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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 9, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, everybody ... just settling down to interact with y'all after a busy morning dealing with all kinda this and that. Anyhow, I'm feeling very, uh, centered. I hope. I'm ready. I think. Hokay!

Pentagon, Arlington, Va.: I saw Secretary Rumsfeld and General Franks at the Palm last night with their wives. Is Secretary Rumsfeld trying to talk General Franks into taking the Army's Chief of Staff job?

Lloyd Grove: Is that the Virginia Palm or the downtown D.C. Palm? Were they having a good time? Your question seems apt.

Niles, Mich.: Do the George and Laura Bush twins spend the summer un-chaperoned at the ranch in Crawford, Tex. or do they work at internships that will help them graduate from Yale and Univ. of Texas next May? Every so often Entertainment Tonight shows Lauren Bush, but the two "First Daughters" have managed to elude much notice of the nation. This is one vast difference from the family of Gerald and Betty Ford and their public persona.

Lloyd Grove: The twins generally have farflung summer plans. Last summer I think Jenna spent a lot of time in Prague doing something and Barbara was in NYC, I think. anybody remember?

Laurel, Md.: Lloyd,

Please tell the editors at the Post to stop breaking juicy celebrity stories (like the William Bennett gambling revelation) on Saturdays. It is now six days since the story broke and is getting to be old news already. If it had just broken yesterday, we could have spent this entire chat on just that item.

Now it's, "So William Bennett gambles. --YAWN--"

Lloyd Grove: We almost had a great juicy item about Bennett gambling while pretending he was attending his son's confirmation to get out of a speaking committment. Alas, it wasn't true.

Alexandria, Va.: Word on the street is that Ruben from American Idol is an obnoxious jerk. Do you have any inside knowledge that can confirm this? America's future is depending on you!

Lloyd Grove: I am crushed by to hear this.
I hope it's not true.
The good news is that it will all be over soon.

Riverdale Park, Md.: In the spirit of Bush's Yale classmates not attending the reunion fund raiser, have you seen the portrait of George W. Bush that's causing a stir at Franklin's Restaurant in downtown Hyattsville? The giant pixilated portrait in pink entitled "Rosebush" hangs above the second floor bar. Owner Mike Franklin reported that several patrons are discussing raising money to buy the painting, threatening to turn it into a dart board. (This is, after all, left-of-liberal Hyattsville.) The artist Jim Landry (who's no friend of Bush) says if it happens he'll video the first darts flying as performance art.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like they have a lot of time on their hands up on the second floor bar of Franklin's in downtown Hyattsville.

Land of Commitments: Lloyd,

So Abe Pollin has Bush and Sharon on his Israeli party guest list. Is Michael Jordan still on his guest list? At the same table as Susan O'Malley? And is that more unlikely than, say, Sharon and Arafat at the same table?

Lloyd Grove: For Abe's sake, I'm sure glad Wednesday's meeting didn't get physical.

College Park, Md.: At what point does public hypocrisy become news? In the past week Bill 'Mr. Virtue' Bennett goes bust and new dope rumors about the daughters of George 'Reverend' Bush. Very little coverage, and even less accountability.

If these are the folks advising us on 'family values' and imposing ever-heavier sentences on folks for the same activities, why aren't they being called out in a strong and sustained way? It seems that the Republicans hate the rest of us simply because they share our foibles, and they hate that about themselves.

washingtonpost.com: Boycotting the White House (Post, May 9)

Lloyd Grove: I don't think the alleged behavior of 21-year-old college kids falls into the realm of news-making hypocrisy, no matter who their father is.

Gaithersburg, Md.: I would think that if Ruben were an obnoxious jerk, it would show through. He seems totally innocent, humble, and sweet. If he is obnoxious, he's a great actor.

Now Josh, he looked and acted like an obnoxious jerk, so hearing this news about him wouldn't surprise me at all.

Lloyd Grove: Semper fi!

NOOOOOOOOO: Oh God, can we please refrain from "American Idol" references? Who REALLY cares?

Lloyd Grove: It gets a very big number so a lot of people. and I am still hauling my sorry butt out of bed every Thursday morning to take part on Fox 5 TV's "Idol Chatter" segment so I am emotionally, professionally, psychicly and physically invested in this show's success!

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd, if you were on American Idol, what would you sing?

Lloyd Grove: It's My Party and I Can Cry if I Want To.

12th Floor Metro Center, Washington, D.C.: I see The Post has you now doing a Sunday column as well. You having any trouble digging up dish for an extra column per week?

Lloyd Grove: Yes!!!!
Please take pity on me, people, and call and e-mail me great stuff on Fridays ... Not doing it this Sunday, but for the foreseeable future after that.

Charlottesville, Va.: Lloyd, Anna Kournikova is going to be in our humble little town next week to play in a tournament sponsored by Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band. If I see Anna K., what question should I ask on behalf of the Reliable Source?

Lloyd Grove: Any advice to improve my "stock portfolio," hint hint, nudge nudge?

Lyme, Conn..: Georgia has a new state flag today. In 1956, in a backlash against the civil rights movement, a Georgia flag was designed that included part of the Confederate flag. Thus, there was a great debate about whether a new flag should be created. Does anyone know: what was their flag like before they changed it in 1956, and if the people who wanted to keep the old flag to preserve state history were so interested in preserving tradition, why didn't they just return to the original flag?

Lloyd Grove: I don't but I know my friend Dylan Glenn, who works for the Georgia governor, expressed happiness at the change a week or so ago.

Gephardt and Cheney: So Dick Gephardt, like Dick Cheney, has a lesbian daughter? This is almost becoming a badge of honor among politicos -- except Gephardt seems to be playing it up, while Cheney skirts the issue (no pun intended). What will really be news is when anyone of these folks ever admits to having a gay son. Methinks that is still politically taboo!

Lloyd Grove: Not in Democratic primary politics!

Maryland: Is Lisa Halaby, aka Queen Noor, dating that AOL guy?

Lloyd Grove: Jim Kimsey? My understanding is that she is.

Indiananpolis, Ind.: Does anyone know exactly what Ted Nugent said? I don't understand why there is no exact quote of what he said available online either by text or audio stream. The articles I've read said the DJs stopped him and took issue with what he said but they also imply Ole Ted was just joshin' and only "pressing some buttons" to see what kind of reaction he'd get. Let Americans hear what Ted had to say so each of us judge for ourselves whether he meant it or not; if he was serious or not. So can anyone here direct me to a web site that has the quote?

washingtonpost.com: Rocker Ted Nugent Uses Slurs in Interview (AP, May 6)

Lloyd Grove: Well whatever he said, he's an aging rock star not anyone responsible for anything, so it probably doesn't matter.

Washington, D.C.: Lloyd, how's the syndication biz treating you? We know you have the key Larain, Ohio market covered, but who else has hopped on the Lloyd Grove bandwagon?

Lloyd Grove: I expect a huge groundswell soon. We're at a watershed moment, my friends, and I'm depending on you to do your part (whatever that may be). I'll keep you informed.

Virginia: Can you clarify on Teresa Heinz? Dose she love John Kerry or what?

washingtonpost.com: The Ungaggable Teresa Heinz (Post, May 6)

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like they're very close, and she has a refreshingly unfiltered way of expressing herself, which will go on about as long as it can until the Kerry campaign finds that fellow who stuck the needle into Martha Mitchell when she was on the phone to Helen Thomas. Hope it's botox, though.

Washington, D.C.: "I don't think the alleged behavior of 21-year-old college kids falls into the realm of news-making hypocrisy, no matter who their father is."

But you DO think it's news-making to print what a young teen says to his grandmother about her political views, because he's the son of activist actor parents? Can you see the hypocrisy here, Lloyd?

Lloyd Grove: Nope.

Washington, D.C.: Mr. Grove:

Why is it an issue over the salary of our police chief?

Let's call out all the people we feel are making too much -- even you Lloyd.

Ridiculous -- certain people need to stop being so hypocritical

Lloyd Grove: The taxpayers, including me, pay the police chief's salary, which is why it's an issue. As for my little deal, thanks for the vote of confidence!

Boston, Mass.: I once read in a magazine interview of Jennifer Aniston that Jenna Bush was an intern at the publicity firm for her and Brad Pitt. I can't remember if that was last summer or in 2001, though.

Lloyd Grove: They're getting nice summer jobs, that's for sure. I believe it wasn't the PR firm, though, it was Brillstein Grey, the management production company.

Long Beach, Calif.: Is Jordan leaving the Bullets, I mean the Wizards, any different than when Babe Ruth left the Boston Braves? This is local news, for sure.

Lloyd Grove: For the life of me I can't remember what happened when Babe Ruth left the Boston Braves ... I think it's huge though when Michael Jordan and Abe Pollin go mano a mano, a real Godzilla vs. Mothra moment. We'll see who has the last laugh.

Long Beach, Calif.: Dr. Lloyd,
Can I please let everyone know that the crossed flag associated with resistance to Civil Rights is not the Confederate Flag, but the BATTLE FLAG OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA. Georgia has placed a small version of the Confederate Flag on their latest version. The flag for all of the confederacy, not just R.E. Lee's troops. I have often wondered why the protector's of "Southern Heritage" allowed their precious symbols to be commandeered by two-bit racists in the 1950's. What a mistake, as the crossed rebel flag of Northern Virginia is now akin to being an American swastika. Am I off on this?

Lloyd Grove: I'm not a flag expert here, but I think the swastika comparison is a reach.

Arlington, Va.: Lloyd, the Post recently ran an article about the problems that a lot of people in a Ritz-Carlton condo were having with mold in the walls. The article mentioned that Michael Jordan had an apartment is the complex. Do you think Michael will have trouble selling the place or would he keep it as slightly moldy pied a terre for when he comes to town?

washingtonpost.com: At Ritz Complex, Mold Came to Call On Condo Owners (Post, May 5)

Lloyd Grove: I think he'll sell it at a fire sale price, if necessary, to remove he taint of anything Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.: What's the deal on local boy and Survivor star Matthew Von Ertfelda? His bio says he's a restaurant designer. Any idea what he's designed?

Lloyd Grove: Sorry. I have not watched Survivor for at least two years. Anybody know?

Georgia flags: Check out this link to Flags of the World for the former Georgian flags.

(Jeez, my office really ought to take this Internet thing away from me...)

Lloyd Grove: We can arrange that, I think.

Ted Nugent: Hmmm, he was past president of the NRA? Why is it that every person holding that job ends up losing his mind?

Lloyd Grove: Shooting first, asking questions later, aren't we?

Arlington, Va.: More on presidential daughters -- following up from last week, do we have an update on Chelsea Clinton and her beau? Any spottings lately? They still a number?
Why are the Bush daughters seen so little in D.C.?

Lloyd Grove: I believe they're still a number and settling back in NYC, where Chelsea is about to take a nice job with McKenzie & Co.

Alexandria, Va.: This question should be on the Reality TV chat, but ...

Don't the Marines have weight requirements? Josh from American Idol is fat (okay, not Ruben fat, but still fat). I'd be embarrassed by this guy if I was a Marine.

Lloyd Grove: He's not fat, for goodness sakes. He's just, as Kramer said to George Costanza once, stout.
By the way, I suppose I should take my share of responsibility for the Bush girls showing up in D.C. as seldom as possible.

You can be my Silver Spring, Md.: Lloyd --

What is your take on the glut of reality shows, i.e., Mr. Personality? Lisa de Moraes was dead-on when she said the only shining moment on that show was that Monica Lewinsky did not get the irony of showing a secretly taped indiscretion of one of the masked suitors to Hayley, the woman in question.

Lloyd Grove: I cede all insight to Lisa on such matters.
As for the reality show glut, follow the money.

Re: Chelsea Clinton: McKinsey, not McKenzie?

Lloyd Grove: Shows how much I know about high-flying business consulting.

Washington, D.C.: Can you offer me more than a dismissive "Nope," please? I'm honestly trying to understand how you determine what's gossip-worthy here and where you draw your lines.

I'd just like to hear your reasoning. Why do you think "Oh, 21-year-olds will be 21-year-olds" and aren't newsworthy, but younger kids should be quoted if it makes their parents look bad?

C'mon, Lloyd, if you dish it out, be brave enough to back it up.

Lloyd Grove: The reason I'm dismissive is because your premise is tendentious. Once again, the anecdote about Jack Henry Robbins Sarandon or whatever was told to me by Susan's Republican mom, to illustrate an aspect of her relationship with her daughter and her daughter's consort. I interviewed her and I quoted her ... If the grandparents or parents of Jenna and Barbara ever told me something interesting about them, I would slap that right in the column, too.

Van Ness, Washington, D.C.: Does this mean that Abe and the Wizards are not going to retire number 23?

Lloyd Grove: Depends on what the financial impact is.

Castle Shannon, Pa.: 50 Cent is writing an autobiography. Does he actually think that anyone would buy it?

Lloyd Grove: That is the niche marketing question of all time: Is there an audience of book-buyers that intersects with the fans of 50 Cent? It's giving me a headache just thinking about it.

Charlotte, N.C.: Oh, please, please, one more on American Idol! You made it legit for this chat by noting you get up for the Fox segment! So, who do you think will/should win?

Lloyd Grove: I think Kimberley, Clay and Ruben are all good singers. I think Clay has a tendency to be weird and offputting, Kimberly seems a little angry and Ruben seems like the most likable. So based on what my friend Roger Ailes, another big man, dubbed "the like factor," I pick Ruben. You heard it here!

Laurel, Md.: Lloyd, I have a theory on why TV is better than ever but still appears to suck:

It's improving slower than a person's tastes mature as (s)he ages. So TV keeps getting better, but keeps falling farther behind our expectations.

Same reason most divorces happen: women marry jerks, figuring he'll mature as he gets older. Problem is, she keeps maturing too, so he never catches up.

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like a reality show premise.

"I have often wondered why the protectors of "Southern Heritage" allowed their precious symbols to be commandeered by two-bit racists in the 1950's": Those "two-bit" characters weren't Klansmen meeting in back rooms or in the woods. They were elected officials like George Wallace, Lester Maddox and Strom Thurmond.

Lloyd Grove: More flag waving.

College Park, Md.: Hi Lloyd!
I had notorious reporter Jayson Blair as a TA for my Jour100 Introduction to Journalism class in 1998 at the University of Maryland. I believe he was with the Globe or maybe had started at the Times at that point. At any rate, I can't tell you how many times they stressed the whole "getting the FACTS right in an article is the most important aspect of journalism" thing. A sad sad state of affairs for poor Mr. Blair. (I got an A in the class by the way!)
Happy Friday!

Lloyd Grove: It is sad. And, frankly, a little creepy.

Indianapolis, Ind.: Yes, Lloyd I understand PERFECTLY how off the cuff insults directed to ME wouldn't matter one hoot to you, since you're white, but since I'm black these routine everyday insults DO offend me since I'm a law bidding, hardworking, taxpaying citizen of this country who just happens to be black and just happened to get hit with the N word while spending MY hard earned money in a white neighborhood last Sunday -- yes, right here in the "heartland" of God's country.

So I can certainly understand a white man's point of view that these insults don't matter, after all they are fairly routine. In fact they happen all the time. I guess I should just get used to it! Thanks

Lloyd Grove: My point is that who cares what Ted Nugent says on the radio or anywhere else? Which is not to say that he's not an idiot for saying such things. Of course he is. But, don't you think, in the scheme of things, there are more important matters to worry about?
Obviously, thuggish behavior of all kinds is unpleasant and should be avoided, and I'm sorry you encountered it recently. Sorry to disagree, but I don't think my racial makeup has anything to do with my perspective on this stuff.

Re: Rumsfield and Franks: They both attended a book launch event last night at the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, so I'm sure they were just getting together for a pre-event meal.

Lloyd Grove: Gotcha.

Annandale, Va.: Good morning, Lloyd -- It's become increasingly obvious to me and other readers that your column has jumped the shark, your ongoing war with that bloviator Tim Robbins just one more piece of evidence tending towards that overwhelming conclusion. When do you plan to give the column a rest and pass it on to fresher gossip-mongers?

Lloyd Grove: Maybe YOU would like to take it on, you little minnow, you!

Long Beach, Calif.: I've always known you were cool, Lloyd, in a somewhat smug kinda way, but your reference to MOTHRA establishes you as a giant of epic proportions. GODZILLA is a punk. MOTHRA RULES!
P.S. After retiring from the Boston Braves, hitting two home runs on his last day, Babe Ruth became a referee for wrestling events. Jordan breaking up fights on WWF sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Lloyd Grove: I think you have made a very helpful suggestion for the continuation of this important national discussion.

Georgia Flag Idea: Why doesn't the state have a contest to design the flag? Maybe Fox could have a reality show in which Georgia flag designs are eliminated every week until a winner is chosen?

Lloyd Grove: My interest is flagging.

Bush daughters: I think they are around D.C. sometimes -- I recently saw Barbara Bush (the twin, not the former first lady) trying on a camouflage patterned mini-dress at Diesel in Georgetown. I thought it was an interesting choice for a girl whose father had just started a war.

Lloyd Grove: You SURE it was her? You shoulda called me.

Washington, D.C.: It's FRIDAY, people. LIGHTEN UP!

Lloyd Grove: That's an order!

Josh on American Idol: Entertainment Weekly had an item a week or two ago that Josh's weight problem seemed to be due to a thyroid disorder that's recently plagued him. Seems like a reasonable explanation; I doubt that Idol producers -- or especially Simon! -- would let that weight gain go unchecked unless there was an actual medical reason.

Lloyd Grove: Simon Cowell isn't a producer of the show, is he? That's ANOTHER Simon who's producing the show, I thought. Am I completely confused?

White House Boycott: Re: The Yalies boycotting their reunion at the White House: Did you or others report similar boycotts when Clinton hosted a reunion at the White House? Seems inevitable that there were classmates of HIS who refused to attend for reasons similar to those cited in your column today.

Lloyd Grove: I didn't report anything like that during Clinton, but he wasn't a Yale undergraduate, neither was Hillary, so they wouldn't have hosted such a reunion picnic.

Rosslyn, Va.: Jayson Blair -- what is UP with this? Why did it take so long for his inferior reporting to get discovered (either by The Times or any other news source)?

How was he able to schmooze with the higher-ups, while simultaneously fooling his editors?

Lloyd Grove: The Times is conducting a rigorous investigation, I trust, and will present the results in due course.

Bush Daughters: Notice how Chelsea has stayed on the straight and narrow, unlike her philandering father? It's like the Clinton and Bush kids are trying to be the opposite of their parents. (Bush's past substance abuse history doesn't count, since the kids were too young to remember it.)

Lloyd Grove: Are you charging for these psychological insights or just offering them gratis?

Charlottesville, Va.: What, indeed, is going on with the hostility level here? I know we're all anonymous posters, but that doesn't mean the level of civility should decrease exponentially -- just because no one knows who we are.

Lloyd Grove: Yeah. Be civil!
(Actually, I haven't noticed a marked increased in hostility, maybe even a little less this morning than what I'm used to and obviously deserve.)

Bush girls: Of course the West Wing's new plot twist with a presidential daughter being kidnapped from a club in D.C. won't help the Bush girls feel real welcome here huh?
Uh oh -- was that another TV column question?

Lloyd Grove: I'm afraid my girlfriend refuses to let me watch "West Wing," so yes.

Idol Producers: I wasn't implying that Simon Cowell was an Idol producer; I was just playing off his tendency to go after contestants for their weight. Totally removed from all this, however, yes, you ARE totally confused.

Lloyd Grove: I'm afraid you are right.

White House Boycott: Clinton hosted a Georgetown reunion!

Lloyd Grove: Was that before or after Monica?

Oxford, UK: How can I lighten up when I'm watching trees being piteously mistreated outside my window? It's a beautiful day, but some diabolically cruel six-year-olds are climbing trees with a disgusting disregard for the feelings of their victims. I want to scream! Don't you DARE tell me to lighten up!

Lloyd Grove: Forget it was mentioned.

Fairfax, Va.: What does tendentious mean?

Lloyd Grove: Well, you've linked to a definition, but I mean "twisting the facts to support an incorrect conclusion"

Chelsea on the Straight and Narrow?: Hello? Have you been following Chelsea's course through the world of high fashion, amour, etc., lately? She's no Amy Carter.

Lloyd Grove: True enough. And I must admit I haven't been paying as close attention as I might.

NW, Washington, D.C.: Lloyd -- you have NOT jumped the shark. You're better than ever and my favorite thing about the Post.

Lloyd Grove: You are like a god to me!

Pentagon, Arlington, Va.: Downtown Palm and they were having a great time.

Lloyd Grove: Fabulous, thx.

Indianapolis, Ind.: In the "scheme of things" you say -- well, since the N word was directed at my 11-year-old daughter I can't think of anything more important at the moment. How would you feel if it were your child? I guess you could say I've had it up to HERE.

Lloyd Grove: True. Listen, I don't for one moment mean to suggest that this was not an extremely unpleasant experience -- I believe I called it thuggish behavior -- but this was also an opportunity to teach your 11-year-old daughter about things that are right and wrong with the world. If my child were insulted like that, I'd be very angry, for sure, but I would also want him or her to know that there are some bad, pitiable people in the world and some good people in the world ... and the challenge is to be a good person.

I think the Clinton Georgetown reunion was in '93, as a 25-year reunion of the class of '68, if memory serves.

Lloyd Grove: Not fraught with much controversy probably. right?

Somewhere, USA: Long Beach was trying to be clever, but, uh, Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees. He never played for the Braves, but Long Beach is so hip to know that the Boston Braves existed.

Lloyd Grove: This was before the Tomahawk Chop, I take it?

Re: Oxford: Oxford should be glad to have a nice day. This weather sucks!

Lloyd Grove: Lighten up!

Inquiring minds: Lloyd, why haven't you been tracking Stephen's Glass ridiculous reemergence?

washingtonpost.com: Stephen Glass Waits for Prime Time to Say 'I Lied' (Post, May 7)

Lloyd Grove: It was Howie's story all the way (he was the reporter who broke it in the first place, after all).

The Like factor: If you're basing American Idol speculation on how much someone is liked by the public, you'll have to go with Clay. His fans are RABID. Based on Web sites, posts to chat rooms, downloads of MP3s, Clay would have it wrapped up. Ruben tends to be a little dull, and Kim does seem to be, as you noted, a little angry. But Clay has everyone from teenyboppers to 40-something soccer moms weak in the knees. Not trying to explain it here, just pointing it out. And, to make it relevant to our chat here, perhaps one of the presidential campaigns should be following Clay around and trying to operationalize that charm so they can reproduce it in their candidate. Think that might fly?

Lloyd Grove: Yes. I think Dennis Kucinich should start making joint appearances with Clay immediately.

Eastern Market, Washington, D.C.: Why did The Post put the story on Mayor Williams' haircut on the front page of Metro? I would think your column or at least Style would have been a better venue for that. I mean, it's not really news, is it?

washingtonpost.com: A New Do on Top in D.C. (Post, May 6)

Lloyd Grove: I fought for it, believe you me, and lost.

Somewhere: I like the flag contest idea. To decide on a winner, they could run it up the flagpole and see who salutes.

Lloyd Grove: Did you know that flag is an anagram for galf?

15th and L, Washington, D.C.: Ruth did in fact play for the Boston Braves. They signed in 1935, deluding Ruth with eventually getting to manage the club. Ruth left the club halfway through the season when he found out that he was being used to sell tickets and never be the Braves' manager.

Lloyd Grove: Aha.

Re: Chief Ramsey: So the guy gets a giant pay increase for what? Abusing peaceful demonstrators? Annoying drivers with that stupid "lights on at all times" policy? Presiding over the first crime increase in D.C. history?

I'd rather have Chief Moose.

Lloyd Grove: Mebbe.

Arlington, Va.: As a Catholic U. alum from the '70s, I offer my kudos for yesterday's item regarding former Catholic U. professors "Stormin' Norman" Ornstein and "Uncle Mikey" Robinson. Terry McAuliffe (whom they awarded a B-minus overall in your article) is merely the best-known of the large number of distinguished Politics majors they produced (e.g., Carter-era boy-wonder Tom Donilon, who went on to be a key adviser to Secretary of State Warren Christopher).

Curiosity overwhelms: did the Source verify McAuliffe's claim of a 3.8 average? It's not beyond belief, but Terry's didn't exactly live in the library during his time at CUA. Surely the university would have confirmed his degree as summa cum laude even if they couldn't discuss his GPA.

Lloyd Grove: I was too busy verifying all of the other claims Terry makes.

To Alexandria, Va. -- Ruben: Hey Lloyd:

The person is wrong and misinformed about Ruben, actually he's a laid back dude.

Easy going -- I know for a fact by the way.

If anybody was an obnoxious jerk it was the Marine from what I heard.

Lloyd Grove: There you go.

Morongo Casino: Bill Bennett has been described as the Manatee of Moralism. Is this rude? Just because he chain smokes and plays video poker is no reason to assume he ain't got no morals, nohow. What's at risk is the operative word CLASS. He could at least play roulette. Your opinion?

Lloyd Grove: Or Bacarat.

Corporate Soundness: Not to bag on Chelsea Clinton -- but she's getting a nice job (with long hours) based on WHAT? Being booksmart and well-connected.

If she's a rainmaker, fine. But do your really want someone in her 20s consulting when she's only done well with her book-larnin'?

Lloyd Grove: As we reported several weeks ago, Chelsea's deal is a pretty standard one for those lucky enough to be offered it. Anyhow, I don't want to press MY luck, so I'm outta here. Thanks for being civil, everyone, and see you back here same time same place next Friday. Bye.


That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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