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Federal Diary Live

Stephen Barr

Steve Barr/Federal Diary

This page is no longer being updated. Please visit the NEW archive page and update your bookmarks.

Stephen Barr is the author of The Federal Diary, which runs Sunday through Friday in the Metro section. Steve has been a reporter and editor at The Post since 1979, including stints as Federal Page editor, congressional editor and a staff writer covering the federal bureaucracy. (See The Post's May 2000 series, Empty Pipeline: The Federal Hiring Crisis.)

He takes the column live to answer your questions Wednesdays at noon EDT. Below are the transcripts from past discussions

Transcript Archive

June 2003
June 18
June 11
June 4
May 2003
May 28
May 21
May 14
May 7
April 2003
April 30
April 23 with financial planner Paul Yurachek
April 9
April 2

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