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Drought Resources

Md. Water Restrictions
Maryland's new mandatory water-use restrictions:
  • LAWNS: Lawns may not be watered. Gardens may only be sprinkled with watering cans or a handheld hose.
  • CAR WASHING: Homeowers may not wash cars. Commercial car washing is allowed only in facilities where at least 80 percent of the water is recycled.
  • POOLS: Private pools may not be filled or topped off. Public pools, pools serving health care facilities and residential pools serving more than 25 units may be filled or topped off. Newly constructed pools are excepted and may be filled.
  • PAVED SURFACES: No washing of streets, roads, sidewalks, driveways, buildings, garages, parking areas and patios.
  • FOUNTAINS: Operation of ornamental fountains, artificial waterfalls and reflecting pools is not allowed.
  • GOLF COURSES: An 80 percent reduction in water usage is required. Watering fairways is allowed using only syringe irrigation. Tees and greens are limited to the minimum necessary.
  • RESTAURANTS: May not serve water to customers unless specifically requested.
  • BUSINESSES: Immediate voluntary compliance of 10 percent reduction in water use. Must prepare emergency plans to reduce water usage by 10 percent and include provisions for immediate implementation if required at a later date. Businesses using less than 10,000 gallons per day are excepted.
  • FARMS: No prohibition on agricultural irrigation.
  • OPEN BURNING: Banned statewide. Does not apply to charcoal and gas grills, park campfires in approved rings or firefighter training.
    (Source: Maryland Department of the Environment)
  • Local Web Sites

    Maryland's Drought Emergency
    A look at Maryland's drought status, mandatory water-use restrictions, a list of the drought's impacts and water conservation tips.

    Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
    Public information and water conservation tips; customer services.

    Montgomery County Drought Information
    Water conservation tips from the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.

    Loudoun County Water Conservation Central
    Lists of current mandatory water-use restrictions, short- and long-term methods of conserving water and answers to frequently asked questions.

    National Web Sites

    Drought Information for the U.S. Geological Survey
    Stream-flow weather map for Middle Atlantic; updated drought reports; drought information and definitions.

    National Weather Service for Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
    Precipitation charts; climatology.

    National Drought Mitigation Center
    Drought watch; drought science; methodologies; impacts.

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