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  •   Hundreds of Abuses, Not a Single Fine

    The Washington Post
    Tuesday, March 16, 1999; Page A23

    A man tied up after "making noises" and "asking for cookies." Another man locked in a "private treatment room" day after day. A woman scalded in the shower -- by a staff member who then tried to cover up the wounds. Another woman starving because her for-profit group home wouldn't buy a few low-cost cans of a liquid supplement called Ensure.

    These are a few of the more than 350 cases of abuse or neglect documented in District-funded facilities for the retarded in the last seven years. Thanks to a bureaucratic error, not a single fine has been levied against those who run the facilities.

    A Washington Post review of tens of thousands of documents from the Department of Human Services, Department of Health, Medical Assistance Administration, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs and federal and superior courts found:

    cases of neglected medical or therapeutic treatment

    cases of misappropriated funds

    cases of physical abuse

    cases of overdrugging

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