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Love Week
Make this Valentine's Day your best yet by using's Love Week guide. Learn about restaurants and date ideas for Valentine's Day, get love advice from experts, receive tips on romantic meals you can prepare at home -- we'll even share gift ideas for your impossible-to-surprise sweetheart. Join us each day for a new Live Online chat that's guaranteed to make Valentine's Day a lovefest.
"I read somewhere, in a healthy relationship, a couple expresses physical affection at least, six times a day."
--Diane Rehm
Is there a love song melts your heart? Nominate your favorite in our Valen-tunes message board, and see how it rates with other readers.
"The days of companies with large no-no clauses and bans on interoffice dating are just about as finito as the manual typewriter."
--Amy Joyce
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"I have had personal luck with You don't have to be a fan of Martha to use this service; her flowers are first-rate and not only that they come packaged soooo beautifully."
--Janet Bennett
Treat your beau to a day of self-indulgence
"If you go by "the rule" book, you are not supposed to initiate much of anything with a man. However, I have talked to numerous men who find it a relief to have a woman initiate."
--Laurie Helgoe
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"What about curry? Interesting layers of flavor, hot and spicy, warming to the bod... sounds romantic to me."
--Kim O'Donnel
What's Cooking, Valentine?
Looking for singles activities on V-Day? "I'd say the best thing you can do is avoid all the pre-packaged restaurant parties and hit a fun bar, like Helix, Rouge, Gazuza -- maybe the old-school rock party at Cafe Saint-Ex..."
--The Going Out Gurus
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"Don't be afraid to get what you want in life! I'm sure your man wants you to be happy and if being happy means being married then you're entitled to work towards that."
--Daniel Rosenberg
"I love the idea of a girl asking a guy out. But it must not happen on Valentine's Day. That day is just too loaded."
--Amy Dickinson
"You think you know what you want and who you want... then you meet someone who knocks you for a loop and makes you challenge anything you've ever thought or known about relationships."
--David Coleman
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