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Charlene Lichtenstein

The Starry Eye

Charlene Lichtenstein
Charlene Lichtenstein

Washingtonpost.com's astrologer Charlene Lichtenstein, a.k.a. "Madam" Lichtenstein, takes your questions on sun signs, lunar influences and all things in the stars on The Starry Eye, Mondays at 7 p.m. ET.

Lichtenstein's skills run in the family. Her great aunt, Etta Weimar, was the famous Romanian card reader to both kings and queens. A native of New York City, Lichtenstein was educated in Europe where she pursued the study of tarot and astrology. She returned to New York in 1974 and has lived in Greenwich Village ever since, dispensing advice whether requested or not.

Lichtenstein's monthly and weekly astrology columns are carried in newspapers across the country. When not writing or working on her Web site, AccessNewAge.com/zscope, Lichtenstein offers private consultation. She is a member of the National Council of Geocosmic Research and often lectures on both astrology and tarot.

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