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Special Report
The Drought of '99

Photo Essay: Drying Times
Reaction: Reader E-mail
Tips: How to Save Water
Resources: Drought Information on the Web
Q&A: Water Conservation
Map: Where Does Our Water Come From?
Graphic: When is a Drought Really a Drought?
Weather: Local Conditions and Forecasts

A pond near Leesburg.
(By Tracy A. Woodward–The Post)
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Sept. 17:
Bright Side of Floyd: A Real Drought-Buster

Sept. 8:
Ground Water Still Low, Officials Say

Sept. 3:
Water Disagreements Dribble On
Young Mowers' Profits Dry Up With Lawns

Sept. 2:
Glendening Lifts Water Restrictions

Aug. 31:
Water Agency to Brief Mayor on Maintenance

Aug. 30:
Truce Sought in Region's Water Wars

Aug. 29:
When Water Goes Down the Tubes

Aug. 28:
Too Dry, Too Wet, Too Much
Drought Leaves Pot Growers High and Dry

Aug. 27:
Storm Drenches Region, Floods Roads

Aug. 26:
Heavy Rain Eases But Doesn't End Drought

Aug. 25:
Rainfall Brings More Hope Than Help

Aug. 24:
No Drought of Opinions on Water Shortage

Aug. 22:
Rare Rainstorm Can't Deliver Drought Relief

Aug. 21:
Prayers for Rain

Aug. 19:
Warning From the West: Avoid 'Water Wars'

Aug. 17:
Region Learned Lessons From Past Droughts

Aug. 16:
Storms Bring Outages, But Not Enough Rain
Md. Pool Owners Must Cope or Cheat

Aug. 15:
Grass Is Greener Across Street From Md.
More Debt Won't Help Farmers Hit By Drought
At Goose Creek, 'The Water's Just Not There'

Aug. 14:
Drought Turning Rapids Into Ripples
Thanks to Humidity, Drought Hasn't Raised Fire Risk

Aug. 13:
Revised Figures Show Smaller Decline in Md. Water Use
Northeast Crops Wither Away
In Well Country, Nary a Drop Goes to Waste
The Hottest Jobs Under the Sun
The Leak That Invites a Flood of Complaints
A Higher Degree of Authenticity

Aug. 12:
Md., More of Va. Named Drought Disaster Areas
Watering Strategies to Save Trees
Drought Fails to Leave Fauquier County High and Dry

Aug. 11:
Maryland Sticking to Water Limits

Aug. 10:
Water Use Has Fallen in Maryland
From Drought, a Hot Commodity

Aug. 9:
Rain Was Only Moisture Expected Till Week's End

Aug. 8:
Glendening Taking the Heat
Asian Tiger Mosquito Spreads Trouble
Water: Reliably Fickle
Carwash Limits Eased After Appeal by Industry

Aug. 7:
Md. Counties Disagree on Need to Enforce Limits
Glendening, Townsend are Leading by Example
Dry Weather Could Bring Tastier Wine
Active Hurricane Season Expected; Could Cure Drought
Drought Not Drying Up All Businesses

Aug. 6:
Water Use Falls in Md. as Limits Kick In
Neighbors Report Each Other to Hot Line
Big Md. Water Users Face Least Regulation

Aug. 5:
Md. Governor Imposes Broad Water Limits
Outside Water Use Restricted in Md.

Aug. 4:
Parched Conditions Wilting Farmers' Livelihoods

Aug. 3:
Drought Disaster Declared in Region

Aug. 2:
Drought Is Worst Since '30s

July 30:
Statewide Water Emergency Declared in Maryland

June 8:
Drought Season Hits Early

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