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Michelle Singletary

Color of Money

Michelle Singletary Every two weeks, "Color of Money" columnist Michelle Singletary hosts an hour-long question-and-answer session with guests to discuss personal finance issues. Past topics have included sessions on taxes, the sticky subject of how to reconcile love and money and how to tackle the challenge of building minority wealth.

Transcript Archive


  25 Michelle Singletary and Gerri Detweiler, co-founder of MoneyForMail.com discussed personal privacy online.
  11 Michelle Singletary and Dom LaPonzina of the Internal Revenue Service answered last-minute tax questions.
  28 Michelle Singletary discussed the deluge of personal finance books and their claims to turn you into a millionaire.
  14 Michelle Singletary talked about getting out of debt with Steve Rhode of the Debt Counselors of America.
  29 Michelle Singletary was back again to talk about how money affects relationships.
  16 Michelle Singletary discussed the tangled web of love and money.
  18 Michelle Singletary talked with Kathy Burlison, Manager of Tax Operations Field Training for H&R Block about basic tax issues.
  4 Michelle Singletary talked with Julyette Jacobs, investor education director at the Financial Literacy Center about general financial matters.


  21 Michelle Singletary exchanged tips with her readers on staying out of debt this holiday season.
  22 Michelle Singletary talked about kids and money with Janet Bodnar, senior editor at Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine.
  25 Michelle Singletary discussed college financial aid options with Dr. Frances N. Beckles, Associate Professor at Morgan State University.
  25 Michelle Singletary talked with community housing expert Joshua Silver, about the impact of recent findings that minorties tend to have a worse credit history than whites.
  13 Michelle Singletary talked with the Public Citizen Litigation Group's David Vladeck, about what consumers should do if they find they are involved in a class action lawsuit.
  27 Michelle Singletary talked with financial planner Ric Edelman, about his new retirement trust for children.
  13 Frank Hartigan, who is in charge of ensuring that FDIC-insured banks address Year 2000 issues, joined Michelle Singletary to discuss what you should be doing to avoid becoming the victim of a Y2K scam.
  15 Michelle Singletary talked with Zagat's Allan Ripp about when to tip for services and how much is appropriate.
  4 Michelle Singletary dicussed whether men are expected to make more money than women.
  6 Michelle Singletary talked taxes one more time before the April 15 deadline with Edelman's expert Jim Baker.
  9 Michelle Singletary discussed a controversial ad in Jet magazine, a publication aimed at black readers.
  23 Michelle Singletary discussed whether "shacking up" with your signficant other to save money really pays.
  8 Michelle Singletary discussed love and money in the first of a February series of discussions.
  2 Michelle Singletary talked taxes with former IRS tax commissioner Don Alexander.
  4 Post columnist Michelle Singletary discussed penny-pinching secrets.
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The Download columnist Shannon Henry looks at the Washington technology community.

Fast Forward editor Rob Pegoraro hosts discussions on personal technology.

Color of Money columnist Michelle Singletary takes on personal finance issues.

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