you achieve this same level of accomplishment, then we'll hear from you. In the meantime, stop your childish bashing of this very talented, hard-working reporter. Thank you!

Lloyd Grove: You're welcome!

Bitter, Mass.: You see those photos yesterday of Bush in full flyboy regalia? Why is the full military treatment supposed to look studly on him -- but goofy on Mike Dukakis? Hubris, or just the difference of 30 poll points?

Lloyd Grove: Face it, Bush just looks better in a flightsuit.

Somewhere, USA: Did you see Sally Jenkins' column, about recent coaching scandals, in the sports section today? Is Bush missing, or is Sally subtly chastising him for being immature? More to the point, if who being VP is so important to the situation, does this mean that Al Gore was responsible for immature actions of coaches up until now?? Most importantly, what does this mean for the Bush twins?

"Grown-ups are running this country again. Whether you like the fact or not, people such as Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are in charge, responsibility is the new chic and there is extremely low public tolerance for overserved boyish high jinks from people who are paid to be leaders."

Lloyd Grove: Many fine questions....As a 48-year-old, I applaud Sally's celebration of maturity.

Georgetown, Washington, D.C.: Pig?


Lloyd Grove: He has a pet pig. Loves that pig.

Somewhere: I know you're not into Deep Throat questions, but I was curious about those journalism students who investigated. A lot of journalists criticized them for trying to uncover someone else's sources. Do you think they did anything wrong?

Lloyd Grove: Nope.

Potomac: Lloyd: Why no copy on the Barbara Bush scandal out of Yale? Word is all over radio and television this week that she allegedly attended a so-called "naked party" and was filmed naked. Now Larry Flynt is offering $1 million to anyone who presents the video to him. Why wouldn't this be in the Reliable Source?

Lloyd Grove: This was a dubious item in my friend Richard Johnson's Page Six item.
First of all, I never heard of the so-called "naked party" when I attended that school up in New Haven, and frankly I haven't heard about any such party since. Maybe, as a mature person, I am out of the loop. But I don't expect that Larry Flynt knows any more about it than I do.
But I'm willing to be surprised. When as and if he produces the authenticated photographs, I will be all over this important story.

Reston, Va.: Who would you rather go on a date with: Janet Reno or Madeleine Albright?

Lloyd Grove: Madeleine, in my experience, is a fun conversationalist. Janet is a bit shy and retiring.
So probably Madeleine.

No way, Md.: And thank you Pat for that brief autobiography.

Lloyd Grove: No way!

Vienna, Va.: Clooney may love his pet pig Max, but that doesn't stop many from wanting a chance encounter.

I guess no insight was given about his whereabouts in this town for the next few weeks and I must peruse along K St. in hopes of running into a shoot?

Lloyd Grove: Bingo.

Somewhere, USA: I don't know which is worse:

Bush's gratuitous speech last night or the media fawning over him.

I guess they forgot Bush has fought to keep 9-11 files secret and has admitted that WMDs were not the real reason for the war with Iraq. According to a recent article in the Post, the real reason was to "send a message."

Killing people to "send a message" is not the product of a civilized nation.

I think I'm going to be ill.

Lloyd Grove: Everybody, get back!

Boston, Mass. (Transplant from D.C.): Re: Chelsea sightings. Who cares? Viva la Bush twins! Party on, Jenna! Party on, Barb!

Lloyd Grove: What is this, Wayne's World?

Fairfax, Va.: Hey Lloyd -- didya catch "The West Wing?" "New gossip columnist" at The Post was featured in a long phone call; they made the guy sound like an idiot.

You gonna sue Sorkin, NBC, et al. or what?

Lloyd Grove: Do you think this is why Sorkin has just been, well, separated from the show?

Darnestown, Md.: Lloyd, my wife had an erotic dream involving you last night. I don't know why she felt the need to confess, but if I know I thought you should know too. Have a good weekend!

Lloyd Grove: Details, please!

Mt. Lebanon, Pa.: It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Hi neighbor. I heard on the radio this morning that the IAU, I think it was, has agreed to name a recently discovered comet orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, after Mr. Fred Rogers. Do you have any info on that? By the by, there's a public memorial service tomorrow afternoon -- 2:30 p.m. in Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh, for Mr. Rogers. It'll be carried live online at: WQED Web Site. Speakers include Teresa Heinz and PBS president Pat Mitchell. Appreciate passing the info on. Thanks much, neighbor.

Lloyd Grove: Don't know about comets, but thanks for the info.

The Bush Girls: What's the truth behind the Penthouse guy (I forget his name) and his claim that one of the Bush girls did a "flash for the camera" move during Spring Break? I'm not interested in seeing it, I just think it's funny that the Bush family has so much dirty laundry for a group that claims so much moral superiority. (I assume their 'high values' are why the President thinks he can regulate/legislate my morality).

Lloyd Grove: You mean Larry Flynt of Hustler, no?
I am very very skeptical.

New York, N.Y.: Lloyd, you don't have to worry about jump-starting your career, do you? Won't the Drudgeniks take care of you as long as you keep keeping on?

Lloyd Grove: Not if YOU have anything to say about it.

20009: Chelsea is not a Rhodes Scholar, though she probably has some pals among the group of her fellow Oxford students who are at the Rhodies gathering.

Lloyd Grove: Right, she's a regular Oxford type.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd, what is your dream car?

Lloyd Grove: ANY car at this point. I gave mine away to the American Lung Association and have been careless since.

Newton, Mass.: So how did Laura Bush turn into the stealth First Lady. Ever since Jackie, we've gotten accustomed to details of everything the First Lady does, with a commentary on whether it's good for the nation. There was more ink on Hillary's hair than Mrs. Bush has had in all.

Lloyd Grove: I am waiting for my colleague Ann Gerhart's definitive Laura Bush biography.

Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.: Why did you choose to publish that puff piece on Rogan last Sunday? The whole story sounded like a press release from his office to prove that he has a sense of humor, right down to the photo, which must have been taken by his press affairs officer.

Lloyd Grove: I thought it was funny, and no, Rogan wrote me directly without benefit of his press operation.

White House Correspondent: Lloyd, I hear it that certain people tried to pose as you to get into the Bloomberg after-party last weekend. Any truth to these rumors?

Lloyd Grove: Seldom have a heard a more pathetic, heart-rending story. But it's the first I hear of it.

Ashburn, Va.: Lloyd,

Was listening to the radio on the way to work the other day, and they were talking about Richard Gere giving a waiter a $10,000 check after he heard the waiter's family involvement with 9-11. Can you confirm this good sized tip.

Lloyd Grove: Dunno, but I know who to call. Let me try.

Somewhere, USA:

Is killing 1000 innocent Iraqi civilians (as well as 100 Americans) really that funny to you, Mr. Grove? The writer wrote in with a serious concern and all you had was a sarcastic reply?

Lloyd Grove: What is this, the Brookings Institution?
Are you telling me you actually sent in a comment to this forum in the hope of NOT receiving a sarcastic reply?

Oxford, UK: I'm also a regular Oxford type. Why wasn't I invited?

Lloyd Grove: Why wasn't *I* invited, that's the question I'd like answered.

Your memory of a "naked party": Doing the math from reading your bio puts you in my age range –- meaning that 40 is a fading memory –- and college has changed. They weren’t shooting “Girls Gone Wild” when I was in college, either, but they certainly are now. We did, however, have a Naked Pool Tournament.
Or perhaps you just weren’t invited back then. How sad.

Lloyd Grove: Yes, I get choked up just thinking about it.

Naked Parties: For the scoop on Naked Parties, visit Zip Code 44074. Every year, at least two on campus, folks. And a place no self-respecting Bush would ever attend. And aren't we Obies glad!

Lloyd Grove: Which zip code is THAT?

Baton Rouge, La.: Is it just me, or is this administration getting awfully arrogant and needlessly in-your-face? Disciplined though they are, sometime something is going to fall apart on them. Or somebody important is going to get caught, in former LA governor Edwin Edwards' charming phrase, in bed with a dead girl or a live boy. Aren't they running the risk that they could fall really, really hard? Or are they no worse than the norm?

Lloyd Grove: There is a lot of truth to the Biblical injunction "Before pride goeth a fall" and I think anybody in politics needs never to forget it.

Woodbridge, Va.: Yes, I know Chelsea's not a Rhodie. But her boyfriend is, and since they globetrot everywhere together it's likely they'll be in D.C. this week.

Lloyd Grove: Aha.

Arlington, Va.: Re: Bush twin party at Yale. I can't remember the details in the not-too-long-ago movie "The Contender," but wasn't the female VP (or VP candidate?) maybe/possibly photographed at a similar party (and I think it was Yale she went to). (I do remember she was later exonerated) It strikes me that some fairly unimaginative person took liberties with the plot of a recent movie and gave it their own twist.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like a good theory to me.

Washington D.C.: I don't know if the story about Barbara Bush is true or not. However, I have heard stories about nude parties at Yale from the younger members of my family who attended the school. They all swear they never went to one of these parties, but they had good friends who did. Apparently, a room full of naked Yalies is really not that attractive a sight.

Lloyd Grove: Especially if they're from MY year!

Re: 9-11: I had to laugh at the White House trying to keep 9-11 information secret from the special commission set up to investigate 9-11. Hiding something, folks?

The best was their insistence that public information must remain secret! Can you believe it? Things that we already ALL know, like what people said at public televised hearings, Bush and pals want to keep secret.

What's next? Hiding the names of baseball players on their uniforms? Taking down signs that identify what state you are in? Hiding the recipe for "special sauce" ... oh wait ... that's McDonalds.

Lloyd Grove: Interesting thought. Thanks for not keeping it to yourself.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, I'm feeling charitable, so I'll ask something >related to your telegenic "American Idol" commentaries on Fox 5 Morning News. Do you get paid some kind of journalist union scale for these appearances or is it a public service to the community?

And are you steamed that the Marine is sliding by based on sympathy rather than talent?

Lloyd Grove: Well, that's between me and my accountant, wouldn't you say. And I'm not steamed, so much as worried for the future of our popular culture, concerning the snopes-like progress of said marine.

44074: Oberlin, Ohio.

Lloyd Grove: The naked party capital of the world!

New York, N.Y.: You're a nerdy intellectual type, right? You think you and Campbell Brown might ...?

Lloyd Grove: Nerdy, not intellectual.

Boston, Mass.: It seems like the most exciting tidbit that came out of last weekend's White House Correspondents' Dinner was the flirtation between NBC's Campbell Brown and Virgin Air's Richard Branson. (Sounds like they both also had a bit too much to drink!). Do you think Brown is concerned that such reports will make it harder for her to be taken seriously as a reporter (i.e., what's her "morning after" response)?

Lloyd Grove: God bless Campbell Brown for being a fun person who likes to have a good time and doesn't take herself too seriously! I enjoy Campbell, and her on-air work is that of a consummate pro, if I don't say so myself.

Vienna, Va.: Lloyd, you got it backwards ... PRIDE goeth BEFORE a fall, not the other way around. The way you said it made it look like a fall went before pride.

Anyway, Bush does not deserve to fall ... and probably won't.

Lloyd Grove: Oooooops!!!........ooooomph!.....ow!

Serious At Last!: "There is a lot of truth to the Biblical injunction "Before pride goeth a fall" "

There's hope for you, yet!

Lloyd Grove: Apparently not, if you read the previous posting.

Rockville, Md.: To Whiny, Mass. regarding Bush looking better than Dukakis in military attire.

I recall that the picture of Dukakis was with just his head peeking out of a tank and on his head was a big helmet. He looked like a little boy.

Bush was a fighter pilot and probably has the swagger that pilots tend to have. People also tend to admire military pilots more than tankers. Plus, he just looks better than Dukakis.

Lloyd Grove: all true, kinda.
Bush was a weekend pilot in the Texas Air National Guard.

Annandale, Va: You're 48? In your picture you don't look like 48.

BTW, the KC Star took over the KC Times ...

Lloyd Grove: Swallowed it up, more like it. My kids tell me I look 45!

Oh, THAT Barbara Bush: I was thinking of the original. -shudder-

Lloyd Grove: Cheap, my friend.
Very cheap.

Bethesda, Md.: I was shocked to see Campbell Brown having a smoke, with the Virgin Air dude. How old is she, and does she live in D.C. or N.Y?

Lloyd Grove: Dear Easily Shocked:
Campbell is in her 30s and lives in D.C.

Naked Parties and Oberlin College: Well, yes, naked party capital. With Drag Ball and Safer Sex Nights being the two hallmark parties (and some nakedness always sneaks by the security), it's only the beginning. Clothing optional cooking is also favored in some homes.

Lloyd Grove: Not even hairnets?

Oh! Barbara the DAUGHTER!: I was thinking it was the former First Lady. . . I can now breathe again!

Lloyd Grove: Feeble minds think alike.

Donating Cars ?: Lloyd,

I hope you signed over your car's title to the American Lung Association.

If you gave them a blank title, you may learn what the phrase "No good deed goes unpunished means".

Lloyd Grove: The paperwork was properly done, I think.
I hope.
Are you suggesting that my car might now be in the possession of a serial killer?

Relief in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Wow. I started reading about Barbara Bush naked at a party in Yale and positively blanched. Imagine my relief when I scrolled down and discovered the reference was to one of the party twins. And yet I'm afraid the mental image of the senior Barbara will plague me through lunch time. Gives me the shivers.

Lloyd Grove: What is it with you people?

Silver Spring, Md.: I was wondering if Cheney was trying to off the President by having him do a landing on an aircraft carrier. Those hook-and-cable things DO miss occasionally, I'm told.

Lloyd Grove: I was a little concerned about how much pressure the pilot was under not to miss--but, hey, that's what we pay them for.

Washington, D.C.: Re: Campbell Brown -- Lloyd, you really ruined my Campbell Brown fantasy by outing her as a smoker. Imagine going to kiss the beautiful face and being met by the stench of a garbage truck. Thanks a lot! Not!

Lloyd Grove: You could always wear one of those SARS masks in your fantasy.

Washington, D.C.: Bush was a weekend pilot so that he wouldn't have to fight a war which he supported himself. That's real courage.

Lloyd Grove: I knew somebody was going to make this point, so I was primed to post it. There you go.

Ice cream?: Who eats ice cream on a plate?

Lloyd Grove: Most people, no? What do YOU eat ice cream off of?

New York, N.Y.: Hey Lloyd --

Jayson Blair, the reporter who "resigned" from the NY Times, is a friend of my brother's. I've only run into Jayson a couple times at parties, but I can tell you, that guy is INTENSE. Anyway, my husband and I were trying to figure out what he could do next, and I remembered that a couple years ago another guy about his age went through a similar scandal, at the New Republic I think. We can't remember his name (Something-Glass, maybe?) but we're wondering what ever happened to him. Can you fill us in?


P.S. -- Checked out "Washington Life" magazine this week, for the first time. Um, what's up with that thing?

Lloyd Grove: You'll have to be more specific about your Washington Life question? It's a social magazine full of high-end ads, it seems to me. You're thinking of Stephen Glass, who I believe is practicing law in New York (and is the subject of an upcoming movie titled "Shattered Glass"). I think his fabrications were probably worse than Mr. Blair's plagiarism.

Vienna, Va.: Standard practices for Naval and Marine pilots doing carrier landings is to go to full power immediately upon touchdown so that if a wire is missed or breaks, the plane will have enough power to fly off the end of the deck, stay above the water, and go around for another try ... or for an emergency landing into the nets.

Lloyd Grove: Which is why I have never been, nor will ever be, a tailhooker.

American Idol: Am I the only person in the country who thinks AI is rigged by the producers? The ones who will actually be making money on the outcome (via record contracts) and who want ratings?

I mean, the "surprise twist at the end" with Rubin getting downgraded is just too pat. They are trying to keep ratings up AND get more people to vote next week.

And Carmen Rasmussen should have been voted off like a month ago, but wasn't because she was a cute blonde who would keep viewers watching.

I think I see black helicopters. I need to go take a nap.

Lloyd Grove: Me, too.

Washington, D.C.: Mr. Mayor Tony Williams favors school voucher. You will be surprised at the number of D.C. council and D.C. school board members who sent their kids to private schools and at the same time opposed school vouchers.

Lloyd Grove: I don't think I really would be surprised.

Somewhere, USA: To answer your earlier question, no, we're not the Brookings Institution. Actually, we're the Tim Robbins Fan Club!

Lloyd Grove: Thought so.

New York, N.Y.: Ice cream at this hour can only mean one thing: who's leaving the Post? Anyone we know?

Lloyd Grove: Your tortured logic escapes me...I wish the ice cream had, as well.

Woodley Park, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd,

Any interest in writing a book? I got an idea that only a gossip columnist could probably sell to a publisher.

Lloyd Grove: Always open to ideas.

Washington, D.C.: Bush looks like a pilot? Boy, some people will fall for anything.

Can't wait to see when they dress him up in a lab coat to debate Doctor Howard Dean one day. Or in a dress to appeal to women.

Lloyd Grove: You're going to have to wait a verrrry long time for that. On the other hand, Bill Frist might find himself ina debate with Dr. Dean in a future presidential campaign.

Naked parties: All I can say is, thank God that Iowa State never plays Oberlin in basketball, otherwise the papers might have been filled with pictures of their recently canned coach Larry Eustachy in the buff with the Prez's daughter! (I was going to make an off-color double dribbling comment, but I will refrain so that you'll post me.)

Lloyd Grove: You barely met our standards.

Alexandria, Va.: GWB flew F-106 air defense fighters in the Guard. These were supersonic interceptors with the mission of protecting U.S. airspace against Russian bombers (rough equivalents of our B-52) that could cruise up from Cuba or other southern-hemisphere Soviet client states. So yeah, he got that swagger honestly ... the F-106 was a hell of a jet.

Lloyd Grove: Good to know. Reminds me of the fighter-pilot president in "Independence Day," played by Bill Paxton.

44074: Immediately recognizable to anyone who spent time in beautiful Lorain County.


Many a naked run around campus, showers outdoors in the rain, etc.

There is also a Web site devoted to all the nude protests. Mostly women forming peace signs.

Lloyd Grove: I wonder if they can get naked and read the syndicated version of my column in the Lorain Morning Journal?

Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd:

Can you help to understand this concept?

Over 75 billion dollars was "spent" (real American money) - (Not like stocks)

Money for public education is being cut and is limited as if there is no money.

Mr. Bush's words on the ship ... "the Iraq people have freedom" ... he is really selling this as a sincere Human Being concept ... but yet unemployment has increased (just announced today)... in America ... does Mr. Bush really care about what's going on here in "real America" ... or are these political ploys on behalf of the Republican party ... to strengthen their party? (Well I think I know the answer here).

Anyhow, it saddens my heart to see our president spending time praising soldiers ... etc. ... and not taking the time to tell his fellow Americans how he sincerely cares for all Americans. (Public and Private school society)


Lloyd Grove: Sounds like you might want to get involved in one of the Democratic presidential campaigns this year.

Berkeley, Calif.: Hey Lloyd -

Did you see "The West Wing" this week? Any chance The Washington Post gossip columnist that played such a critical role in the episode was based on you? Will your life story be elevated to "Must See TV"?!

Lloyd Grove: I can safely say:

Washington, D.C.: How many Post columnists actually come to the office? Sally Jenkins lives in N.Y., Carolyn Hax in New England, Wilbon always seems to be out of town, and Tony Kornheiser seems to work from the ESPN Zone.

Lloyd Grove: I come to the office, actually, as do any number of my fellow columnists. I see Tony quite frequently in the newsroom.

Bill Pullman...: not Bill Paxton.

Lloyd Grove: Before Paxton goeth a Pullman.

Somewhere, USA: Re: the Pers in a flight suit, I guess he knows his way around the get-up from his stint in the reserves ... oh wait, wasn't he a no-show in the reserves?

Lloyd Grove: I knew this point would also be made and I was also ready to post it when the expected occurred.

Oakton, Va.: Boy, what a bunch of morons we have on this show. Yes, Bush was a pilot ... in the Air National Guard. His father was a Navy Pilot.

Now, any more comments, you bunch of idiots?

Lloyd Grove: Yeah, got anything else to say, ya bunch a worthless cretins? Huh? Huh?
Boy do I feel better!

Silver Spring, Md.: Did you ever get to pump iron with the President?

Lloyd Grove: In my dreams!
During that other guy's wife's erotic fantasy, I think.

College Park, Md.: The idiot gossip guy on West Wing could not have been based on you, Lloyd. He didn't bother to check the story, or the source either. Your loyal, cheering fans know YOU always check out an item before you run it. That's why we Love Ya! Party ON, dude!

Lloyd Grove: Peace out, bro.

Oxford, UK: Nakedness at Oberlin? Nothing compared to Oxford. Yesterday morning at 6:00 a.m. a choir sang sacred songs from the top of an ancient tower. Thereafter, everyone got absurdly drunk. Then we went to lectures.

Lloyd Grove: Wasn't it Sartre or maybe it was Camus who, commenting on the emptiness of modern life, expostulated: "He fornicated and read the papers."
Wasn't it?

NW D.C.: Lloyd, you gave away your car? You're saving the earth? Taking public trans and everything? I am so, so impressed ...

Lloyd Grove: Even walking occasionally.

New York, N.Y.: Come on, Lloyd. Ice cream on a paper plate at this hour? There was cake with that ice cream, too. Admit it. I know this because I was just eating cake on a paper plate at this hour for the very same reason. Spill the beans. Who's leaving, pregnant or getting married, not necessarily in that order.

Lloyd Grove: You ARE right about the cake, I'll give you that.

Washington, D.C.: Michael Dirda is from Lorain, Ohio. Surprised he ever left, given these revelations about rampant nudity there...

Lloyd Grove: Save this thought for Dirda's next show.

Washington, D.C.: Sadly, President Bush's aircraft carrier speech neglected to touch on the greatest human rights struggle of our times -- Chief Moose's epic struggle to enrich himself off the pain and misery of sniper victims. How, oh how, could the President have missed this resounding civil rights story?

Lloyd Grove: Interesting comment, very late in the game. Strike a chord with anybody in the four minutes we have left?

Jean in N.Y.: Thanks for the American Lung Association publicity -- that's my place of biz. Just sign those cars over, folks!

Lloyd Grove: My great pleasure--I mean, after I called them seven times to get the car towed away from the mechanics.

Pentagon City, Va.: I was contemplating having a dream about you too, Lloyd, until I just heard you're 48. Yeesh.

Lloyd Grove: Story of my life.

Reston, Va.: Who would you like to date part 2: Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton?

Lloyd Grove: How about both?

Also Oxford, UK: Any Oxonian worth his salt was drunk well before 6 a.m. The night before May Day is the biggest party day of the year here. Too bad it sounds like Chelsea was out of town and had to miss it, or else Guccione might be offering a million bucks to the Oxford lot.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like higher learning, for sure.

La La land: Hey Lloyd --

Did you get a chance to meet Jennifer Love Hewitt? Isn't she a lovely girl.

Lloyd Grove: I missed her this time, though we ran into her at a Gap in beverly Hills several weeks ago, and she was very nice, then. Anyhow, time for me to slip the surly bonds of cyberspace, and get outta town. Have a great weekend, and see you here same time, same place, Friday next....Bye.

Dupont, Washington, D.C.: I believe it was Camus ...

Lloyd Grove: P.S. Finally, and I hope not too late, raising the level of discussion.
But it IS too late.


That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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