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Lloyd Grove
Lloyd Grove
The Reliable Source
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The Reliable Source
Hosted by Lloyd Grove
Washington Post Staff Writer

Friday, May 16, 2003; 11 a.m. ET

Got a rumor to dispel or confirm? Looking for dirt on your favorite or most-hated Washington celebrity? Ask "The Reliable Source" columnist Lloyd Grove.

Grove, a 20-year veteran of The Washington Post, has been writing The Reliable Source column in the Style section since May 1999.

Grove grew up in Los Angeles and Greenwich, Conn. He was an English major at Yale and worked for the Kansas City Times (now defunct, we think), the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and the Dallas Morning News before joining the Post on the Weekend section, where for a few years he reviewed practically every live theater show that opened in D.C., including a few in church basements.

From there, he joined Style as a general assignment writer with a special interest in politics, and spent a year and a half covering the 1988 presidential campaign for the National staff. In 1991 -- after an ill-advised book leave -- he returned to Style and served as a political reporter, with occasional detours into television and movie coverage. He also has written extensively for Vanity Fair magazine.

A transcript follows.

Editor's Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators retain editorial control over Live Online discussions and choose the most relevant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can decline to answer questions.

Lloyd Grove: Good morning, everyone. Crazy Friday today, working on the big Sunday column for the live Style section, so let's get to it!

Herndon, Va.: Romeo and Juliet With a Happy Ending? article:

My question is regarding Engagement gift etiquette. In addition to being previously married, Neil Greenberg was living with, and engaged to, another woman up until February 2003. Do I need to send him another engagement gift for is latest engagement? Is there a limit to the number of times an engagement gift should be sent to the same groom-to-be? With a couple more engagements, Neil will have quite a collection of china place settings ...

Lloyd Grove: I may have to consult Miss Manners, but it sounds like Kate Gephardt needs to sew this thing up quick!

St. Louis, Mo.: Why won't Laura Bush allow the Family Quarters of the White House to be photographed? Nearly every First Family has allowed some shelter magazine to come in and share the second floor with the public. When I have called Mrs. Bush's press secretary about it, all I get is a very curt, "No!"

What's the story?

Lloyd Grove: Hmmm. I know there have been photographers upstairs--indeed, I believe Mrs. Bush was photographed in the family quarters for a Harper's Bazaar profile I wrote in 2001, so maybe you're just doing something to irritate the person on the other end of the line? What precisely are you asking?

Arlington, Va.: Hi Lloyd --

I saw Frank Herzog (Channel 9 sportscaster) coming out of Maggiano's in Chevy Chase on Tuesday night. Not exactly stop the presses news, but MAN he's tall!

Lloyd Grove: Very tall. Probably able to clean his plate at that big-food bistro, though.

Maryland: In his story in Thursday Post, Farhi questioned whether anyone thought Jayson Balir was "an outright fraud, a journalistic charlatan." Allow me to suggest that you check with Jayson Blair's Diamondback colleagues for the real answer to that question.

washingtonpost.com: Past Holds Little Explanation for The Meteoric Fall Of Jayson Blair (Post, May 15)

Lloyd Grove: Seems like this kid was trouble from the start.

Alexandria, Va.: Seymour Hersh must be turning over in his grave! Wait, he's not dead yet. Officially. Anyway, one of JFK's bimbos has been found -- by somebody else! Ah well. WE WANT TO KNOW DETAILS. I hope the American media will rise to the occasion, just as their president did, 40 years ago ...

Lloyd Grove: Ugh.

Washington, D.C.: Beltway-type Celebrity Sighting -- I see retired commentator James J. Kilpatrick just about every Saturday morning shopping at the Georgetown Safeway. What's the proper way to thank the man who inspired the catch-phrase: "Jane, you ignorant slut"?

Lloyd Grove: "Good morning, Mr. Kilpatrick" will do.

Your Mother: Hi hon.

I'm glad you dressed a bit nicer on Fox 5 yesterday. Combed that hair. Dad and I are so proud! Love to the grandkids! Did you turn off the hot plate before you left the house this morning? Call me. xo

Lloyd Grove: Ohmygosh. The hot plate is still on!

Washington, D.C.: Hi Lloyd. So my question is, who still cares about JFK's marital infidelities. Richard Reeves gave JFK's proclivities a pretty good going-over in his book. Who cares if he had an affair with an intern. I find it to be a major yawner.

Lloyd Grove: You are not alone, but you might as well be. The JFK Myth continues to have a strong appeal, as do these stories about his escapes, in the collective American imagination.

Alexandria, Va.: I live on Seminary Road, and for the last few days, the Hilton hotel down the street has been surrounded by police cars, and several times, I've seen between 30 and 40 motorcycle cops escorting several buses to and from the hotel. Any idea who's staying there that warrants this level of protection?

Lloyd Grove: Haven't a clue. Anybody?

Silver Spring, Md.: Lloyd: On the issue of the French smear campaign. First, let me state that I am usually one of the first to jump on the anti-French bandwagon, after all how can you not smirk at a country that lost a war with Green Peace. But this administration’s childish and amateurish attempts are so pathetic that we appear to be ceding the moral high ground to the French. This passport story in the Washington Times is the prime example. Rumsy’s cutesy non-denial denial was pathetic. My question is, when are the papers, yours included, going to get tired of being made patsies for this administration? An unnamed source tells a reporter balderdash and rather than confront the administration before printing it the papers just print it. Is this because the papers know that that if asked the administration will on record deny these silly anonymous claims, thus leaving the papers with no HOT news to print? Or are you helping out the administration in this game? Do reporters go back to these sources that have duped them? Should I dump my Washington Post subscription and just continue to read the National Enquirer while in the check out line?

Lloyd Grove: This is all beyond my competence and above my pay grade, but I am certain that the reporters here make every effort to ascertain the accuracy of stuff before printing it. Ca va?

Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.: So the POTUS wears $1000 cowboy hats. Such extravagance is surely worth a mention if $75 haircuts are.

Lloyd Grove: I think that HAS been mentioned before, but I will try to find an opportunity to mention it again.

Alexandria, Va.: What do you know about the BBC/Jessica Lynch/Jerry Bruckheimer/Wag The Dog story that is just emerging?

Lloyd Grove: Well, it's interesting but I can't say if I find it authoritative that the Jessica Lynch saga was a piece of skillful propaganda, not fact, i.e., a U.S. government version of Tawana Brawley. The BBC story relies on Iraqi witnesses, and takes their side over the Americans. I suppose more reporting is necessary.

Lots of cops around: Cops from all over the country are here for National Law Enforcement Memorial Week (or something like that) The motorcycles and buses are probably just groups of cops going downtown for the ceremonies and activities. Earlier this week there was a motorcycle and bike cop parade down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks much.

Metro Center, Washington, D.C.: Re: The police

There is some event honoring police officers killed in the line of duty. It's been going on at least since Wednesday, so perhaps the police are escorting themselves.

Lloyd Grove: Two sources now!

Washington, D.C.: I support any and all revelations about JFK that will tarnish his image and eventually knock some sense in to the American people who for some stupid reason see him as some sort of demigod.

People -- he was a horrible person and president!

Lloyd Grove: I'm afraid these kinds of stories enhance his image, not tarnish it.

Alexandria, Va.: Hi Lloyd,

I saw Tom Kierein (Channel 4 weatherman) at the Tidal Basin once and ... Man, he's short!

Lloyd Grove: Was he in a paddle boat?

Jefferson Lectures: From where I was standing, there were disappointingly few celebrity sightings at last night's Jefferson lecture with David McCullough. I did recognize Michael Barone and James Billington, but that's about it. Did anyone else there catch sight of anyone of interest?

Lloyd Grove: I wasn't there, so I'll throw it open to the house.

Castle Shannon, Pa.: So have you or your kids broken down and called in to vote yet on "American Idol"?

Lloyd Grove: I don't think so, but a friend of mine tells me she watches every American idol with her daughter, both vote multiple times, and it's a real "mother-daughter bonding experience."

Arlington, Va.: Let's bash Pat Collins some more today. Huh Lloyd, can we?

Lloyd Grove: No, let's not.

12th Floor Metro Center, Washington, D.C.: Just why would Tom Delay think that because he works WITH the federal government that he would be permitted to smoke a smelly cigar in a federal building? That's just as bad as his alleged quote of he IS the federal government.

Lloyd Grove: I understand the DeLay office was in bunker mode yesterday over this little revelation.

St. Louis, Mo.:

All I asked, very politely mind you (I'm no Tim Robbins!), was: "Will the Family Quarters be photographed?"

Lloyd Grove: Hmmm. Well, they HAVE been, so I don't really have a clue how to untangle this.

Washington, D.C.: So much gossip, so little time.

1. Haven't heard much about the Bush twins and their weed smoking since the entertainment article about the actor who had them underage drinking at a party. Any follow up?

2. How about that media critic who refuses to discuss the criticism of HIM in the media? Yeah, FAIR found that Howie >Kurtz's TV guests were 96 percent white, and mostly male conservatives. Yet Howie hasn't mentioned it. Critic can't take criticism?

3. Gotta love those Democrats in Texas ...

Lloyd Grove: I decided not to go with the perhaps smoke-clouded memories of a heartthrob actor. I find FAIR tiresome, and find Howie fair. You mean the Texan who skipped town to avoid a redistricting vote? Funny, maybe, but not lovable.

Takoma Park, Md.: I'm a rock-solid Republican, but Tom DeLay represents what I despise about my party.

Lloyd Grove: Which is why you live in the People's Republic of Takoma Park, possibly..

Tranby, Norway: What's the big hype about Hennes and Mauritz, the new store at Georgetown Mall? It's mediocre at best, as we know who have seen it in Norway for the past 40 years!

Lloyd Grove: Haven't heard any hype at all till this very second. Are you SURE you're writing from Norway, and not some shopping mall in the D.C. area?

The Blair Problem: Now that the dust has settled we are starting to get to the bottom of the Blair problem. Seems he's an extremely talented, extremely unethical reporter who schmoozed, charmed and bamboozled management. I guess if they can't blame race then we'd be stuck with the notion that that young man (who happened to be black) made fools out of what are supposed to be experienced editors and supervisors.

Lloyd Grove: A fair assessment, I'd say.

Mimi: Would the Reliable Source publish a list of Presidents since FDR, along with their confirmed extramarital partners? I'm a nonaligned voter and I believe the Republicans cheat just as much as the Democrats. We just don't hear as much about the GOP girlfriends. This is Masters-level dish, Lloyd, and you're the right columnist for the job.

Also, can you imagine a female President cheating on the First Gentleman? She might snare a male intern who moonlights at the Hangar Club?

Lloyd Grove: Sounds like you should be working on a movie treatment. On a slow day, though, I might take you up on your suggestion.

Richmond, Va.: What is your favorite D.C. dinner spot?

Lloyd Grove: Don't have a favorite place, though I do like San Marco, a nice neighborhood Italian place in Adams Morgan.

Boston, Mass.: There are Republicans in Takoma Park?! Who knew!

Lloyd Grove: I, too, was a little shocked.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Can you get me an invite to this billionaire's party? I'm attractive and fun, and I promise to behave myself.

Lloyd Grove: Hmm. I think said ex-billionaire is rather peeved at me this morning, so I myself will probably be barred at the door if I show up.

Icebergville, Minn.: Hey Lloyd,

From last week's chat: "Somewhere, USA: Long Beach was trying to be clever, but, uh, Babe Ruth was traded from the Red Sox to the Yankees. He never played for the Braves, but Long Beach is so hip to know that the Boston Braves existed."

Somewhere USA needs to take a baseball history lesson before s/he gives one.

The Red Sox DID sell Babe to the Yankees in 1919. Babe was cut from the Yankees in 1934 (yes, cut). He THEN went to play for the Boston Braves in 1935, based on a promise that in the next second season he COULD POSSIBLY (or some other vague inference that would keep the owner of The Braves from a breech of contract suit) become manager. The Braves sucked at the time and needed a big attraction to get attendance up. (a-hem...Jordan reference)

Babe retired in a Boston Braves uniform in May/June of 1935, the coaching gig never came about.

Just had to set the record straight, since it was The Babe and all.

That and the Jordan reference from Long Beach was pretty astute, so s/he deserves credit for more than just being hip.

Lloyd Grove: The things we learn in these forums!

Bethesda, Md.: Lloyd,
Will the sexy former WJLA-7 morning anchor Carol Costello, now at CNN, take over for the departing Paula Zahn? She would add some much needed spunk to that program!

Lloyd Grove: Is Paula leaving CNN? I have it on good authority that she's sticking around for now, at least until her leg heals.

Lincoln Park Treehouse: Is the runner-up from Survivor back in D.C. yet? I'd think he would be good column fodder.

Lloyd Grove: Why?

Re: our Norwegian friends: Actually, that department store is more commonly known as H & M. They are sort of big deal along the Eastern Seaboard. I'm actually surprised that they've taken this long to get the D.C. area, as they had a store in that backwater called Syracuse when I was still living there 3 years ago.

Lloyd Grove: As for me, I have spent a total of 23 minutes in a shopping mall over the past year.

Mass. Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.: Geeze, who cares if whiny Jim Wright of Capitol Hill had to take off his shoes to go into Rosa DeLauro's house on the Capitol Hill home tour? Someone had a gun to his head and made him go in? His comments about "machine-made rugs" just made him sound stupid and petty. Must have been a slow day in the gossip biz, I guess, if that item was newsworthy?

Lloyd Grove: I know a lot of people were offended, including one of my colleagues here in the Style section, but I thought Mr. Wright's comments were funny.

Virginia: Y'know what is exciting about local news? Channel 4 rarely even comments on the Orioles anymore! Kudos to George, Wally, and Jill. Speaking of Jill Sorensen -- have you seen her about town?

Lloyd Grove: I have not.

Dreamers: I think Takoma Park is just a Dem who dreams there are such things as Republicans who despise Delay.

Lloyd Grove: I'm inclined to believe he is what used to be called "a Rockefeller Republican," like Newt Gingrich was once.

Dupont, Washington, D.C.: I too am deeply annoyed by the seemingly constant motorcade sirens swirling around this town. But doesn't Dick Cheney live at the Naval Observatory? And so, isn't Connecticut Avenue a weird route to take from there to the Old Executive Office Building?

Lloyd Grove: He takes Mass. Ave. and then turns onto Connecticut as he nears the White House, I'm told.

Bethesda, Md.: Paula Zahn is leaving the 7 a.m. morning show to take a prime time slot. I would love to see Carol move from fill-in anchor to a full time position.

Lloyd Grove: Oh. Now I understand. Consider you're vote tallied by the decision makers at CNN.

Washington, D.C.: The former Channel 7 anchor, I think his first name was Paul, was shorter.

Lloyd Grove: How did we get onto this local TV anchor height thing?

Tidal Basin: Does anyone know whatever became of the "Tidal Basin Bombshell," one Fannie Fox? She was part of Washington's first public sex scandal when she and Rep. Wilbur Mills drove into the Tidal Basin back in '73 or '74. It seems so innocent today.

Lloyd Grove: Yes it does, and I don't know what happened to the sainted stripper. Anybody?

Hill GOPer: Tom DeLay is a "Fox News Republican." Total Clown.

Lloyd Grove: I think he's a Republican, whether on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, or even in the Reliable Source column.

Local news: So how many facelifts has George Michael had, anyway?

Lloyd Grove: A question for the ages?
Do you really think he's had any? And if so, have they improved his appearance? Glad you omitted the height thing.

Herndon, Va.: There are many Republicans who hate Tom DeLay. I know several. Most of these people are women.

Lloyd Grove: Well he does seem to glory in his growing list of enemies.

Washington, D.C.: The rain kept me from last night's book reading with Vogue editor at large Andre Leon Talley, but I'm curious to know what sorts turned up for the event. Lloyd, were you there?

Lloyd Grove: I was not, alas. Maybe some fashionista can regale us with an entertaining anecdote in the 24 minutes left to us.

Land of the Giants: Lloyd,

Susan Kidd is a giant !!


It's your fault for posting that Herzog message.

Lloyd Grove: Take responsibility, please.

Washington, D.C.: Let's see, Jayson Blair was a self-promoting flake who ingratiated himself with his superiors and made up stories. How far do you think he could have gone if he'd just remained a self-promoting flake who ingratiated himself with his superiors?

Lloyd Grove: To the very top.

Washington, D.C.: Do you think Michael Jordan's restaurant will suffer with his departure?

Lloyd Grove: Unto death, I fear.

Washington, D.C.: Hey Dreamers: Yes, there are Republicans who don't like DeLay -- I'm one of them. There are many Rockefeller Republicans working toward getting a seat at the GOP table again. We think we are needed these days.

By the way, why do so many Dems like you, Dreamers, like to stereotype Republicans? I thought you were supposed to be the self-proclaimed "tolerant" party. Funny how that tolerance doesn't extend to Republicans.

Lloyd Grove: Oh I'm sure it does, outside the confines of this rhetorical boxing ring we call our little Friday show.

NE Washington, D.C.: Hey Lloyd,

Two weeks ago West Wing had Zoe's Georgetown graduation. The indoor shots looked like Healy Hall, but were the outside shots CG effects? Or did GU put on a commencement for the fake Pres?

And how can we find out when West Wing is filming in town?

Lloyd Grove: Not from me. I think this show has lost its legs, witness the impending departure of Aaron Sorkin. Sorry to be so disagreeable, but there it is. (By the way, I didn't see the episode so I can't answer your question, maybe somebody out there knows for sure.)

Silver Spring, Md.: Lloyd, what do you think the Jews need Geraldo for? Or, what do you think he thinks they need him for?

Lloyd Grove: I think that question would be best put to Geraldo. I didn't have the presence of mind to ask him, so gobsmacked was I by his assertion. My friend Jake Tapper sent me an e-mail in response: "The Jews need Geraldo like a hole in the head."

Phoenixville, Pa.: H&M is supposedly an excellent source of current fashions at really discounted prices.

Lloyd Grove: What is this, the shopping channel?

Fanny Fox the First? No way.: The first political and very public sex scandal was back in the 1790's involving Alexander Hamilton and Maria Reynolds. Good ole Ten Dollar Bill was blackmailed by her husband after he found out that the two of them were carrying on and then he had to go public to tell everyone that the blackmailed funds did not come out of the U.S. Treasury of which he was Secretary at the time.

Fanny Fox was small potatoes and much much later, in comparison. Lloyd, you would have been kept very busy back then.

Lloyd Grove: And I'm sure getting that messy ink all over myself with my quill.

Washington, D.C.: Do you think that Gephardt announcing his (other) daughter is gay will change anything about how the Cheney's deal with their daughter also being gay? And why no "out" sons of politicians?

Lloyd Grove: I doubt the Cheneys, who are operating in a different political universe, will find any reason to change their position on keeping silent. Are there no OUT politicians' sons? That would surprise me, if true.

Annapolis, Md.: Tom DeLay, Dick Armey, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and then that OTHER one ... what is it with those Republicans in Texas? The Texans I know are wonderful, fun, totally un-DeLay-like people. Why do they elect such rabid, in-your-face-we-hate-everyone-who's-not-like-us people? What happened to the REAL Republican party of watch what you spend and have some personal responsibility for your own actions?

Lloyd Grove: Bush is hardly rabid, I'd say. And I know plenty of mild-mannered Texas Republicans.

19th Street NW: Lloyd:

I was on that same Capitol Hill house and garden tour last Sunday, and had to take my shoes off, but honestly, 95 percent of the folks who did the same were not complaining. I think you can chalk this up to the fact that this happened to be a Congresswoman's house, and if it was Jane Smith, regular citizen, this would be a NON ISSUE.

Lloyd Grove: And certainly not fodder for the column.

Alexandria -- Jessica Lynch update: The BBC is wrong again (and again, and again). It was reported weeks ago that these "compassionate" Iraqi doctors tried to hire some guy to drive Lynch to the Americans, but that he was turned away at a check point. It was NOT an ambulance, it was NEVER shot at, and Lynch absolutely was NOT in it. The sources: these doctors themselves. They seem to have problems with the truth. A quick Nexis/Lexis search should clear this up.

Lloyd Grove: I guess there's reasons to be skeptical about the BBC's hot scoop.

Washington, D.C.: Re: West Wing

Didn't you say in last week's chat that your girlfriend won't let you watch "West Wing"? If that's true, then how can you tell that it has "lost its legs"?

Lloyd Grove: Maybe it's ME who's lost his legs, then.

Alexandria, Va.: Correction needed! It's your vote, not you're vote.

Lloyd Grove: Thanks you.

Washington, D.C.: Has MJ left town yet, after being booted out of the box by dishonest Abe Pollin?

Lloyd Grove: If he hasn't left town yet, he's packing.

Washington, D.C.: Nancy Pelosi is very attractive for someone her age. Too bad she's so annoying.

Lloyd Grove: I prefer to look on the bright side.

Greenspan: I live by Alan Greenspan, and yesterday I saw a cop hanging out in his front yard. Any idea why? Backlash over the new $20?

Lloyd Grove: The Fed chairman has his own security detail.

Out Political Sons: Ron Reagan, Jr, was out. Then he had to go ahead and ruin it by getting married.

Lloyd Grove: He was never out, as far as I know, and has consistently denied rumors that he's gay -- including to me. (He noted that he'd been married to his wife Doria for more than 20 years, and joked, "even though I'm supposed to be gay.")

Re: Alexander Hamilton: Not only was Hamilton involved in an early sex scandal, he was shot and killed by the Vice President of the United States! I think THAT would make a good movie or mini-series.

Lloyd Grove: Or a Gore Vidal novel.

Fairfax County, Va.: Have you ever seen Wendy Reiger up close? By the way, how tall is she?

Lloyd Grove: Yes, I have. She's tall. Tall in the pantheon of TV anchors.

Long Beach, Calif.: Usually gold rings like this sell for two to three hundred dollars, Lloyd. For the latest in fun fashions and home furnishings, always refer to the Reliable Source. By the way, does Home Depot stock automotive accessories? Thanks

Lloyd Grove: Heh heh. heh.

Southside: Lloyd - I once saw you coming out of ... somewhere, a bar, maybe ... in Georgetown, and you, too, are laudably tall. Congrats to you, and to your parents, "well done."

Lloyd Grove: Big and Tall. Speaking of shopping, I need to buy some suits at Rochester's.

MJ Packing: It'll be a pretty small suitcase, since he never bothered to settle here. At least he won't have to change his car registration when he gets back to Chicago!

Lloyd Grove: I'm sure he has an extensive wardrobe closet in his luxury condo at the Ritz.

Washington, D.C.: What about Eisenhower's affair with Kay Summersby? He should have been relieved of command by a military Ken Starr. The military code of conduct allows no exceptions on extramarital relations. The law is supreme, and the supreme commander was subject to it. So what if Hitler had kept Europe!

Lloyd Grove: There you go.

Washington, D.C.: Are you going to watch the penultimate third season episode of "Six Feet Under" on Sunday or the Hitler miniseries?

Lloyd Grove: Decisions, decisions. If I were to watch anything, it would probably be the Six Feet Under thing. Hitler is boring.

Alexandria, Va.: How come you didn't do another piece on Arianna Huffington when she released her new anti-SUV ad? Is it because more energy was wasted mining the diamonds on her fingers than a thousand soccer moms used driving their SUVs?

Lloyd Grove: I wrote the first story about those ads, and as far as I'm concerned everyone else can eat my gas guzzling dust.

"Out" political sons: If there are any, I can't recall any parent making as public a statement about it as Gephardt made about his daughter. Is it more politically okay for a presidential candidate to have an openly lesbian daughter than an openly gay son?

Lloyd Grove: Stay tuned, is all I can say.

Somewhere, USA: That Michael Saylor party sounds pretty nice. Things rich geeks in this town will do in the hopes of getting lucky ...

Lloyd Grove: LOL! See you at the ice luge shot bar!

Somewhere, USA: To the request for interns, mistresses, etc.

George Bush Sr.'s love on the side was Jennifer Fitzgerald. I think he met her in California.

George Bush Jr. was considered a druggie, alcoholic and skirt chaser in Midland, Texas. Ask the women there for names.

Thanks for allowing me to contribute to the seedy side.

Lloyd Grove: No thanks necessary.

Takoma Park, Md.: I am a woman, I am a Republican, I live in Takoma Park, and I'm the one who despises Tom DeLay. There are Republicans in Takoma Park, but we are too afraid of the intolerant lefties here to make much noise.

Lloyd Grove: Are you wearing a kevlar vest?

Tranby, Norway: I AM indeed in Norway!(And my husband can back me up, else he won't get any dinner tonight!) I heard about the store's opening when I was in the D.C. area in April and was amazed that it was held in such awe, at least by the "20 something's," according to my daughter.

Lloyd Grove: I am amazed. Thanks for writing in. How's the weather?

Forestville, Md.: I have been in an elevator with Maureen Bunyan and she needed a step ladder to reach the buttons! Tiny, tiny, tiny!

Lloyd Grove: No she didn't. You're making that up. I have met Maureen and she is at least of average height, and perhaps taller in heels.

Kensington, Md.: Does your gas guzzling statement mean you have replaced the Camry with a SUV?

Lloyd Grove: No. No wheels. Just dreams.

A fan: Hey, Lloyd --

How's Cokie doing?

Lloyd Grove: As far as I know, she's doing fine after a bout of breast cancer treatment. She looked good and was very energetic and lively at the Sam Donaldson roast, my associate Anne Schroeder tells me.

Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.: Years ago, the old "Ear" column reported that presidential son Jack Ford was seen in local gay bars. He is now married.

Lloyd Grove: Gosh, those sure were the good old days of brave gossip-column writing!

Washington, D.C.: Ike NEVER had an affair! That Kay Summersby story is complete bunk.

Lloyd Grove: I think it's a pretty widely accepted historical fact, but whatever.

Washington, D.C.: Not fresh, not tall, not short but ...

I saw Newt Gingrich at the baggage claim at National Airport just before his latest switch of brides. He was talking on his cell phone about his "most emotionally satisfying weekend."

Oh, my goodness, does he have a BIG HEAD!

Lloyd Grove: Yikes!
Let me say that again:

Silver Spring, Md: Are George Stephanopoulos's days numbered at ABC?

Lloyd Grove: In the sense that he has a finite contract, yes. But I think it's too early to count him out based on early ratings. There's a lot on that Sunday show that could use fixing, in my view, and perhaps ABC will figure out how to do it and keep George in his anchor chair. He sure works hard enough to do his best.

Philadelphia, Pa.: "I'm making a conscious decision to take this whole Judaism thing seriously. I think the Jews need me right now."

Yeah, like they need a hole in the head. I'm not a member of the tribe, but -- what a putz!

Lloyd Grove: You agree with Jake Tapper, then.

Sacramento, Calif.: So Lloyd, how do you feel about Cheech being prosecuted for selling -- bongs? What will the good virtuous people outlaw next? Black light posters?

Lloyd Grove: I feel that a miscarriage of justice has occurred. Anyhow, it's time for me to get my head straight and produce a Sunday column for the entertainment and enlightenment of all. Thanks for taking part today. Have a fab, dry weekend, See you next Friday, same time, same place. Bye.


That wraps up today's show. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion.

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