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Abigail Trafford

Health Talk

Abigail Trafford
Abigail Trafford
Tuesdays at 2 p.m. EDT you can find "Health Talk" with Post Health columnist Abigail Trafford. Abigail's column "Second Opinion" can be found in the Tuesday Health edition. Past Health Talks have been hosted by Health Editor Craig Stoltz.

Transcript Archive

May 2000
30 Diet and Nutrition
23 Prostate Cancer
16 Conflicts of Interest On-Line
2 Fitness for Healing
April 2000
18 Healthy Aging, William Evans
11 Weight Loss, Dr. Joseph Afram
4 Kidney Disease, Dr. Leslie Spry
March 2000
21 Health Web sites
14 Postpartum Depression, Jane Honikman
7 Dietary Supplements, Dr. Joel Mason


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