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Leslie Walker


Leslie Walker ".com "columnist Leslie Walker discusses the ever-changing world of technology. Her guests are people who are shaping the face of e-commerce and Web development. Walker's weekly ".com" column focuses on new media plus Internet-related businesses, trends, personalities and strategies.

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  27 Leslie Walker hosted Ellen Pack, founder of Women.com.
  13 Leslie Walker hosted Arthur B. Sculley, co-author of "B2B Exchanges."
  30 Leslie Walker discussed the wireless Web and mobile commerce with Infospace CEO Naveen Jain
  16 Leslie Walker discussed B2B e-commerce with Ladd Biro, senior vice president of the National Association of Manufacturers.
  17 Leslie Walker and the head of the Newspaper Association of America debated the future of newspapers.
  3 Leslie Walker talked about computer security with Mike Higgens, president of Para-Protect Inc.
  20 Leslie Walker talked about business on the Internet with Don Tapscott, author of "The Digital Economy."


  4 Leslie Walker talked with Google co-founder Sergey Brin about the true potential of searching the Web and his company's efforts to build a better mousetrap.
  14 Discussion with World Wide Web creator Tim Berners-Lee about how his creation has evolved and in what direction he expects it to grow.
  9 Discussion with theStreet.com co-founder James J. Cramer about Internet stocks and the future of free content online.
  26 Discussion with Ask Jeeves chief executive Rob Wrubel about how the search engine works its magic.
  29 Discussion with Media Metrix's Jim D'Arcangelo about how Web surfing has changed since the Internet went commercial four years ago.
  15 Discussion with VerticalNet chief executive Mark Walsh about how electronic business communities differ from traditional trade associations.
  1 Discussion with venture capitalist David Gladstone about finding funding for your small business.
  17 Discussion with Jakob Neilsen –former Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems– about the top mistakes of Web design, how the Internet architecture is evolving, and how the structure and design of the Web affects the way people use it.
  3 Discussion with CompuServe's Audrey Y. Weil about the strategy behind CompuServe's offerings and custom "portals" for industries.
  20 Discussion with Mercata's Tom Van Horn about how his company's new online buying co-operative mimics an auction and in what ways it differs.
  6 Leslie Walker talked about speech recognition software with IBM's W.S. Osbourne.
  22 Leslie Walker talked Web design with Roger Black.
  8 Inktomi's David Peterschmidt took questions on his company's Web technology products in a discussion led by Leslie Walker.
  25 SixDegrees.com's Andrew Bein took questions on building virtual communities on the Web though networking.
  25 Leslie Walker discussed the future of the online music industry with MP3.com's Michael Robertson.
  11 "Net Worth" author John Hagel joined Leslie Walker for a discussion on the intense competition for consumer-preference data.
  28 .com columnist Leslie Walker hosted Direct Hit's Gary Culliss, who answered questions about search engine technology and Net start-ups.
  14 Walker hosted Kevin Kelly, Wired magazine's founding editor.
December 1998
  17 Walker hosted Lycos CEO Robert J. Davis.

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.com columnist Leslie Walker hosts people who are shaping the face of e-commerce.

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