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Eric Brace

Eric Brace
(By Mark Finkenstaedt/
The Post)

From backstage at the annual Wammies (Washington's own Grammy Awards) to metal night at Phantasmagoria to waltz night at the Glen Echo Spanish Ballroom, every week Post staff writer Eric Brace throws himself on the front lines of the bar-n'-music beat in the Washington, D.C. area.

A Washington resident for nearly 30 years, Brace started with the Style section in 1990, where he wrote live music reviews and filed longer feature stories on the likes of Fugazi, Jawbox, Pearl Jam, Stephane Grappelli and many others. Then he created the Nightwatch column, which appears every week in The Post's Weekend section and on washingtonpost.com's Music & Nightlife Web page. He also plays rhythm guitar for the country rock band Last Train Home.

Eric talks online every other week, but if you missed one, check out the transcript below. Feel free to e-mail him at nightwatch@washpost.com.

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