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Broder On Politics

David S. Broder

David S. Broder

This page is no longer being updated. Please visit the NEW archive page and update your bookmarks.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and reporter David S. Broder writes a column that appears twice weekly in The Washington Post. He covers politics from education and health care to foreign policy and campaign finance.

Broder has written extensively about primaries, elections, special interests and the business of politics. His books include "Democracy Derailed: The Initiative Movement & the Power of Money," "Behind the Front Page: A Candid Look at How the News Is Made" and "The System: The American Way of Politics at the Breaking Point."

Transcript Archive

June 10 -- Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) and his presidential bid; WMD; tax cuts; primary politics
March 25 -- Budget battles; paying for military action; War in Iraq
Jan. 29 -- State of the Union; Iraq; 2004 Democratic presidential hopefuls
Nov. 7 -- The 2002 elections; the parties; the next congressional session
Oct. 10 -- Polls; midterm elections; Iraq resolution; Democrats' strategy
Sept. 18 -- Politics, Iraq and the war on terror; 2002 elections
March 26 -- Campaign finance reform; 2002 elections; White House policy changes
Feb. 12 -- The federal budget for FY 2003; California governor's race
Dec. 11 -- Tax cuts; Sept. 11; Attorney General Aschcroft; Iraq
Nov. 7 -- Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races; airline security bill; New York City mayoral election
Oct. 18 -- Security in the wake of Sept. 11; the press's role in wartime; appropriations; bioweapons; The Onion
Aug. 2 -- Latest Bush approval ratings; U.S.-Russian relations; energy policy; taxes; patients' bill of rights
July 18 -- Katharine Graham; Democratic Leadership Council; Bush's education plan
June 28 -- Patients' Bill of Rights
May 30 -- Vermont Sen. James Jeffords's party switch
May 2 -- President Bush's First 100 Days
April 11 -- President Bush's first budget; McCain-Feingold
March 22 -- Campaign finance; the new Bush administration
Nov. 28 -- The Disputed Presidency
Sept. 5 -- Campaign 2000: Battle for the House
June 30 -- Campaign 2000 and the California Primary
May 15 -- Campaign 2000

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